Install a fascia, soffit or even new guttering as a replacement option for your home, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost. Your replacement guttering and fascia cost will be worthwhile, and you can find lower prices with our soffit and fascia cost estimator!

Many older homes have worn down and cracked guttering, and water can collect in the roofing as a result. Because of this, dampness can seep into your home and make it uncomfortable.

However, with replacement guttering and fascia options, you can turn your roofline into the first line of defence at low cost for your UK home. You could add a fascia, a soffit or guttering to the top of your home as a replacement option.

Each one of these products works to protect your home from the elements, driving water away from your property. Fascias and soffits insulate your home, while guttering ensures water doesn’t collect.

You can add one or all of these excellent solutions to your roofing to make a genuine difference to your home. You’ll be able to get durable options in a range of advanced materials, including uPVC and aluminium.

Also, you can customise many aspects of your roofline too. From colours and finishes for your fascias and soffits to gutter guards that stop clogging, you’ll be in control of your home’s style and performance. Use our soffit and fascia cost estimator to see how much your replacement guttering and fascia will cost in the UK!

What are Fascias, Soffits and Gutters?

The fascia is a crucial part of your roofing. These designs are the long and straight board that runs across your roof at the lower edge. Fascias not only help your roof to maintain its strength, but they also carry all of your home’s guttering.

Because of this, a fascia has to be exceptionally powerful and deals with a lot of strain. If you have an older fascia design, then over time the weight can take its toll.

Replacement guttering and a new fascia bring huge benefits at low cost to UK homes. A durable fascia will be able to protect your roof from poor conditions, especially storms.

The fascia can prevent mould and mildew from building up around your home. Also, these designs create a barrier between the edge of the roof and the outside world.

Fascias are a smooth and sleek finish that improves your home’s look too. You’ll be able to style your fascia with bold colours or even a traditional woodgrain finish, without worrying about it losing its vibrancy.

While wooden fascias used to be popular, and you may have one yourself, uPVC and aluminium are much better options. Not only can you colour them beautifully, but they’re more durable and long-lasting.

Soffits are boards that go underneath fascias, giving them an extra layer of support. Soffits connect the overhang of your roof with your building, and these designs are incredibly flexible.

Because of this, you can fit them in porches, stairs and many other places too, giving you more control of which areas of your home you want to protect. Soffits do this by adding extra insulation to your roofing.

Soffits are the most vulnerable part of your roof. This area of your home has to deal with flowing water constantly and takes the brunt of any guttering issues.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose soffits that use advanced materials in their design. You can either select vinyl soffits or ones made from robust aluminium. The aluminium can last for a lifetime and is fully weatherproof.

The cost of your soffit can vary depending on several factors, though. For example, if you have a larger house, then you can expect to pay more for a more extensive soffit.

Also, if your roofline is challenging to access, especially if you live in a townhouse, then your installers may charge more for the installation. However, a new soffit will play a significant role in helping your home stay warm and dry. Use our soffit and fascia cost estimator to find out more!

Finally, guttering systems help collect rainwater and ensure it doesn’t affect your home. A durable guttering system will be able to take plenty of rain and help it flow down through downpipes into a drainage system.

Modern designs even come with external storage tanks, meaning you can also keep the rain away from your drainage system entirely. Because of this, it makes sure water doesn’t seep through your home’s walls.

Older guttering can weaken over time, though. If you’ve noticed any cracks or blockages in the system, then it could be time to replace it. That’s because the repair costs for guttering can be considerable.

Investing in replacement guttering and a new fascia at low cost in the UK will help you save money over time. Not only that, but blocked guttering is much more costly to replace and more difficult to remove.

With new guttering systems, you can choose between uPVC, aluminium or even steel-type designs. Also, there are both half-round and rectangular-shaped guttering options, each of which has excellent rates of flow.

You can also customise the diameter of your guttering, with up to a 190mm option available to help clear water away efficiently.

replacement guttering and fascia cost uk

How Much Do Fascias & Soffits Cost?

