Conservatory Prices UK

Double Glazing Quoter understands that finding reasonable conservatory prices can be a drawn-out, stressful process. That’s why we created our instant conservatory cost calculator, which can get you conservatory prices quickly on your unique style, roofing and any modifications.

Once you’ve designed a conservatory that reflects you, we’ll instantly connect to our trusted network of installers and local suppliers.

They’ll work with you to realise your vision, and at a great deal that you’re in complete control over.

Our online pricing engine can get you a quick quote for whatever look you want for your home. You can choose from traditional conservatories such as the Victorian and Edwardian styles to a more modern Lean-to and Shape designs.

Free Conservatory Prices UK

Our easy to use conservatory cost calculator will guide you through the process while allowing you to remain in total control over your vision and your investment. Enter your build requirements, and you’ll receive conservatory prices within minutes.

Our pricing engine even allows you to create multiple quotes. With a wide range of options, you can compare styles, colours and finishes for free!

Thanks to our fully accredited network of professionals, you can work with installers and suppliers who’ll have your best interests at heart.

They’ll also be able to work closely with you to build your conservatory precisely as you’ve envisioned it.

And with a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of your conservatory, you can ask them anything! Our installers can give you their advice and expertise from the build and foundations to any accessories or modifications you want!

How Much Does It Cost to Supply and Fit a Conservatory?

Double Glazing Quoter doesn’t just offer you quick pricing on standard conservatories but puts you in control from the moment you ask for a quote.

You decide what conservatory you want, from the build type and the measurements to the finishing touches.  With our range, you can make your new space a symbol of your home’s individuality.

We even give you control of just how much of your conservatory your installers fit. There’s the option for a full build or even a ‘supply only’ arrangement that lets you build it just how you’d like it.

Our pricing engine will provide you with multiple options across every aspect of your conservatory. You can even choose your preferred glass type, with Activ Blue, Activ Neutral and Standard Clear available across the range.

Conservatory Price Calculator

You’ll be sent your quote instantly. That way, you can refer to it throughout the design process. And you’ll be able to keep as many quotes as you want too!

With Double Glazing Quoter, we connect you to three suppliers who’ll quickly offer a quote for your dream conservatory design. And because we’ll tell them exactly what their competitors are offering, our suppliers will make sure that they fight for your investment.

Once you’ve agreed on a quote, your installers will do a pre-installation survey within 48 hours and agree on a timescale quickly. Our suppliers work around you to ensure that your conservatory doesn’t have to impede on your schedule.

What Affects Conservatory Prices?

With almost limitless possibilities for your design, conservatory prices can vary depending on your specifications. One of the major decisions is choosing your conservatory style and between a traditional or modern approach to your home.


Conservatory Styles

  • Victorian Conservatories

Timeless and traditional, a Victorian conservatory is a classic design with a bayfront, pitched roof and an ornate roof ridge to make sure water and dirt merely slide off

Their rounded fronts can also fit in tighter areas. And when paired with a double-glazed glass roof, Victorian conservatories are energy-efficient spaces that you can use all year round.

Victorian conservatories are available in various unique specifications with multiple facets (the number of windows you’d like within the structure), decorative cresting and finials.

You can create a unique and individual conservatory with this style that will provide a statement addition to your home.

  • Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are a gorgeous, streamlined option to improve any home. They use elegant lines and ornamentation to create a light, modern space.

It has a symmetrical style, a sleek and clinical aesthetic, and its uncomplicated design maximises space to make it an ideal living room.

As well as this, with an emphasis on flat glass walls and an elegant vaulted roof, Edwardian conservatories maximise natural light as well as natural space.

  • Lean-To Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories are by far the UK’s most popular and prevalent style. They’re practical, useful, and have the energy efficiency in providing your home with huge benefits.

You can use Lean-to conservatories for a wide variety of purposes, from being a utility room to a play area. This flexibility comes from its contemporary aesthetic and its timeless shape, which means you can install a Lean-to in homes with even the most limited of build spaces.

It’s no wonder the Lean-To is so well-loved – it fantastically combines gorgeous styling with intelligent design. And while tightly packaged, it also feels incredibly spacious.

  • Gable-End Conservatories

A gable-end conservatory is an excellent choice for the homeowner looking to make a statement. The roof does not slope at the front like other styles, so their flat frontage gives a real sense of grandeur.

