Energy Efficient Windows: What Type of Window is the Most Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient windows are a crucial addition to any home, and they can make a genuine difference. As energy bills continue to rise, finding ways to save energy and cut your household has never been more vital. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can add windows to your home that are energy efficient and help your home perform.

energy efficient windows

If your home feels like its losing heat, especially in the winter, your windows may be causing this. That’s because older windows often use single-glazed glass and timber frames. With only one glass panel, your home’s heat can escape more quickly through the window. Also, timber frames can wear down over time, creating more gaps for cold air to enter your home through.

With energy efficient windows, you won’t only get advanced glazing and a durable frame, but you’ll get a stylish design too. There’s a massive selection

of window styles to choose from, each with unique opening systems and other smart features. These windows are also incredibly secure, meaning they can keep your home safe as well as comfortable.

You can also customise each window, meaning you can turn these styles into a design that’s unique to your home. You can choose the frame, the glazing and even the colour and finish of your new addition. That way, you can make your home more energy efficient with a window that reflects your style. And, by working with Double Glazing On The Web, you can do it with ease.

How Do I Determine Whether Windows are Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient windows do their work quietly. While you can feel a difference after you install them in your home, it can be hard to see that difference. However, there are a couple of ways you can measure the energy efficiency of a window.

The law dictates that all windows sold in the UK must have an energy rating, supplied by the BFRC, which indicates a window’s efficiency.

The BFRC scale gives windows energy ratings from A+ down to G. You’ll want to aim high to ensure you get a window that offers you top performance.

In windows with high energy ratings, you can lose almost no energy from your home at all, meaning you’ll preserve your home’s heat naturally, reducing the need for your central heating.

You’ll be able to get energy ratings on the individual glass of your window, meaning you can make a more informed choice for your glazing. As well as that, the energy rating system evaluates every part of a window to determine its rating.

Because of this, you’ll be able to get a window with glass and frame materials that make energy-saving simple.

If you want even more detail on how your window performs, you can also access this too. You’ll be able to get u-values for things like air permeability, wind resistance and much more. As a result, when you look to invest in energy efficient windows, you can do it with confidence.

Using Double Glazing On The Web can ensure you work with a supplier who offers market-leading options for your home.

The most popular option across the UK, casement windows are a straightforward design that can save energy for your home.

You’ll get a broad panel of glazing combined with slimline frames. That way, you’ll be able to have a stunning view of the outside world through clear sightlines, and you’ll let more natural light into your space.

Casement windows let warmth into your home and prevent it from escaping, thanks to their innovative design.

As a result, you can stay warmer without needing your central heating, and you can bring your household costs down. As well as that, casement windows can start from only £150, making them the most cost-effective option for your home.

French casement windows combine the design of a casement window with the opening of French doors.

As a result, the window splits in half when you open it, revealing more space for fresh air to enter your home. Also, the centre mullion isn’t in the outer frame, meaning it won’t block your view.

The innovative design of these windows also gives them terrific energy-saving potential.

They use durable frames, with a choice of uPVC, aluminium or even a composite blend, to help your home capture more heat. Also, their wide opening can improve your home’s safety, acting as a fire escape in case the worst should happen. Prices for this design start around £450.

Tilt and turn windows, on the other hand, have a unique opening system. You can tilt the window in several ways, meaning they’re easy to clean and flexible to install.

The opening system lets them fit into smaller spaces, making them great for lighting up smaller areas of your home. And, with their glazing and frames, they can also help your home channel its energy better.

These energy efficient windows also let in plenty of fresh air, meaning you can ventilate your space and make it feel more natural.

They’re also weatherproof too, and the frame will protect the advanced gaskets and springs, ensuring a smooth operation every time. Starting prices are higher at £400, but you’ll get a stunning design that puts you in greater control of your home.

Flush sash windows give you the traditional look of a timber window, without its drawbacks.

Older windows use timber frames that lose their performance over time.

However, in this modern design, you can get a uPVC or aluminium frame in a wood grain finish. Also, the window sits flush within the frame, for a sleeker design that reduces the gaps your home’s energy can escape through.

The sleek profile lets more light into your home, and the window features concealed hardware that keeps you safe without getting in the way.

That way, you can make your home more stylish, more secure and able to provide you with more savings. For this stunning, authentic design, prices start at a similar level to the tilt and turn design.

Often referred to as sliding sash windows, this design can give your home a sense of timeless style. Sash windows use an elegant upward-opening that makes any home feel light and airy. However, they also feature internal security hardware and a robust frame. That way, you can open your home up when you want to, and you can lock it down too.

These energy efficient windows use their frames and glazing to make sure your home stays warm throughout. That means you can make rushing to turn the heating on a thing of the past. Sash windows are also a brilliant safety option, as they feature weighted hinges and springs that’ll stop you trapping your fingers in their opening.

Bi-fold windows are a bold design that can help you save energy throughout your home. These energy efficient windows use multiple panels of glazing that fold in on each other when you open them. As a result, they disappear, giving you an open view of your garden in the summer months and lighting up your living space.

You can get bi-fold doors in either a sculptured or chamfered profile. The sculptured design has a decorative look, while the chamfered frame is sleeker and more understated. However, you can choose between them to make sure your new windows complement your home, and you can select a colour or finish for them too.