The average cost of installing fascias and soffits as replacement options for your home is between £1,200-3,000 and could be less with our soffit and fascia cost estimator. However, a lot of factors can come into play that affects the cost.

The size of your home can have an impact on the overall cost, mainly because fascias and soffits usually use per metre pricing. Therefore, if you have a smaller home, you won’t have to pay as much.

Another factor that affects soffit prices is whether you select a vented option. Vented soffits have gaps that allow fresh air to enter your attic, improving circulation around your home.

With improved airflow, you’ll maintain a more constant temperature around your roof to stop excess heat or cold affecting it. Vented soffits can cost more, but give you better year-round weather protection.

Soffits and Fascias Cost Per Metre

Soffits and fascias usually have a per metre cost. The average price of soffits and fascias per metre is roughly £100 when you select a white uPVC option, and could be cheaper with our soffit and fascia cost estimator.

While other factors can raise the price, though, you can find plenty of ways to control the cost of replacing your roofline. For a start, you can select a local installer that you trust instead of a national one, as you won’t have to pay as much in travel costs.

You could also choose uPVC fascias and soffits instead of aluminium or vinyl options. That’s because uPVC is more affordable than aluminium initially.

However, aluminium can give you more durability, meaning it’ll be less likely to crack and lose its shape, protecting your home for longer. Either way, when you invest in new roofline with Double Glazing On The Web through our soffit and fascia cost estimator , you’ll be able to choose the materials that suit your budget.

Materials for Fascias and Soffits

Traditionally, wooden fascias have been the most popular option for homes in the UK. However, as time has moved on, these designs are becoming increasingly outdated.

Timber isn’t particularly weatherproof, making it a poor option for dealing with water. Over time, water can enter cracks in the wood and expand them, weakening the board and the rest of your home as a result.

Instead, you could choose modern uPVC fascias and soffits. uPVC is lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have super strength. The structure can withstand dampness brilliantly, making it far less likely to seep through the roof and play havoc with your home.

Also, uPVC is the cheapest option to install, and that doesn’t mean it has poor performance either.

The alternative is to choose an aluminium structure for these designs. Aluminium is a precious metal, and it has a more robust build than uPVC.

While it isn’t as lightweight, the material is still slim, meaning it won’t strain the rest of your home. Thanks to its unbelievable strength, your fascia will have no issue supporting your home’s guttering, and it’ll stop water in its tracks.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Gutters and Downpipes?

The average cost to replace guttering in your home is between £480-720. As a result, changing your guttering system as opposed to replacing guttering and a fascia can cost less in the UK.

However, guttering only serves to drive water away from your home and doesn’t offer a lot of protection for your home when the rain hits it.

In some cases, you may also need to replace the downpipes. Your downpipes take on a lot of water, and they can start to crack and rot over time.


When you invest in uPVC guttering, you’ll have to get uPVC downpipes as well. But by replacing them now, you can ensure that you save more money in the long run with a durable system that’s far less likely to break.

The materials you choose for your new gutters can also make a massive difference. uPVC guttering costs around £35-50 per metre to refix, while cast-iron steel guttering costs slightly more, with prices starting at £57 per metre.

If you need an entirely new replacement guttering and fascia, though, the cost in the UK will rise with new fixings, joins and adhesives. Also, replacing blocked systems cost more, so replacing gutters in advance is a responsible investment.

Cast-Iron Guttering

Cast-iron gutters are a significant step up on uPVC. For a start, these designs use steel, which has much more strength and robustness.

Because of this, the material is almost impervious to water, meaning it’ll be able to withstand even the worst storms. Also, steel has an impressive metallic sheen that’ll help your roof stand out.

While this replacement guttering is a more costly investment for your UK home, they can also help you to save over time. Whereas uPVC gutters, fascias and soffits usually have a lifespan of around 20 years, cast-iron guttering can perform for double that time, and perhaps longer.

