Double Glazed Cottage Windows

Double Glazed Cottage Windows

What are Cottage Windows?

Double glazed cottage windows are a charming addition to any home, old and new. Cottage windows is a catch-all term in many ways, describing windows that suit traditional properties and cottages.

However, that isn’t to say that these stunning designs are only available to people who live in these spaces. No matter the house you live in, cottage windows can enhance it. With all of these options, you’ll get a beautiful blend of classic and modern.

The classic element is the style of double glazed cottage windows. Often known as Georgian or Tudor windows, these designs are much like any brand-new window. However, you’ll also get elegant bars across the glazing, which give your new investment a timeless quality.

While older designs had bars that would separate the single-glazed glass into smaller panels, though, new options use uninterrupted double glazing.

That’s where the benefits of double glazed cottage windows come in. You’ll also be able to outfit these windows with an advanced frame. Instead of old-fashioned timber, which can be challenging to maintain, you can choose a uPVC or an aluminium frame for your new windows.

Both of these materials are robust, durable and protect your home from poor weather. Not only that, but you can customise them with woodgrain finishes to keep a traditional character.

With double glazed cottage windows, then, you can get a perfect combination of style and performance. The window has air and water-tight design, internal security systems and efficient glazing. As a result, your new investment can save your home money every single day.

You’ll also feel the benefits of superb insulation, stopping warm air escaping your home. Because of this, you can save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint too with one comprehensive double glazing price.

Double Glazed Cottage Windows

The Benefits of Double Glazed Cottage Windows

For a start, double glazed cottage windows are stylish and sleek. The designs are faithful to the classics they base themselves on, imitating traditional timber joinery. You can get cottage windows in a flush design too, meaning the glazing sits flush within the frame.

As a result, there are fewer gaps and fewer elements are sticking out, creating a streamlined design. That also means the window can block out more cold air from entering your home.

Thanks to their mix of double glazing and an advanced frame, your new window will withstand all weather. Your frames won’t lose their shape, twist or crack, unlike old timber. Because of this, cottage windows are ideal if you want windows that are easier to maintain, without losing the character of your home.

You won’t even have to repaint or revarnish these windows, as they’ll be stain and scratch-resistant. That way, you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

Our homes are one of the most precious things we ever create. If you live in a cottage, then protecting it is crucial to you too. That’s why double glazed cottage windows also feature leading security. You’ll be able to secure your double glazing with horizontal and vertical strips, stopping a burglar from prising the window apart.

Due to the advanced frames, you’ll also prevent the internal hardware from rusting and wearing down, keeping a smooth operation for years to come.

Why Choose Double Glazed Cottage Windows?

Older cottage windows are known for using single-glazed glass. However, now that technology has moved on, you can replace it with double glazing. Double glazed glass puts an extra pane within the design, which gives you double the insulation, the protection and the performance – at least.

Between the panels of glass is a space that traps heat, creating a thermal barrier for your home that keeps warm air inside and cold air well away.

Double glazing can also make your home feel more private. If you live in a cottage or traditional home, you may want to make sure that prying eyes can’t look into your living space. Because of this, you’ll have the option of adding obscured glass with a series of foils.

Not only that, but your cottage windows will have fantastic sound insulation as well. That means you can enjoy a warmer living space without having any distractions.

Because of all this, double glazing is a step up for your cottage windows. The design has much better thermal efficiency, and you’ll be able to choose from glass options with u-values between A+-C, the best ratings possible.

The better your glazing, the more energy you’ll save, meaning you can get on top of rising energy costs and make maintaining your home cost less. As a result, you’ll have more in your pocket for the things that matter most.

Double Glazed Cottage Window Styles

Cottage Casement Windows

Cottage casement windows are versatile and straightforward. You’ll be investing in double glazing, a slimline profile and gorgeous Georgian bars. These windows attach to the frame with one hinge or two, opening outwards to ventilate your home and let natural light in as well.

Cottage casement windows have a wide aperture too, meaning you’ll get slim sightlines wherever you put them. And their versatile design means you can fit them into most spaces in your home.

With double glazing, cottage casement windows can also protect your home from poor conditions. Unlike single-glazing, which water can damage over time, double glazing keeps its shape.

