Guide To Installing Large uPVC Windows

large upvc windows

Installing large uPVC windows could open your home up in a new way. With windows like these, you’ll be able to let natural light flood into your home from all angles and get gorgeous views of the outside world. That way, you can turn your living room into a front-row seat to nature.

In your home at the moment, you might have old, narrow windows that have frames that get in the way of the glass. Because of this, your living space might feel a little colder and darker than it should. Large uPVC windows, though, use a combination of double glazing and a weatherproof, slimline uPVC frame, to redefine the look and feel of your living space.

Most uPVC windows are expansive. However, with large uPVC windows, you can take that to another level. You’ll get a design that uses a broad panel of double glazing, and sometimes multiple panels, with slimline frames around it. These materials are durable and air-tight.

Because of this, they can work together to protect your home against anything nature can throw at it. When the weather turns, your windows will protect you from draughts and dampness. Also, your windows will be just as adept at keeping your home’s warm air inside than stopping cold air getting in.

However, installing large uPVC windows isn’t all plain sailing. It’s important to invest in quality designs, as the size of these windows amplifies any flaws they may have. Also, finding the right installer is vital, and installing them yourself to save money with a supply-only window can be risky.

If you install quality large uPVC windows, though, you can brighten up your home, feel more secure, and even help save money on your energy bills. You can make bespoke designs too!

guide to installing large upvc windows

The Benefits of Installing Large uPVC Windows

Large uPVC windows can help you make your living space feel a little bigger. Your new windows will use the latest modern technology and design to open up your home to the outside world. You’ll get slimline uPVC frames, which are highly durable and lightweight.

As a result, they won’t get in the way of your glazing but, instead, they’ll help to draw attention to the impressive design. uPVC can help the double glazing in the window protect your home from cold air, and it won’t lose its shape in wind and rain. Because of this, the larger these windows are, the more protection you’ll get for your home.

In addition to that, large uPVC windows offer clear sightlines of the outside world. The slimline frames take up as little room as possible, leaving full sections of double glazing. With two panes of glass, you can reduce glare, meaning you can always look outside comfortably.

Also, that means you can let in plenty of natural light without worrying about harmful UV rays and excessive heat. You can even choose large uPVC windows that genuinely add space to your home. Bow and bay windows both use angled designs and multiple glass panels, extending a wall of your home outward to fit them.

Finally, a larger uPVC window gives you more possibilities. When you design a new window for your home, you can fully customise the design to suit you from the ground up. You’ll have a wide range of styles to select from, including bow and bay windows, tilt and turn, sash and bifold windows in the dimensions of your choice.

Then, you can invest in unique colours and finishes for your uPVC frame, tinted or obscured glazing, and bespoke accessories like sleek handles and Georgian bars.

High Quality Large uPVC Windows

When it comes to large uPVC windows, some things are helpful to consider. That’s because, with a more expansive design, it’s even more important to make sure every part works well. If one element of your window fails, it can have more of an impact on your living space.

However, by checking the quality of the window you invest in, and making sure your installers do the same, you’ll be making a fantastic investment. With Double Glazing On The Web, you can find installers near you who offer leading windows for local prices, cutting the cost and helping you save money for years to come.

installing large upvc windows

Large uPVC Window Glazing

If you invest in large uPVC windows, you should make sure that they use double glazing in their design. Single glazing is outdated, and it doesn’t offer a lot of protection when the weather turns on you. Double glazing uses two panes of glass to create a thermal barrier for your home.

In addition to the uPVC frames, your window can offer superb insulation. Double glazing also prevents condensation and mould from building up on your windows, is easier to clean with the option of self-cleaning glass, and is less likely to break as a result of high stress or temperature changes.

Large uPVC WIndow Security

Your windows are the second most likely place an intruder will target to enter your home. With large uPVC windows, you could be making that stand out even more. However, you won’t have to worry about risking the things that matter most to you with quality designs. When you invest in large uPVC windows, you should get fantastic internal security features.

While the double glazing and uPVC frames are both durable materials, you can also get multi-point locking systems, anti-tamper locks, robust handles and smart shootbolts throughout the design. That way, you’ll make your home an intruder’s worst nightmare.

Thermally Efficient Large uPVC Windows

Large uPVC windows are also energy efficient options. However, with an expansive design, any flaw in the structure could lead to cold air rushing into your home. It can help to check with your installers that you’ll be getting a made to measure fit. That way, there’ll be no gaps or passages for cold air, draughts or dampness to spread into your living space.

Because of this, your large uPVC windows will be able to insulate your home throughout the year. As a result, you can reduce your reliance on your central heating and cut the cost of your energy bills for years to come.

