Guttering Replacement Cost

If your guttering is struggling to deal with rain and leaves, then getting a replacement might cost less than you think. While guttering surrounds your home, it can affect how it performs on the inside too.

Your gutter, over time, can become blocked by leaves or excess water, particularly in the winter months. If you don’t clear it, it can lead to blocked pipes which can bring your home’s plumbing to a halt.

When you let leaves collect in your gutter, you could end up having to shell out lots of money on repair costs to get it back working again. However, a more responsible move is to invest in modern guttering that performs far more effectively.

That way, you won’t have to spend on repairs, you can save time, and you can reduce the risk of your plumbing becoming bogged down.

With new guttering, you can replace your outdated system for a surprisingly low cost. You’ll be able to choose from advanced materials like uPVC and aluminium, and you can pair your purchase with an external storage tank to collect water.

Also, you could add gutter guards that act as a shield against dirt, leaves and the elements. That way, you can stop worrying about repairs and improve how you deal with the weather.

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How Much Does New Guttering Cost UK

The average guttering replacement cost in the UK is anywhere between £480-720. However, this can depend on a whole range of factors. These can include the size and shape of your guttering, the materials you use in their design, and even the type of home you have.

Also, if you have a less accessible roofline, then you could end up paying more because of the increased difficulty of the installation.

Another factor in the overall cost is downpipes. If you replace the guttering and find that issues are persisting, then your downpipes could be the main issue.

You could expect to pay around £100 for each downpipe you need to add to your home. However, adding new downpipes as part of your guttering replacement anyway is worth the cost and could save time down the line.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Gutters?

You can end up paying around £32 per metre of new guttering you need for your home. But, again, the cost can vary. The main factor in the price of replacing your gutters is the material you choose for the design.

While uPVC is an affordable option at £35 per metre, it doesn’t have as much durability as the aluminium and cast-iron styles. These advanced materials can end up being much easier to use and maintain.

For a cast-iron guttering replacement, the cost could go up to £57 per metre. Although the initial price is higher, you’ll benefit more over time from increased strength and water-tightness.

Because of the threat that inadequate guttering can create for your home, it’s wise to invest now in your space’s future. By adding cast-iron guttering, you’ll reduce the risk to your home, and give it a more stylish gutter system too.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Gutters?

Guttering can lose its performance over time. If you check your guttering regularly, you’ll be able to see just how effectively it deals with rain and dirt. When your gutters are blocked, water can begin to pool at the bottom of your home, as it’ll have nowhere else to go.

As a result, the dampness can rise and lead to colder temperatures, and less comfort, throughout your home.

In some cases, the rising damp can start to seep through solid materials, even brickwork. Because of this, your whole home can begin to lose its structural integrity.

Dampness can also start to emanate from the roof and walls of your home, running down your home and causing even further problems. If any of these issues are occurring in your home, then a guttering replacement could be a wise move.

What Size Is Standard Guttering?

Rainline guttering is usually available in four sizes as a replacement option, with slightly varying costs. You can choose either half-round guttering in a 100,125,150 or 190mm design, with a larger diameter improving the water flow down the system.

Alternatively, however, you could select a rectangular shape for your guttering, which can lead to improved water flow despite having a smaller area.

Square guttering of a 136mm shape can have broadly similar flow rates to a half-round style that’s 10% bigger. Because of this, your system will be smaller and discrete, so it doesn’t affect the character of your property.

While the cost can rise if you go for a larger system, though, you do make sure that water can flow through the guttering with ease.

Which type of Guttering Is Best?

Three main types of modern guttering are remarkable replacement options for your home. Firstly, the most affordable option is to invest in uPVC-type guttering.

With uPVC in its design, you won’t have to worry about your guttering losing its firmness, as uPVC is entirely weatherproof. It’s also cost-effective, as a half-round gutter with dimensions 52 x 112 x 4000mm could cost only £8.99.

However, there are better guttering options out there. You could choose an aluminium-type system, that offers you even more robustness and will be able to withstand even extreme weather conditions with ease.

Also, you could select steel-type guttering made from cast iron, providing an incredibly durable system to deal with rain and leaves. Both are pricier than uPVC but offer outstanding performance.

How Long Should Guttering Last?

Guttering should be able to last for many years. However, it can begin to lose its performance more quickly than you think.

Older designs can crack, rot, peel and collect mould over time, making your guttering less likely to be able to deal with the pressures of dealing with rain and leaves. New guttering made from advanced materials, however, is much more durable.

Aluminium guttering could even last a lifetime as a replacement option, making the cost more than worth it. Not only that, for every new guttering option, you can do little things that vastly improve its durability.

If you clean your guttering twice a year at least, and you add features like gutter guards to the system, you’ll make a real difference to your new addition’s durability.

How Long Should Plastic Guttering Last?

If you want to add plastic, uPVC guttering to your home, then the system might not last as long. However, uPVC is much more affordable, and it’s also more straightforward to install as well.

As a result, uPVC is still a superb option for your guttering. It’ll be able to last for around 20 years or more, and the material is useful for redirecting water without rusting or rotting.

However, uPVC may not be the right option if you want to make a lasting investment. Both aluminium and cast-iron options are far more robust and offer better performance for a more extended period.

Also, when you choose a uPVC option, you’ll have to replace the downpipes in your home, raising the cost. Because of this, you may be better off investing more in a more robust guttering option.

How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

One way to improve your guttering system is to add gutter guards. These intelligent barriers help to prevent your gutters from clogging with leaves, water or other debris.

The guards prevent issues before they happen, meaning you’ll be reducing the risk of your guttering losing its performance and creating problems for your home. There are several on the market you can choose from as well.

Gutter guards can be expensive to install, and more costly than hiring a cleaning company to maintain your gutters. However, you’ll be less likely to need a deep clean on them in the first place, and you’ll minimise disruption around your home.

You could even select heated guards that can warm up the whole system, potentially helping you deal with the elements with even more ease.

What Is a Fair Price for Seamless Gutters?

Finding a fair price for new gutters can be tricky. If you search for an installer on your own, you could find that you end up paying a much higher rate than you need to.

You also don’t know for sure how effective your installation will be, or even if they’ll be friendly and courteous. As a result of this, finding the right price for your guttering can be a real challenge.

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We’ll be able to refer your needs to our extensive network of trusted companies in your area. Many are right on your doorstep, have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, and you can speak to several of them to get a fairer price for your guttering.

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