Their rising sun design, often used as a finish, also adds a touch of panache. Ideally suited to traditional-looking properties, gable-end conservatories are a great way to extend a home.

Their right-angled design allows you to maximise space as well as maximise comfort, creating a perfect second living room or function room.

  • Custom Conservatories

If you want a genuinely unique conservatory, there’s no need to stick to one style! You can order your unique space with custom specifications through our instant quote builder and get a quick price for any design that you can imagine!

There are countless numbers of combinations to choose from in terms of style, design, size, colours, glass, roof types and more! For instance, check out this great article on modern conservatories for more useful ideas of what you can find it here.

Conservatory Prices UK

Types of Installation

With our conservatory cost calculator, Double Glazing Quoter can offer two options for how our trusted network installs your conservatory.  Our options give you even greater control of your dream build and your conservatory price, with options to suit any home.

  • Full Build

The most stress-free installation option, our full build option lets you design your dream conservatory, and our installers make it a reality.

Thanks to our trusted network, you’ll be put in contact with installers and local suppliers who’ll get to work on your conservatory quickly. With personalised and price-friendly service, they’ll work with you to ensure your home’s new space is a bright, revitalising area for your family.

Full build conservatory prices make full effect of our network’s talents. Our accredited professionals are passionate about crafting beautiful, energy efficient spaces that’ll save you money from the day of installation.

Getting a full build package is the more expensive conservatory price option. But it gives you the peace of mind to know your dream design is in capable hands.

  • Supply-only

If you want to be in total control of how your conservatory is built, then choosing a supply-only option is perfect.

Suppliers put their materials directly into your hands, allowing you to craft every aspect of your new space from start to finish. And if you want to improve your DIY abilities, then building a conservatory is an opportunity to challenge your skills to the fullest.

Another obvious benefit is enormous savings. With a supply-only package, you’ll get a far better conservatory price for the same materials, with the control to shape them exactly how you want to.

Why Choose Our Suppliers?

What differentiates our network of installers and suppliers from the rest is our commitment to trust. At Double Glazing Quoter, we check all our suppliers and installers and keep track of your installation throughout, ensuring quality service from start to finish.

We also ensure that our drivers and suppliers are fully registered with key industry bodies, meaning that they won’t cut corners on build quality.

Above all, we trust the professionals within our network to do right by you, at a cost that’s worth it. You’ll get an energy efficient conservatory that will enrich and enliven your home installed with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Double Glazing Quoter works with the best installers and local suppliers to ensure the best possible service. From footing to roofing, they have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of your conservatory. They’ll be able to answer any question you have on any element of your unique conservatory design.

We don’t believe in pressuring you with crafty tactics to purchase a conservatory that’s not up to your exacting standards. Your suppliers will be in your corner — providing a personalised and price-friendly service that takes the stress and hassle out of your investment.

When it comes to fitting and installation, you can be sure that the suppliers you choose will be as committed as you are to realising the conservatory of your dreams. Their passion is giving homes a fresh new space that families love.

They’ll install and create your design to the nearest millimetre, giving you a bespoke service that befits your vision. Not only that, our installers’ artistry, craft and co-operation are guaranteed to provide you with minimum disruption and stress.

Our installers take the fear of disruption away your home more energy, cost and environmentally efficient.


How Much Do Conservatories Cost UK?

We have put together a range of UK conservatory costs for different styles in our useful list of tables below:

uPVC Lean To Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Dwarf Wall)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 2000Polycarbonate£7,000 – £8,000
3500 x 2000Glass£7,500 – £8,500
3500 x 2500Polycarbonate£8,000 – £9,500
3500 x 2500Glass£8,500 – £10,000
4000 x 2000Polycarbonate£7,500 – £9,000
4000 x 2000Glass£8,000 – £9,500
4000 x 2500Polycarbonate£9,000 – £10,000
4000 x 2500Glass£9,500 – £10,500
uPVC Lean To Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Fully Glazed)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 2000Polycarbonate£6,000 – £7,000
3500 x 2000Glass£6,500 – £7,500
3500 x 2500Polycarbonate£7,000 – £8,000
3500 x 2500Glass£7,500 – £8,500
4000 x 2000Polycarbonate£6,500 – £7,500
4000 x 2000Glass£7,000 – £8,000
4000 x 2500Polycarbonate£7,500 – £8,500
4000 x 2500Glass£8,000 – £9,000
uPVC Lean To Conservatory Prices UK (Refurbishment – No Base Work)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 2000Polycarbonate£4,500 – £5,000
3500 x 2000Glass£4,750 – £5,250
3500 x 2500Polycarbonate£5,000 – £5,500
3500 x 2500Glass£5,500 – £6,000
4000 x 2000Polycarbonate£4,750 – £5,250
4000 x 2000Glass£5,000 – £5,750
4000 x 2500Polycarbonate£5,000 – £5,750
4000 x 2500Glass£5,750 – £6,250
uPVC Victorian Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Dwarf Wall)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£11,000 – £12,500
3500 x 3500Glass£12,000 – £13,500
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£12,000 – £13,500
3500 x 4000Glass£13,000 – £14,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£13,000 – £14,500
4000 x 4000Glass£13,500 – £15,500
uPVC Victorian Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Fully Glazed)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£9,500 – £11,000
3500 x 3500Glass£10,500 – £11,500
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£10,500 – £11,500
3500 x 4000Glass£11,000 – £12,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£11,000 – £12,500
4000 x 4000Glass£12,000 – £13,500
uPVC Victorian Conservatory Prices UK (Refurbishment – No Base Work)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£6,500 – £7,500
3500 x 3500Glass£7,500 – £8,500
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£7,000 – £8,000
3500 x 4000Glass£7,750 – £8,750
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£7,500 – £8,500
4000 x 4000Glass£8,500 – £9,500
uPVC Edwardian Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Dwarf Wall)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3000 x 3000Polycarbonate£9,000 – £10,500
3000 x 3000Glass£9,500 – £11,000
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£11,500 – £12,500
3500 x 3500Glass£12,000 – £13,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£13,500 – £15,000
4000 x 4000Glass£14,500 – £16,000
uPVC Edwardian Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Fully Glazed)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3000 x 3000Polycarbonate£8,000 – £9,000
3000 x 3000Glass£8,500 – £9,500
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£9,500 – £11,000
3500 x 3500Glass£10,500 – £11,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£11,500 – £13,000
4000 x 4000Glass£12,500 – £14,000
uPVC Edwardian Conservatory Prices UK (Refurbishment – No Base Work)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3000 x 3000Polycarbonate£5,750 – £6,500
3000 x 3000Glass£6,250 – £7,000
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£6,500 – £7,500
3500 x 3500Glass£7,500 – £8,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£7,750 – £8,750
4000 x 4000Glass£8,500 – £9,750
uPVC Gable Fronted Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Dwarf Wall)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£11,500 – £13,000
3500 x 3500Glass£12,500 – £14,000
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£12,750 – £14,250
3500 x 4000Glass£13,500 – £15,000
3500 x 4500Polycarbonate£13,750 – £15,250
3500 x 4500Glass£14,500 – £16,000
uPVC Gable Fronted Conservatory Prices UK (Refurbishment – No Base Work)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£6,500 – £7,500
3500 x 3500Glass£7,500 – £8,500
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£7,000 – £8,000
3500 x 4000Glass£8,000 – £9,000
3500 x 4500Polycarbonate£7,500 – £8,500
3500 x 4500Glass£8,500 – £9,500
uPVC P-Shaped Conservatory Prices UK (Full Build – Dwarf Wall)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
5000 x 3000Polycarbonate£12,500 – £14,000
5000 x 3000Glass£13,000 – £14,750
5000 x 3500Polycarbonate£13,500 – £15,000
5000 x 3500Glass£14,000 – £15,500
5000 x 4000Polycarbonate£14,250 – £15,750
5000 x 4000Glass£15,000 – £16,500
uPVC P-Shaped Conservatory Prices UK (Refurbishment – No Base Work)
Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
5000 x 3000Polycarbonate£7,750 – £8,750
5000 x 3000Glass£8,250 – £9,250
5000 x 3500Polycarbonate£8,250 – £9,250
5000 x 3500Glass£8,750 – £9,750
5000 x 4000Polycarbonate£8,750 – £9,750
5000 x 4000Glass£9,500 – £10,500


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Our quote builder’s simplicity lets you choose a conservatory that reflects you. The system can cut through the array of options to make sure you are well-informed across all aspects of your purchase.

Double Glazing Quoter can also guarantee that all the products available to create your conservatory are energy efficient and industry regulated.

Our highly advanced A-C u-value glass gives excellent build quality for security and peace of mind. And they’re durable enough to ensure your conservatory functions all year round, for as many years as you want to use it.

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