For a dramatic addition, you can also select either the bow or bay windows for your home. These stunning windows are sure to become the centrepiece of your living space, with an angled design that extends outwards from your wall. That way, you can generate more space and more light, providing your home with multiple panels of glazing that’ll help you save energy.

Bow windows have a soft curve that makes your glazing feel like one continuous piece of glass. Bay windows, on the other hand, have angled panels that use more of your frames. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the style that’s right for you, and customise it to match your home. They may start from slightly over £1,000, but they can help you massively enhance your home and lifestyle.

What Glazing Should I Choose for My Energy Efficient Windows?

Another crucial decision you’ll make is the type of glazing you choose for your windows. It’ll have a significant bearing on how your window performs, and it can affect the cost too. You can invest in advanced double glazing, triple glazing and even solar glazing in some windows. That way, you can stay in control of the design and make the investment that suits you best.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is becoming increasingly affordable to fit in your energy efficient windows. This glass uses two panes to trap heat between them, creating a thermal barrier for your home. That way, you can put more protection between your home and the outside world, meaning you can maintain a stable temperature in your home without your central heating.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, you could choose triple glazing. As the name suggests, the design incorporates three panels of glass, giving you superior strength, security and energy-saving potential. You’ll have a more robust window that has outstanding weather protection as well. While triple glazing doesn’t let in as much light, it’ll help your home become far more energy efficient.

Triple glazing does cost more than double glazing to fit into your windows, however. For the extra pane of glass, you can expect to pay about £110 more than for a comparable dual glazing option on average. However, with three panels of advanced glass, you’ll increase both efficiency and privacy, meaning you can save more money on your bills in greater comfort.

Solar Glazing

Another option for some windows is installing solar glazing. You could only add a window that can help you save energy; solar glazing allows you to design one that creates it. Solar glazing generates electricity, reducing your costs. It’ll also come with the same design as advanced glazing, giving you the security and protection that you need.

What Frames Should I Choose for My Energy Efficient Windows?

Your window frames will work with your glazing to keep your home warm and protect it from the changing weather. You can choose from a variety of framing materials that have highly specialised designs. These frames won’t only preserve your home’s heat. They’ll also give you a stylish finish for your window, protect its hardware, and keep you safe from any unwanted visitors.


Timber has long been the choice for creating an authentic window. However, wooden frames aren’t suited for energy efficient windows. These structures can crack easily, particularly in bad weather, as water and wind create gaps in the frame. Because of this, you get more heat transfer, and your home will be far less comfortable. However, new materials solve these issues.


uPVC is available across every window style as a framing option. This durable material is brilliant for creating energy efficient windows. The material coats your windows and makes them air-tight, reducing the opportunity for draughts and cold spots to develop inside your home. It’s also a flexible design, and its lightweight build ensures a smooth operation every time.


Aluminium windows are a step up for your home. They’re as weatherproof as uPVC is, but its robust structure gives you more insulation from the cold. Also, the strength of aluminium will make your home a nightmare for intruders. It’s virtually impenetrable, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer, more efficient living space with total peace of mind.


If, however, you love the look and feel of traditional timber joinery, you can add it to your home without the drawbacks. Composite frames have timber in their core but also use uPVC and GRP. Because of this, you’ll protect the wood from wind and rain and ensure it has less chance of breaking. That way, you’ll get an authentic window without having to maintain it regularly.

When you invest in energy efficient windows, you invest in a package of brilliant materials. Each one, from the glazing, frame and even handles you select, work together to enhance your home inside and out. You can also stylishly design your new windows without sacrificing their performance. Because of this, you can choose the window that’s right for you with confidence.

The windows that are right for you depend on what home you have. For example, if you have a more traditional space, you can add a window that has a classic design. For example, a sliding sash window using double glazing in a composite frame provides a light, elegant design to your home. However, you can customise every aspect of the window to ensure it suits you.

When you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you put yourself in control of your new addition. Unlike by going direct, you can use our services to get all the options at your fingertips. You’ll be able to choose colours and finishes for your new design, as well as accessories such as Georgian bars. As a result, the look of your window is entirely up to you.

However, you won’t have to worry about the window losing any performance. All of the features you’ve seen here are at the cutting-edge of home improvements and are proven to cut down your energy bills and improve your lifestyle. You won’t have to compromise on your design if you don’t want to, and that’s the way it should be.

Energy efficient windows can cost less than you might think, and are affordable investments that pay themselves back over time. For a casement window that uses a uPVC frame and double glazing, you could pay as little as £150. However, the type of glazing and frame you select, as well as the dimensions, can have a bearing on the price you end up paying.

For example, triple glazing can cost £110 more on average than double glazing, although it’ll allow you to save more money on your energy bills over time. The choice of frame is also significant. uPVC is more cost-effective than aluminium and composite, but the other two are much more robust, giving you invaluable security. They can also last longer without losing their shape.

The best way to cut the cost of energy efficient windows, however, is to work with Double Glazing On The Web, If you go directly to a supplier, you can’t be sure of their quality, and they may oversell their services to you. Using our service takes the risk from your investment, as we put you in contact with a network of trusted local suppliers.

Each one uses only the best materials in their windows, meaning you’ll stand to benefit from their brilliant performance. Also, with our online windows quote builder, you can compare prices from several of these specialists. As a result, you’ll be more informed, and you can get a better deal on your new energy efficient windows through Double Glazing on the Web.