That way, investing in cast-iron guttering today can set your home up for the future, and prevent problems down the line.

How Can I Reduce My Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Replacement Costs?

If you want a new roofline system with a fascia, soffit and guttering option, then the replacement costs can be around £2,000 on average. Of course, this is a costly investment.

But there are loads of small ways you can reduce the price of your roofline and keep more money in your pocket. That way, you can protect your home from the elements without breaking the bank.

Soffit and fascia cost estimator

Bungalow Fascias

If you live in a bungalow, then you might be in luck. When you invest in fascias for these single-storey spaces, you won’t have to pay as much, if any, scaffolding costs.

Scaffolding can drive the price of your roofing products up considerably. Many installers and suppliers will charge higher labour and equipment costs the higher they go to fit your new additions.

With a bungalow, however, you can save money on the scaffolding and drive the overall cost right down. You can expect to pay up to 25% less for your replacement guttering and fascia cost in the UK!

That means you may only have to pay around £1500 for your installation, or even less if you find other ways to drive the cost down.

However, fascias aren’t the only addition you can make that would significantly improve your bungalow. Many of these homes are older designs with flat roofs. As a result, when the rain comes, it’s much harder to clear as the roof doesn’t have a natural sliding angle.

Because of this, replacing guttering and your fascia at low cost in the UK can make a huge difference, and you can benefit from the reduced scaffolding costs for these designs too.

Also, many bungalows have old walls which don’t have cavity wall insulation as standard. Because of this, when conditions turn, you’ll have less protection inside your home. With fewer materials in between, dampness can affect bungalows quicker.

That means it’s even more vital to invest in fascia, soffit and guttering replacement, especially with the reduced costs.

What is the Difference Between Barge Boards and Fascias?

Fascias are entirely different from barge boards, which are more of an aesthetic touch for your roof. Barge boards sit at the gable end of a detached house, and the design can be a standout feature.

Many traditional homes have barge boards with several attractive shapes, including half-sun and other varieties. But barge boards don’t protect your home from excess water as fascias can.

Fascias go around your home, giving you protection from all angles. Also, as they support your guttering, they are much more durable designs than regular barge boards.

As a result, you can choose from robust materials like uPVC and aluminium for these designs, that help to insulate your home and keep rain well away from your space. Because of all this, fascias are much more functional.

Fascia and Soffit Replacement Near Me

Another way you can drive down the cost of your fascia and soffit replacements is to find them where you live. Many people choose name recognition and hire a national supplier to fit their new roofline.

However, while you will get excellent service, you’ll often have to pay much more for the installation. Also, because they’ll have to travel further to get to you, the whole process will take much longer.

To avoid the hassle and save time, you should choose a local installer from your area. But finding one of these yourself can also come with plenty of risks. You can’t be sure of a supplier’s quality, and they may overcharge you for a sub-par service.

That’s why using Double Glazing On The Web for fascia, soffit and guttering replacements can be so helpful. You can use our soffit and fascia cost estimator today to see how much you could save, and you can find a lower replacement guttering and fascia cost in the UK too.

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uPVC Fascia and Soffit Installers Near Me

When you use our services, you can take the risk out of finding an installer for your fascias and soffits. Instead, we have an extensive network of trusted installers that you can get in touch with through us.

We review our network regularly to make sure you’ll be working with companies of the highest quality. Also, we’ll put you in touch with local suppliers so you can get the best service for the best price.

That way, you’ll get a quicker installation, and you’ll also be able to ensure that your new fascias, soffits and guttering systems are of stunning quality. Many of the companies in our network have approval from regulators like FENSA and CERTASS, meaning their products have a seal of approval.

Also, many are members of Checkatrade and Which?‘s trader programs, ensuring an efficient and expert installation.

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering Costs UK

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We’ll give you an instant baseline price for free and with no obligation. If you do decide to go ahead, then we’ll refer you to several suppliers from our network.

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