Which is better – double glazing or wall insulation? For your home, the answer might even be both. Double glazing can enhance windows in your home, meaning they can let natural light and warmth in, while protecting you when the weather turns.

Wall insulation, on the other hand, covers everything around your windows, blocking cold air from playing havoc with your home. Either way, both can help you stay warm, particularly in winter. That way, you can reduce your reliance on your central heating, and save money on energy bills.

However, both of these home improvements deal with different issues in your home. Double glazing is the ideal replacement for older windows, which can use old timber frames and only a single panel of glass.

With a brand-new design, you’ll be able to choose a durable frame with your double glazing, made from uPVC, aluminium or a composite blend. Wall insulation can help you fill in hollow walls, especially in traditional properties. As a result, you can prevent cold air from filling up the area around your home instead.

Which is better for your home, though? Double glazing and insulation can both provide a lot of benefits. The crucial thing to figure out is how both would impact your living space. If you’re suffering from cracked window frames, condensation or chipped glass, then replacing your old design with double glazing is a much better investment than repairing the issues, and the double glazing prices you receive will go a lot further.

Alternatively, wall insulation is ideal for dealing with damp spots, draughts and any water building up in your walls. However, if you want to create a warm, comfortable living space, you could be best buying both!

double glazing vs wall insulation

Why Would I Need Double Glazing or Wall Insulation?

There are plenty of issues that double glazing and wall insulation can solve. However, which one is the right option for your home often depends on which problem you have. For example, double glazing can help you replace underperforming windows.

If the design has any noticeable flaws or is prone to mist and mould, then you could be much better off by replacing it. The windows in your home can only affect about 10% of your home’s energy, but while this may seem small, double glazing can provide a massive difference.

Alternatively, wall insulation can help you put up a thermal barrier right around your home. If you live in an older building, then it may not have pre-built insulation. If so, then adding a cavity inside the walls of your home can help you sponge up cold air from outside. Not only that, but wall insulation enables you to deal with poor weather conditions.

When water seeps through old brick or stone walls in your home, the insulation can absorb some of it and redirect other standing water. It can do this with innovative cavity trays that allow water to slide into your drainage system.

Other issues can make your living space less comfortable as well. For example, your windows may have cumbersome frames that don’t let a lot of natural light into your home. Additionally, the rooms in your home could be humid and moist, due to water getting through gaps in both windows and walls.

However, rather than let nature control your home, you can wrestle your living space back into your command with new double glazing and wall insulation. And, with both being highly long-lasting investments, you’ll be making a decision that benefits you for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Double Glazing

With double glazing windows, you can create a wall of insulation for your home. You’ll have two panes of advanced glass instead of one panel of old glazing, so you’ll get more than double the protection from the cold. Not only that, but you’ll get a frame that uses uPVC, aluminium or composite materials.

Unlike wooden designs, there’s no gaps or natural cracks, and each new frame has more density than a plastic build. As a result, when cold air comes to call, it’ll have no chance against a robust, air-tight window. That means you’ll be able to stay warm without having to use your central heating, cutting the cost of your bills.

Additionally, modern double glazing can keep you, your family and what matters most to you safe and secure. Because you have two panes of glass, you have more reinforcement against any intruder who tries to break your window.

Also, you can choose aluminium frames for your build – metal construction with incredible inherent strength. The window features internal hardware too, such as multi-point locking systems so that no burglar can separate the glass from the frame. As a result, double glazing can give you total protection and peace of mind.

Double glazing has no issue even in the worst weather conditions either. The glass can withstand strong winds and heavy rain, and the frame of your window doesn’t warp, crack, twist, rot or show any visible damage. Because of this, the whole structure maintains its shape and its strength, meaning you’ll still get peak performance.

With aluminium double glazing, your windows can last for 50 years, and that’s without regular maintenance. You’ll only have to wipe the frame down with a damp cloth, and you could choose self-cleaning glass as well. Therefore, double glazing makes a massive difference.

wall insulation vs double glazing

The Benefits of Wall Insulation

When you install wall insulation, you’ll also be able to save energy inside your home. You’ll get a long-lasting cavity that uses foam and other materials to fill up your old, hollow walls. As a result, any cold air won’t be able to pass into your home as quickly, and you can preserve your walls for years to come too.

New insulation can improve your whole home’s structural integrity too, as you’ll be less likely to suffer from water ingress, mould and weakening of the brickwork. Because of this, wall insulation helps you stay safe as well as warm.

Water can often be a significant enemy of old walls. It can get through small cracks in brick and stone walls, and it sits there without wall insulation. However, even if water gets through inside your home, the insulation cavity can soak it up, stopping it from seeping into your living space.

Not only that, but you can also invest in cavity trays, which redirect standing water into the drainage pipes, and prevent it from causing issues with your electricity as well. With no chance of damp spots developing, you can stay warm more reliably throughout the year.

Additionally, while double glazing can make your home feel more open, wall insulation improves privacy. That’s because the cavity can also deal with excess sounds, as well as excess cold temperatures. If there’s any commotion going on outside that might distract you, then wall insulation makes you much less likely to know about it.

Thanks to the superior sound insulation, your walls can help you enjoy a warmer living space with no distractions at all. And, with a new government scheme giving grants to add insulation to old homes coming soon, there’s never been a better time to think about investing!

Double Glazing vs Wall Insulation

But which of double glazing and wall insulation is better for your home? For a start, the cost is a crucial consideration. Double glazing may start cheaper, with prices starting at only £150 per window in some cases, but this can build the more windows you add to your investment.

Wall insulation, on the other hand, can cost only £330 in total for a medium-sized flat, rising to around £725 for a larger property with four bedrooms. As a result, wall insulation can often end up being a more cost-effective option than double glazing, providing more energy saving for less.

However, double glazing offers far more than just extra warmth. With slimmer frames, you’ll be able to let more natural light into your home, while you could choose a bold design like tilt and turn or sliding sash models that have unique opening systems to improve ventilation.

Also, if you have a conservatory in your home, double glazing can help with that too. You’ll be able to improve insulation all year round, protect from harmful UV rays and reduce uncomfortable glare while still maintaining the brightness of your space.

Ideally, then, the best way to enhance your home is to get both double glazing and wall insulation. That way, you can get a balance of pure insulation with a new design that helps you enhance how your home looks, as well as how it feels.

Modern windows are fully customisable as well. You can choose bold colours and finishes that won’t lose their vibrancy, thanks to the durable frames in your new double glazing. By investing in both, you could save more money too, with the potential to save hundreds of pounds every year!

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Double Glazing and Wall Insulation Prices

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