Long-Lasting Large uPVC Windows

Your large uPVC windows should last for decades. Both uPVC and double glazing won’t crack, twist or lose their shape even in the worst conditions for 30 years, or even more. However, some windows can fail much earlier than that. As a result, you should look for an installer that offers a guarantee on your new windows.

That way, you can get peace of mind and cover should you get a window that doesn’t work as it should. However, with most local installers offering a manufacturer’s guarantee of some kind, working with a trusted trader in your area can make sure you invest with confidence.

Installing Large uPVC Windows Yourself

The cost of large uPVC windows is greater than a smaller option. However, one way some use to save on the build is to invest in ‘supply-only’ windows. Supply-only means that a company comes to your home and delivers the parts, but doesn’t complete the installation.

That part is left entirely up to you. However, if you’re thinking about installing large uPVC windows yourself, it might not be the best idea. Even if you’ve installed smaller windows before, there are more risks when it comes to fitting bigger designs.

For example, the double glazing units can be much heavier than you think. Most of the time, they require a two-person lift. Not only that, but you’ll need specialist tools to fit the glass into the frames and the sealant.

Additionally, should anything go wrong with the installation, you won’t be able to claim it on your warranty. If you install large uPVC windows yourself, you forfeit the product guarantee, costing you hundreds of pounds. The best way to install large uPVC windows is to work with a trusted local expert.

large upvc windows prices

Large uPVC Windows Prices

With Double Glazing On The Web, finding a company near you to get quality large uPVC windows from is straightforward. Rather than search for them yourself, we take the risk out of your investment by connecting you with a trusted network of suppliers across the UK.

That way, you can find several near you, and talk to them to find the best deal available. Also, you can be sure of investing in high-quality windows for your home. Many of the companies we work with have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, guaranteeing that their windows meet stringent standards.

All you have to do to get large uPVC windows at local prices is to use our online contact form today! It only takes a minute to fill out, and one of our team members can get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your ideas with you.

Then, we can put you in touch with our network, and you get full control of negotiating the best price for bespoke large uPVC windows.

Give Double Glazing On The Web a call today on 0800 015 5679 for more information!


Installing massive uPVC windows can transform your home, flooding it with herbal mild and supplying lovely perspectives of the outside. With their combination of long lasting uPVC frames and electricity-efficient double glazing, these windows provide superior insulation, security, and sturdiness. While it may be tempting to save money by choosing a supply-handiest window and installing it yourself, it’s crucial to paint with a reliance on a local installer to make certain a proper healthy and hold your assurance. 

By the usage of Double Glazing On The Web’s online touch shape, you could effortlessly connect with a network of accredited suppliers throughout the United Kingdom, allowing you to find a satisfactory deal on high-quality, bespoke big uPVC home windows with the intention to beautify your house for future years.


What are the primary advantages of putting in large uPVC home windows in my home? 

Large uPVC home windows provide several benefits, such as elevated natural light, advanced power efficiency, more desirable security, and higher views of the outside. The aggregate of slimline uPVC frames and double glazing creates a long lasting, weatherproof, and insulating barrier which could assist reduce your power payments and hold your home cushty 12 months-spherical.

Can I customise the layout of my large uPVC windows? 

Yes, whilst you put money into big uPVC home windows, you have got the possibility to completely customise the design to fit your choices. You can choose from an extensive variety of patterns, such as bow, bay, tilt and turn, sash, and bifold windows, as well as pick out unique hues, finishes, and add-ons like handles and Georgian bars.

Is it an excellent idea to install huge uPVC home windows myself to save cash? 

While it is tempting to shop money through purchasing supply-simplest home windows and putting in them yourself, it is usually now not endorsed, particularly for huge uPVC home windows. These windows are heavier and more complicated to put in, requiring expert equipment and understanding. Additionally, self-installation will void your product warranty, potentially costing you more in the long run.

How long can I expect my huge uPVC home windows to finish? 

High-exceptional big uPVC home windows can last for 30 years or greater with proper installation and upkeep. The uPVC frames and double glazing are designed to face up to excessive weather situations without cracking, twisting, or dropping their shape. To make sure of the toughness of your windows, search for an installer that offers a comprehensive assurance on their merchandise.

How can I find a reliable installer for my large uPVC windows? 

One of the very best methods to find a reliance on a nearby installer for your large uPVC windows is to use Double Glazing On The Web’s online contact shape. By filling out the form, you can connect with a community of accredited providers across the United Kingdom, allowing you to examine costs and locate the fine deal on first-rate, bespoke windows for your property.

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