In these eco-conscious times, energy efficiency has never been more important. Preserving our energy is important if we wish to contribute towards a greener environment.

We use energy every day throughout our homes for cooking, cleaning, washing and heating. It provides us with the electricity, water and heat we need for our essential living.

Our energy usage will change throughout the year. It goes without saying that your energy bills will be higher during the winter months.

Cold temperatures and draughts can cause us to reach for that thermostat, ignoring our hefty energy bills as a result.

Maintaining Your Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your home’s energy efficiency is one way to reduce your monthly outgoings. This can be as simple as checking your windows for draughts and replacing tired, old windows.

Homeowners who update their windows with new double glazing find their home is warmer and more comfortable. This is why double glazing is now installed as standard in all new build properties.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Glazing is at the core of energy efficient windows and doors. Double, secondary and triple glazing are all used to enhance a windows insulating properties.

Designed to keep warm air inside where it belongs, energy efficient glazing prevents valuable energy from escaping through poorly insulated frames. This in turn helps reduce a homes carbon emissions as well as any costly heating bills.

This is why energy efficient double glazing is such a hot topic with UK organisations, The Energy Saving Trust and the BFRC. They continue to promote the benefits of energy efficient windows and doors, setting high standards and regulations throughout the double glazing industry.

Energy Saving Benefits:

  • An Eco Friendly Home. Energy efficient windows allow you to contribute towards a greener environment
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint. Using less fuel will result in less CO2 which contributes towards global warming
  • A Warmer Home. Energy efficient windows will reduce heat loss, eliminating draughts and cold spots
  • Greater Noise Insulation. As well as thermal insulation, energy efficient windows will also insulate your home against unwanted outside noise

How Energy Efficient Are Your Windows?

How energy efficient are your windows? All homes within the UK available to buy or rent must have an Energy Performance Certficate (EPC.) An EPC will inform you of a buildings energy efficiency by supplying it with a rating from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient.

What is Your Window Energy Rating?

The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) provides home owners with an energy ratings chart, ranging from A to G, with A rated uPVC windows being highly efficient. Generally, windows with a C rating or higher are seen as energy efficient.

The BFRC awards all accredited windows with an energy efficiency certificate which proves the authenticity of a window.

Window Frame Materials

uPVC and aluminium are thought to be more energy efficient than wooden windows. Wood is a natural insulator but is subject to flaws such as rotting and warp. Home owners generally avoid this high maintenance material in favour of uPVC and aluminium.

uPVC and aluminium window frames offer excellent energy efficiency and durability. They will last for many years and will never require re-painting.

Double Glazing: How Does it Reduce Heat Loss?

You may have heard of the benefits of double glazed windows, and how they can reduce heat loss within your home, but do you know how it all works?

The Science Behind Heat Loss

Energy EfficientWhen molecules are heated, they move more quickly, and conduct heat to other nearby molecules by bumping into them. In a glass unit, molecules are packed together tightly, allowing heat to pass in and out of a room more easily.

Molecules in gas (air) are spread out rather thinly, and it takes much longer for heat to flow through, so the thin layer of air within a double glazed window or door, works as an excellent insulator of heat.

Double Glazed windows effectively work as two windows in one, but the panes are separated by a thin layer of air. They are just as effective as a window as their single paned counterparts, and allow light to pass through, but they have the added benefit of being energy efficient, the trapped air working as an insulator, preventing valuable heat from leaking in and out.

Double glazing can be effective in so many ways, and reducing heat loss is just one of the many benefits that it can offer.

Low E Glass

Low emissivity glass or low E glass is used to improve thermal insulation. A transparent metallic coating is used to reflect heat back into the room. This process is called solar heat gain. It works by allowing light and heat from the sun to pass through naturally.

This heating effect is dependent on the strength of the sun and how it is directed onto your property. An energy efficient window will maximise solar gain, particularly during the winter. If you are looking to enhance your windows insulation, ask your supplier about low E glass.

Your window’s size and shading can also be used to optimise solar gain. Special coatings can be applied to the face of the glazing to enhance its affects.

Thermal Spacer Bars

Additional hardware can be added to your windows to improve thermal efficiency. A thermal spacer bar is a hollow frame which separates two glass panes. It is bonded to the glass panes using a primary and secondary seal. This creates an airtight cavity which is then filled with air or gas.

The thermal spacer bar works by absorbing residual moisture within the cavity, preventing condensation. Spacer bars can greatly contribute towards a windows energy rating

Window Placement

Do you want to make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run? Good window orientation can increase the overall efficiency of your home.

The placement of your windows will determine the effectiveness of solar heat gain. For example, if you have a South facing property, then you will receive more sunlight compared to a property which is North facing.

If you have a window installed on a wall which receives a lot of sun, you will in turn enhance the amount of natural light in your property – helping you to heat your room during colder periods.

