What are Flush Casement Windows?

Flush casement windows are a unique and sleek design that can give your home timeless class. Unlike standard casement windows, they sit flush within the frame.

As a result, the window can recreate traditional timber joinery.

uPVC flush casement windows

However, you don’t have to select timber for your new window. Instead, you could choose modern frames that lift these classic designs with advanced performance.

Because they sit flush within the frame, these windows have a sleek and streamlined look with fewer gaps in the design. That means there’s less space for cold air to enter your home, and for warm air to escape it too.

Additionally, you’ll be investing in windows that meet the highest standards for insulation. With double or triple glazing and a durable frame, you’ll make your home warmer and more comfortable.

flush casement windows

Due to this, you can enjoy your living space without having to rely on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills.

Also, flush casement windows have a slimline profile that allows vast amounts of natural light into your home.

That way, you’ll brighten up your home and make it feel more open and welcoming. And, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can invest in flush casement windows with ease.

What is a Flush Sash Window?

Flush casement windows are also known as flush sash windows by some suppliers. However, don’t be worried or confused. These names are only different ways of calling a spade a spade.

uPVC Flush Sash Windows

If you hear a supplier or installer refer to flush sash windows, they’ll be referring to this beautiful window style. The name comes from the fact that the sash of your window sits flush within the frame.

By adding flush casement windows (or flush sash windows), you won’t be confused about the impact they make on your home. They have a stunning appearance that captures classic design, and you can customise them to suit the style of your property.

There are plenty of colours and finishes you can add to your window, and you can add accessories to tailor a modern or traditional window for your home.

Benefits of Flush Casement Windows

While they look superb, modern flush casement windows stand out because of their performance. Because the window sits flush within the frame, it can operate more smoothly for thousands of uses.

uPVC Windows and Doors

There’ll be less room for wind and rain to get through the cracks, keeping you warm. Also, your durable frame will be able to withstand poor weather and protect the hardware of the window.

Flush casement windows are incredibly energy efficient too. You’ll get a choice of glazing for your window, and each one is highly efficient and has a superb WER (Window Energy Rating).

There are double and triple glazing options available, with the choice between two or three panes of innovative, reinforced glass. Look to check with your supplier to make sure you get glazing with ratings of C+ and above for efficiency.

uPVC flush sash windows

Also, flush casement windows are easy to maintain and clean. They have a slightly tighter swing arc so you can reach the windows more comfortable, and you can get self-cleaning glazing that breaks down dirt for you.

Additionally, your frame won’t lose its shape, crack or twist. That means you won’t have to worry about spending money on repairs, making these windows perfect for people with busy lives.

Are Flush Casement Windows More Expensive?

Flush casement windows do cost more than standard designs to install in your home. While casement windows can cost £150-450 to fit in your home, a flush casement window will be toward the higher end of that bracket.

However, this design is a real step up in both style and performance. With the classic features and the sleek frame, the window stands out and helps to save more energy too.

There are ways to bring the cost of your flush casement windows down. However, these can affect their performance. For example, installing an opener costs more, but they allow you to ventilate your home with fresh air.

You can also save money by installing double glazing and uPVC frames, which are more affordable than other options but still offer superb insulation and durability.

With casement windows, you’ll be able to enhance your home for less money. However, they have some drawbacks compared to flush designs. Because they don’t sit within the frame, you can’t match the windows to your property as seamlessly.

Also, because there’s more space for cold air to escape, you won’t save as much energy, meaning you and your family will end up less comfortable in your living space.

Instead, by investing in flush designs, you may pay more initially, but you can save more on your energy bills. As a result, you’ll pay the cost back quicker and save more money in the long run.

You’ll add a bold design to your home that makes a lasting impression inside and out. And with the option to customise the window with colours, handles and more, it’ll be as unique as your home is too.

Flush Casement Window Materials

An affordable way of adding flush casement windows to your home is to choose a uPVC option. uPVC is becoming more popular in homes across the country for its flexibility and strength.

The material is a plastic polymer which helps protect the hardware in your window. Not only is it weatherproof, but it won’t fade over time either, meaning you can add a bright colour to the frame that will continue to shine.

uPVC is also lightweight while still being robust. That means it’s superb at two things. Firstly, the lightweight design means that it doesn’t put any pressure on the window’s hardware, so it’s better at protecting it.

Secondly, the robust material makes your window much more secure. Your flush casement windows will also feature high-security locks and reinforced handles to give you further peace of mind.

uPVC is the most affordable frame option for your flush casement windows. You may think, though, that uPVC can’t imitate timber, particularly if you want a classic look for your new addition. However, you can add a woodgrain finish to your uPVC for around £25 extra on average.

That way, you’ll get a timber look for less cost, and without any of its disadvantages.

If you want to get an even more authentic look, though, look no further than a composite frame. Composite frames feature timber at their core, but combine it with other materials, including uPVC.

This innovative blend is much more durable than wood and removes the drawbacks of wood. uPVC and other modern materials protect the wood from wear and tear while improving its insulation.

Composite frames also have more strength than uPVC on its own, thanks to the blend of materials. As a result, it’ll give you better security, and it can also last for longer as well.

While you have to pay a premium for this stunning frame, composite is worth it if you want an authentic look for your home. That way, you’ll combine classic design with advanced performance.

You can also install flush casement windows with aluminium. Aluminium has exceptional strength and weather protection, and it also can trap more heat inside your home. As a result, aluminium can help you save more money on bills than uPVC too.

Although you’ll have to pay a premium, they do cost less than the composite blend, meaning they’re a great option if you want a sleek modern look for your window.

Supply Only Flush Casement Windows

You’ll also be able to save more money on your flush casement windows by getting them as supply only. That means that, instead of hiring an installer to fit your windows, you can install them yourself.

As a result, you’ll save money on the fitting, but you’ll spend more time putting the window in place. Your supplier should give you an installation-ready window though that takes some of the difficulty away.

Alternatively, you can choose fully fitted. That means you’ll be able to get an expert to install your windows for you. When you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be able to connect with a specialist installer from your local area.

Many of the companies in our network have Checkatrade and Which? memberships too, giving you peace of mind that you can trust their services.

Flush Casement Windows Online

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can find flush casement windows online instantly.

Our service saves you stressing about searching for a supplier by putting you in touch with the best from your area. Also, you can speak with several specialists so you can see where you save the most money on your investment.

Start by using our online flush casement windows cost calculator today. This interactive tool lets you select the style of your window, the size, and any accessories you want to add to the design.

You can get an instant online quote for any window, and you’ll also be able to create several of them to see which window suits your budget best.

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