Getting the right glass can work wonders for your windows. New glass could help you in a couple of ways – firstly, if you’re looking to invest in new windows, or secondly, replacing the glass in old ones. Traditional glazing, though, isn’t the best option for windows. That’s because, with only one layer of thin glass, you don’t get a lot of protection from the outside world.

Your windows play a crucial role in keeping your living space warm and comfortable. But single-glazed glass is prone to heat transfer, meaning cold air can pass through them quickly. As a result, the temperature drops inside your home. Even the latest windows would struggle with only one pane of glass.

However, times have changed. Nowadays, you can invest in durable glass options like double and even triple glazing for your home. These glazing types use additional layers of glass in their design. That way, you add extra layers of protection against cold air. Not only that, but layers of glass add to the strength of your windows, making them tougher and more reliable.

You can even customise the glass in your new windows, or as a replacement option for your old glass, in a range of ways. For example, you could choose obscured glazing if you’d like a little more privacy in your living space. And, if you’d like to spend more time relaxing, self-cleaning glazing does the job of scrubbing your windows for you!

If you’d like windows with glass that makes a difference, like double and triple glazing, then invest in your windows with Double Glazing On The Web. Working with us, you can find a trusted local installer who’ll supply quality windows and a wide variety of glazing options. You can even customise the designs, all while keeping your double glazing prices low!

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The Benefits of Modern Glass for Windows

By installing new glass for your old windows, you can transform how your home feels. That’s because, with more panes of glass than a single one, you won’t have to worry about losing energy from your home. Not only does single glazing let cold air into your living space, but it allows warmth from your home to escape.

With double and triple glazing, though, you’ll create a thermal barrier for your old windows. These glass units will be made-to-measure for your existing windows, meaning they’ll be air and water-tight for any design. As a result, you’ll lose less heat from your home, and you’ll prevent draughts and water ingress too. That way, you can even protect old timber and plastic frames.

However, modern glass truly comes alive as part of new windows. Inside a brand-new design, your glass unit will work with durable profiles made from uPVC or aluminium. These materials are much more durable and versatile than both timber and plastic. Not only do they provide more insulation, but they’re fully weatherproof too, meaning they’ll keep their shape in any conditions.

The glazing you add to your windows, though, will do the most to keep your home warm and comfortable. You’ll be able to stay warm while relying on your central heating less, meaning you could cut the cost of your household bills. And, when it’s hot outside, double and triple glazing can reduce uncomfortable glare as well.

Double Glazed Window Panels

If you want to step up on single glazing, then the most affordable way is to choose double glazed window panels. These designs are becoming the benchmark for homes in the UK. That’s because they are an easy way of improving your home’s efficiency. Double glazing makes your old windows perform better and ensures your new windows meet top performance standards.

In your double glazing unit, you’ll get two layers of advanced glass. These panes are durable, and you can make them even tougher with the option of tempered glass. Inbetween the glass panes is a layer of argon gas, which levels out cold and hot temperatures for your home. That way, your window is less likely to shatter or suffer from condensation.

Double glazing won’t just improve your home’s heat insulation, either. If you value a peaceful home, then glass like this can improve sound insulation. When sound waves come into contact with glass, the collision weakens the waves. Double glazing, then, creates more of these collisions, making loud sounds from outside much quieter.

Double glazing can even improve security for your windows. With two panes of glass, it’s harder to break the windows, and most modern units come with multi-point locking mechanisms. That means an intruder won’t be able to separate the glazing from the frame, giving you peace of mind inside your home.

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Triple Glazing for Windows

However, double glazing might not be the best option for your windows. That’s because, for a slightly larger investment, you could bring triple glazing to your home. As a replacement option, triple glazing turns an underperforming window into a thermal barrier for your home. It features three panes of glass rather than two, meaning better insulation and strength.

When the weather turns on you, any cold air won’t be able to pass through a unit of triple glazing very much, if at all. The three panes of glass all work to weaken the effect of cold air, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable. Triple glazing can save up to 50% more energy than an equivalent double glazing unit!

With triple glazing, you could save as much as £155 on your household energy bills. As a result, you can pay the cost of your investment back more quickly. That’s because triple glazing only costs around 30-40% more to install than the same unit of double glazing. That means you’ll get more value from your investment over time.

Triple glazing panels can also improve security and durability for your windows. They are even harder to break than double glazing, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about balls flying through your windows at random. And, in a new window, you’ll get fully weatherproof frames surrounding them, preventing draughts and dampness from developing.

Customisable Glass For Windows

With any glass you fit for your new or old windows, you can also choose to customise the unit. That way, you can style your windows to suit your home’s look, or add features to improve their performance. For example, if you have a traditional home, you could fit Georgian or astragal bars over the glass. They divide the glass up for a classic look, and they provide an additional layer of protection.

Alternatively, if you value your privacy, you could benefit from obscured glazing. Obscured glazing uses patterns and shaded areas to make it harder to see into your windows from outside. However, you’ll still let the same amount of natural light and warmth into your living space.

One of the most frustrating things about windows is cleaning them. That can be a common issue in old timber windows, where the frames can crack and twist. However, with new windows that feature double or triple glazing, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Not only will the frames be weatherproof, but you can choose self-cleaning glazing that breaks down dirt for you.

And, if you’d rather not replace your old windows, why not consider secondary glazing? It’s like a new window for your old one, with a made-to-measure glass unit that fits over the top of your old design. That way, you can protect your classic windows from wind and rain, extending their lifespan for years to come.

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Choose Glass For Windows with Double Glazing On The Web

When it comes to getting any new glass for your old windows, or brand-new ones, finding a great deal can be tricky. That’s because big national brands can charge high prices for their products. However, if you decide to go with a local installer, you could be risking your investment. While you might save money, you could end up working with a rogue trader.

Because of this, we’ve created the Double Glazing On The Web network to help homeowners find new glass for windows without any hassle. When you search for double or triple glazed window panels through us, you can find trusted local installers in your area. That way, you can get a brilliant deal without the risk.

We extensively review our network to make sure you work with the best installers in your area. You can speak to several of them, too, meaning you can compare their prices to negotiate an even better deal. And, as they’re local installers, you could benefit from shorter wait times, more personalised service and installation that works around you.

For added peace of mind, you can also work with accredited companies as part of our network. Many installers that you can find through us have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. That confirms their glass meets leading performance standards for your windows.

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To get new glass for windows, or brand-new windows, for less, choose Double Glazing On The Web!

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