Strategically installing your windows will also help you improve your property’s ventilation and cooling properties.

The Cost of Energy Efficient Windows

To see the true cost of double glazing you can get a quote for your energy efficient windows online using our double glazing quote builder.Energy Efficiency Calculator

The best thing about our online quote builder is that you can choose exactly what type of Window Energy Rating (WER) you require for your new double glazing.

Double Glazing on The Web offers instant online quotes for either A, B or C energy rated double glazed windows. Click here to start your online quote.

Accredited Double Glazing Installers

In order to benefit from a home energy efficiency scheme, you must choose an accredited installer to ensure you get quality, energy efficient windows.

It is important that your windows comply with all currently building regulations and standards. A registered installer will be able to provide evidence of this.

Double Glazing on The Web can put you in touch with local trusted suppliers. Your local installer will provide you with a wide range of energy efficient windows.

Our wide network of reputable double glazing companies have many years experience within the industry. We put you in touch with companies you can trust.

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

How Much Do Windows Cost?

Window prices will depend on your specifications such as size, style, glass type and security locks. At Double Glazing on The Web you can get an instant window cost online using our online quoting engine. Simply choose your window style and enter your window measurements to receive a unique window price.

What Are Triple Glazed Windows And Doors?

Triple glazed windows are made up of three glass panels instead of two. These panels of glass have double argon filled cavities that provide high insulation. Triple glazed windows are available in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your home.

Are Triple Glazed Windows Soundproof?

Like double glazing, triple glazed windows are designed to provide excellent sound insulation as well as heat reduction. The third layer of glass adds another insulating layer great noise reduction.

What Are The Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows?

There are many benefits to triple glazing, the most obvious being a warmer home and cheaper energy bills. Designed to give an excellent thermal performance, triple glazed windows ensure cold spots are eliminated. The third layer of glazing also provides enhanced security, especially if the glass is laminated.

Why Should I Choose One Of Your Installers?

All installers that operate in affiliation with Double Glazing on the Web are accredited by a recognised industry body such as FENSA or CERTASS. Double Glazing on the Web vet all of our double glazing installers to make sure you receive a professional and efficient quality service.

How Long Do Aluminium Windows Last?

Aluminium windows have a long life span and should last about 20-30 years. Any type of window will require some maintenance but overall aluminium windows are extremely strong and durable.

What Colours Do Aluminium Windows Come in?

There is an infinite range of aluminium colours available for your windows and doors. The aluminium RAL colour chart consists of virtually any colour you could think of, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your home.

What Are U-Values?

A U-value measures how effective a window or door is as an insulator of heat. The lower the U-values the more energy efficient the aluminium window or door is.

How Much Do Aluminium French Doors Cost?

Unfortunately our online quoting engine does not quote for aluminium however you can get a price by calling one of our advisors on: 0800 015 5679. Or alternatively, you can contact us using our online enquiry form.

How much is double glazing per window?

Double glazing prices per window can vary from around £150 to £600 depending on the specification. The window style, type of glass, frame colour and handles are all contributing factors. To find out the true double glazing price per window it is a good idea to get a number of quotes to compare.

What is the average cost to double glaze a house?

The average cost to double glaze a house will depend on the size of your house and the number of windows. To double glaze a flat or apartment it will probably cost around £2,000. The average cost to double glaze a house is usually between £4,500 to £7,500. If you collect a number of double glazing quotes you will be able to compare companies and prices.

Is double glazing expensive?

Double glazing can be an affordable addition for many homeowners. The price you pay can depend on the quality of the windows and the energy ratings. Other factors are the style of the windows, the colour of the frames and the type of glass. Why not get an online double glazing quote to get an idea of the price.

How much does it cost to install a window?

The prices given in our pricing tables, our online quotes and our costing calculators reflect the price of the window itself as well as the cost of installation. For example, a 500mm x 500mm casement window will cost between £150 and £175 including the cost of installation.

How much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bed house?

On average a double glazed window will cost between £350 and £400, with a uPVC door typically costing £600. This means that double glazing a 3 bedroom semi can cost between £3500 and £5000.

Are Double Glazed Windows Good For The Environment?

Once of the best ways of making your home more energy efficient is insulation. Double glazed windows act as another layer of insulation, helping to prevent the loss of valuable heat.

If I Use Double Glazing on the Web Who Will Fit My Double Glazing?

Double Glazing on the Web have a fully accredited network of local installers. Once you have created your free online quote we will put you in touch with up to three reputable local suppliers. Each of these suppliers will offer you a free no obligation quote and who you choose is completely up to you.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

In most instances double glazing will be an adequate upgrade to single glazed windows. Double glazing offers energy efficiency, noise reduction and security. If you live near a busy road or under a flight path you may want to consider triple glazing for the extra noise reduction that it can offer.