Also, you can select a self-cleaning glass option which can break down dirt and leaves for you, reducing the amount of time you need to spend cleaning. Couple that with a uPVC or aluminium frame that has decades of durability, and you’ll have a window that lasts.

Cottage Sash Windows

Alternatively, cottage sash windows use moveable panels and sashes. So, rather than opening the window outward, as usual, you can choose options where you lift the lower pane upwards to overlap with the upper one.

These windows sit flush within the frame, too, meaning you get a streamlined design that also helps to keep your home warm. There’s less space for cold air and water to seep into your living area as well, preventing draughts and damp spots from developing.

With sash windows, your double glazing and frames will be lightweight. These advanced materials won’t put any strain on the hardware of the window and, in sash designs, that’s particularly important.

You won’t have to worry about the window weakening or losing its shape and structure as a result, ensuring that it’ll stay secure. Sash windows are also anti-crowbar, preventing an intruder from lifting the window out.

Double Glazed Cottage Window Costs

Double glazed cottage windows cost as little as £200 to install. That’s for a small window that uses double glazing and a uPVC frame. However, the cost can rise depending on the size and shape of your window, and the materials and customisable features you’d like to use in it.

For instance, if you have a substantial window of around 1200 x 1200, then you could expect to pay anywhere between £350-925 for a uPVC option, or £750-1000 for an aluminium design.

With Double Glazing On The Web, however, you can get on top of the costs. That’s because you can use our services to compare the prices of double glazed cottage windows with a range of features. No matter what you’d like, you can get an instant and accurate quote online when you work with us.

Also, we can put you in touch with local installers in your area who’ll charge less for your fittings. Many of these specialists have approval from bodies like FENSA and Checkatrade too!

Double Glazed Cottage Windows On The Web

To get a free quote online for double glazed cottage windows, get in touch with Double Glazing On The Web today!

You can use our online cottage windows cost calculator to compare the prices of several styles, sizes and customisable features. Then, once you find the options that suit your style and your budget, we can give you an accurate quote within minutes, and refer you to our installer network.

To find out more about our services, contact Double Glazing On The Web today.


Double glazed cottage windows offer an excellent mixture of traditional appeal and contemporary performance. Whether you stay in a traditional cottage or honestly need to add a hint of timeless style to your own home, these home windows provide great insulation, protection, and durability. With a variety of customizable options, including body materials, glazing sorts, and ornamental elements, you may create a bespoke look that complements your property. 

By making an investment in double glazed cottage home windows, you may now not simplest decorate the aesthetic enchantment of your home however also experience decrease electricity bills, reduced noise pollution, and a greater cushty dwelling surroundings. Take advantage of the services provided via Double Glazing On The Web to discover the perfect cottage home windows for your own home at competitive fees.


Can double glazed cottage home windows be mounted in cutting-edge homes, or are they only suitable for traditional cottages? 

Double glazed cottage windows are flexible and can be established in both conventional cottages and present day houses. The conventional styling provides person to any property, even as the advanced generation ensures excellent overall performance.

How do double glazed cottage windows compare to single glazed windows in phrases of strength performance? 

Double glazed cottage windows provide significantly better power performance than single glazed windows. The greater pane of glass and the trapped air between the panes create an effective thermal barrier, reducing heat loss and supporting to hold a cushty indoor temperature.

Are double glazed cottage home windows to be had in colorations other than white? 

Yes, double glazed cottage home windows are available in various colorations, including traditional white, wooden-impact finishes, and modern-day colours like anthracite grey and black. This allows you to select a colour that enhances your home’s exterior and indoors design.

How stable are double glazed cottage windows in comparison to older, unmarried glazed designs? 

Double glazed cottage home windows are a great deal more steady than older, single glazed designs. They characteristic advanced locking mechanisms, reinforced frames, and toughened glass, making them relatively resistant to compelled access and presenting peace of thoughts for homeowners.

What is the predicted lifespan of double glazed cottage home windows, and do they require plenty protection? 

Double glazed cottage home windows, when nicely set up and maintained, can remaining for 20-30 years or more. They require minimal renovation, with uPVC and aluminium frames being specifically low-upkeep options. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of transferring elements will assist make sure most suitable overall performance and durability.

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