You can transform front doors into a grand entrance with side panels. If you have a large landing area, then adding side panels to your door can widen its footprint to suit your home. You can fit them with double glazing that perfectly matches your door’s glass, or you could get frames in contrasting colours that make your front door pop.

Front doors with side panels give you more design flexibility, and more choice, in how you make an impression on your guests. However, side panels can also help you to do much more. Because they feature the same advanced materials as your door, your side panels will be able to trap more heat inside your home and help to secure it from unwanted visitors.

By adding side panels, you’ll also be able to let more natural light into your home, without losing the warmth you’ll get from it. As a result, you’ll be able to generate more heat indoors naturally, meaning you won’t have to rely on your central heating. In partnership with a superb front door made from either uPVC, aluminium or composite, these panels can cut your bills considerably.

When you work with Double Glazing on the Web, you can make a better investment in front doors with side panels. By using our services, you can pick each aspect of your panels, and get a free, no-obligation quote within minutes. Then, we’ll help you to get in touch with a trusted local installer, who’ll fit your new design with care and courtesy.

upvc front doors with side panels

Why Should I Get Front Doors with Side Panels?

If you have a larger or more traditional home, then front doors with side panels can help to elevate its period styling. The panels extend outward on either side, creating a more elaborate front facade for your home. The design is also incredibly sleek, with no gaps between the door and the panels, providing a look for your home that evokes traditional joinery.

The materials of your new front door can also make a genuine difference to your home. Older entries often use wooden frames, or single-glazed glass, which don’t offer a lot of protection from cold or adverse weather. Not only can your home’s warmth escape more quickly from your home, but draughts and cold spots can develop too. New side panels use advanced materials to solve these problems.

Adding side panels to your new front door can also help you let far more light into your home. Most side panels use more glazing than the frame, making them almost feel like windows for your door. As a result, you can let in natural light to the front of your home, making your landing seem much brighter, and even more welcoming.

And, with these stunning door designs, you can welcome people into your home in style. Side panels make your front door stand out, and you can customise their colours and finishes individually to complement your entrance. That way, you can create an expansive opening to your home that makes a lasting impression for years to come.

What are the Benefits of Front Doors with Side Panels?

You can give front doors timeless class with the addition of side panels. You won’t only get that timeless feel in the look of your entrance, but their durability and robustness provide the same effect. You can install side panels and doors with either uPVC, aluminium or composite frames. Each of these can perform for 30 years or more with little-to-no maintenance and without wearing or fading.

Also, there are no gaps for your home’s warm air to escape through between the door and the panels. As a result, you can benefit from a more comfortable living space where you have greater control of the temperature. With advanced glazing as standard, you’ll also be able to save energy and cut down your bills, as you won’t have to rely on your central heating to make up for lost heat.

Side panels also make your home safer, too. That’s because the glazing in them seals to the panel with a multi-point locking system, and the panels connect to the doors seamlessly to stop intruders getting within them. Also, your panels will use the same advanced materials as your door and will come with reinforced locks and internal hardware to protect your living space.

By adding side panels, you’ll also make your home feel closer to nature. You’ll get two gorgeous panes of glass that aren’t obstructed by the frame, giving you beautiful views of the outside world from both sides of the door. Also, you can add small windows to the top of your panels if you so wish, which you can prop open to let more fresh air in to ventilate your home

What Materials Can I Use for my Front Doors and Side Panels?

You’ll have a choice of uPVC, aluminium and composite frames for front doors and side panels. The main benefits of this choice are that you’ll be able to stay more in control of the cost and that you can get your panels in the same material as your entrance. As a result, you’ll get a sleek look across the front of your home, and you’ll be able to get a door in a material that performs at the right price.


uPVC is a durable material that uses a plastic polymer mould. This mould makes the structure flexible and lightweight but still gives it innate strength. Because of this, it can reduce the gaps in your door that your home’s warmth can escape through, and it’ll secure your home as well. uPVC can even protect your internal hardware from rust and wear with its weatherproof design.


For even more security and strength, however, you can use aluminium in your front door and side panels. This material is exceptionally robust, meaning it can protect your home from intruders for total peace of mind. In your side panels, you’ll also get more insulation, meaning the whole design will work to keep your home warm, saving you money on energy bills as well as saving you worry.


Front doors with side panels have a traditional and timeless look. To make these qualities stand out, installing them with composite frames is an ideal choice. These structures often use a solid timber core but blend it with modern materials like uPVC and GRP to protect it from wind and rain. As a result, you’ll get an authentic look for your doors and panels, and they’ll insulate and protect your home brilliantly.


Are Front Doors with Side Panels Right for Me?

Front doors with side panels suit homes with large entrances brilliantly. Because of this, you can give the impression of an expansive opening, while also adding more glass to let natural light into your home. If, however, you don’t have as much space to install these panels, then only installing a front door is a much more sensible option.

How Can I Customise Front Doors with Side Panels?

One of the most significant benefits of front doors with side panels is the ability you get to customise them. Unlike with only a door, which you can style in one unique way, you can complement it with panels that either match or contrast from the entrance. You’ll get a choice of stylish RAL colours and finishes that won’t lose their shine over time, thanks to durable materials.

Not only that, but you can fit your door and panels with accessories that give them a personal touch. For example, you can add letterboxes or knockers to your door, or tinted and patterned glass to your side panels. Because of this, you’ll have a fantastic amount of design flexibility, making sure you can install a new entrance to your home that reflects your style.

How Much Do Front Doors with Side Panels Cost?

Front doors with side panels do cost slightly more, but perhaps not as much as you may think. You can install side panels for your door for as little as £75, but the price does rise depending on the size of your entrance and the materials you’d like to use within it. You can also add accessories to the panels that affect their price, such as Georgian bars.

The average price of front doors with side panels ranges from £75-475. You can control the cost of your investment, however, when you use Double Glazing On The Web’s helpful services. You’ll be able to choose the dimensions, materials and accessories for your new door using our online cost calculator, and you can get multiple free quotes to compare the price of these additions.

That way, you can control your budget with ease, and without having to worry about any hidden charges. Once you’ve decided on the front door and side panels of your dreams, we’ll refer you to our trusted network. These specialists are trusted, with years of experience in your local area, and many are Which? Trusted Traders and have Checkatrade approval too so that you can get a brilliant service.

They’ll even install your doors as part of your quote, ensuring you can cut the cost of your investment even further. You’ll also benefit from the savings you’ll make on energy bills with these fabulous additions. Because of all this, you’ll be able to make a worthwhile investment on front doors with side panels by using Double Glazing On The Web.