Is double glazing easy to break?

Double glazing is a strong option for windows compared to single glazing. The frames are durable and there are high security locking options. As double glazing is made from glass it is possible to break however you will have to exert quite a bit of force to do this. This is practically impossible to do without making a noise.

What Does Double Glazing Do?

Double glazing makes your house more energy efficient, keeping heating in and keeping the cold out during winter months. During summer months, it helps keep the hot air out, keeping your house cooler. It also works to insulate sounds from busy areas and roads, leaving your house more peaceful and quieter.

Does Double Glazing Block Sound?

Double Glazing not only provides heat insulation but it also provides sound insulation too. Double glazing is perfect for houses in busy areas and streets.

How Do I Know If My Double Glazing Needs Repaired?

There are four tell-tale signs that your double glazed windows need repair or replaced: There are chips and cracks in the panes of glass; there is condensation (misted windows) between the two panes of glass; the window allows cold air through; water begins to seep through the frame. If your double glazing does any of these things, you may need to get your double glazing repaired or replaced.

How Long Does It Take To Install uPVC Windows?

On installation day, a uPVC window will take anywhere from 3 hours to a full day depending on the shape, size and style of the window. When you place your order, it will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to build and manufacture the parts for your bespoke window.

Is uPVC Flammable?

No, uPVC isn’t flammable and is actually a fire retardant.

Can My Windows Be Installed In Cold And Rainy Weather?

Yes, windows can be installed in any weather, however, it is important to remember the safety of the installers who come to put in your window and that the rain could damage things your property due to the fact there will be a hole in the wall for quite some time during installation.

What Can Cause Double Glazing To Crack?

Double glazing can crack for what appears to be no particular reason at all. A sealed window unit faces constant pressure either side of the glass, however, most of the time double glazing is strong enough to deal with this. Winter can be one of the worst time for cracked glass as the difference of temperature on either side of the glass stressing it to the point it can crack.

Should I Double Glaze My Windows?

Double glazing works to make your house more energy efficient saving you money on your heating bills. Double glazing also provides sound insulation which is perfect if your house is situated near busy roads and noisy areas. Double glazed windows are also tougher and harder to break than single glazing windows making your house more safe and secure.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Window?

From the moment you purchase your window it will take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to build and manufacture your window for you. The actual installation itself could take anywhere between 3 hours to a full day.

How Do I Know If My Double Glazing Needs Replaced?

Double glazing will need replaced after a while due to the nature of the design – the gas that separates the two window panes slowly leaks out over time meaning the energy efficiency of your window is compromised. If your double glazing allows cold spots; water to seep through the frame; has cracks or chips in the window or has a build-up of condensation between the two panes of glass (misted windows), you should probably look into getting your double glazing replaced or repaired.

How Long Does It Take To Install A New uPVC Window?

Once you place your order for a new window, it takes 4-6 weeks to build and manufacture the product. On the day of installation it could take anywhere from 3 hours to a whole day, depending on size, shape and style of window.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

It is important to note that the argon gas that separates the panes of gas, giving double glazing its energy efficiency will eventually leak out overtime. Double glazing has an average life span of about 20 years, however, this can vary depending on materials used and the installation.

Is Double Glazing Worth It?

Double glazing helps make your home more energy efficient as it prevents the loss of heat. During the summer, it helps to keep the heat out of your home. It provides your home with sound insulation which is perfect for houses that are in busy areas and streets. Double glazing also makes your home safer and more secure.

Is Double Glazing Easy to Break?

No, double glazing is not easy to break which means your home will be more secure. When attempting to smash double glazing often what happens is that the first pane of glass and the second will remain intact. This is due to the argon gas working as a shock absorber. This will mean the smash is very loud but unsuccessful on the first attempt.

Why Is uPVC Used For Window Frames?

UPVC is used for window frames because it strong, durable, energy efficient and long lasting.

How much is a triple glazed window?

Triple glazed windows significantly more expensive than their double glazed counterparts. A triple glazed casement window will cost around £110 more than a double glazed window. Triple glazing is appropriate for people replacing single glazing or old double glazing as it will enhance your home’s warmth, security and soundproofing significantly. For those replacing modern double glazing, however, you may find that the benefits are not noticeable enough to justify how much more you are paying.

Should I replace my old sash windows?

Sash windows are a key feature for many traditional period buildings. Sash windows were traditionally built using timber, which is fairly high maintenance and has a tendency toward rotting and warping. Over time, these windows can become draughty and insecure. uPVC sash windows are a great way to experience the benefits of modern double glazing, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home. uPVC sash windows will not rot or warp and require little maintenance. They are also thermally efficient, which means that your home will not require as much heating.

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