What should you expect to do with a new window installation? If you’d like to enhance your home, then installing new windows can make a big impact. You can switch out older designs with thin glass or weak frames and transform your property with more durable designs. Energy efficient, secure and fully weatherproof, they’ll help you keep your home comfortable for decades to come.

It might already be time for a new window installation. Your old windows might be showing signs of wear and tear, or you may notice the heat in your home escaping too easily. As a result, you can start by planning what kind of windows you’d like, from the style to the features and colours you’d like to add to the design.

From there, the next step is to find a trusted company to complete your window installation. While you could go for a big brand and get good service, you’ll pay a very high price for the window you get. Local installers will offer the same high-quality windows, but often at much lower prices. You won’t pay high travel costs, and you won’t have to cover their large overheads either.

Once you’ve found a company that’s given you a great deal, you can schedule and complete the window installation. So long as you prepare your home correctly, the process is smooth and straightforward. A window installation could take a matter of hours to complete, meaning you can start enjoying a better performance in your property right away.

If you’d like a new window installation to be that easy, there’s one way to make sure of it. With Double Glazing on the Web, you can search for brand-new window quotes from trusted local suppliers in minutes. Our online form could save you up to 40% today!

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Reasons for New Window Installation

You could benefit from a new window installation sooner than you might think. In your current home, you may have old windows which are beginning to underperform. For example, you might have timber frames in your windows that have worn down, cracked, twisted or discoloured. Wood isn’t weatherproof, meaning wind and rain can damage these windows after only a few years.

If your living room feels cold without the central heating on, that could be down to your old windows as well. Many older designs have only one glass layer inside, which doesn’t protect well against heat transfer. Because of this, cold air can enter your home easily, and warm air can escape as well, with the two combining to create condensation. As a result, you could be losing up to 10% of your home’s energy.

With a new window installation, though, the whole design will work to keep you warmer for longer. You’ll get advanced double glazing in the design, with two layers of glass trapping more heat to create a thermal barrier for your home. As a result, you can enjoy your home without needing your central heating to stay warm, helping you reduce your energy costs.

And, instead of using wood, you can invest in a window installation with uPVC or aluminium frames. Materials like these are robust, durable and can deal with any weather conditions. Both designs won’t fade, crack, rot or wear down in any way for decades to come. Because of this, your windows will last, and that’s without regular maintenance or any repainting.

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Comparing Window Installation Companies

If you want a new window installation, then finding the right installers is crucial. With some companies, you might not get the service that you expect. Although there are plenty of companies on the market that look to offer fantastic window deals, not all of them are operating honestly. Some local installers are more than happy to make a quick buck out of you, and avoiding these rogue traders isn’t easy.

It’s why many homeowners prefer to leave their window installation to a big, trusted brand. However, these companies have larger overheads because of their size, meaning they charge you higher prices. Not only that, you’ll pay high travel costs to get these installers to your door, and you could experience longer wait times. If you need an urgent window installation, that could be a nightmare.

One way to make your window installation better is to compare installers. By doing that, you can get multiple quotes for different window designs, meaning you can choose which offer is best for your home. Not only that, you can speak to all of those companies to work out which are trustworthy and which aren’t. But comparing prices can take days on your own, and it means trawling through offers on the web.

However, with Double Glazing on the Web, comparing window installation companies takes minutes. We have a network of trusted local suppliers, meaning all you have to do is find the nearest ones to you. We take the risk out of your investment, as all of the companies we work with are reviewed regularly and qualified to install your new windows.

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Preparing for a Window Installation

After choosing a team for your window installation, the day will arrive to switch out your old windows. If you want the process to go smoothly, then you can make more of a difference than you realise. By only doing a few things to help your installers fit your windows, you can make sure the process takes hours rather than days. Firstly, you should schedule the installation at a convenient time.

Once the day arrives, make sure the entrance to your home is clean, remove any obstructions on your old windows like ornaments, blinds or curtains, and keep the floor clear. Because of this, your installers will be able to get to work quickly, switching out your old windows first before installing your brand-new ones.

As a result, the window installation process should be smooth with the right window installer. When you work with a local company, you can also feel the difference in the service you get. In most cases, local companies can offer more responsive and more personalised service. With a big brand, your installers could be in and out, providing a rushed installation and leaving a mess for you to deal with.

Local installers, though, care and value the people in their area. Because of this, they’ll treat your home as they would their own, going beyond the call of duty to make the process as smooth as possible. You can be sure they’ll clean up after themselves and even provide aftercare should you need it, meaning you can benefit from the right team for years to come.

Window Installation Prices

When you search for window installation quotes from Double Glazing on the Web, you’ll always find trusted fitters. All of the companies we work with have to meet our review standards regularly, meaning that you’ll always work with the best companies in your area. Many of them have FENSA approval, too, ensuring your windows will meet performance standards.

However, you won’t only invest in the right company for your window installation by searching with us – you can save too. Because we make comparing installers easy, you can always find the best price for high-quality windows. As a result, you could save as much as 40% on your new window installation by searching for quotes through us!

If you’d like to find out more about window installation, get in touch via our online contact form. Alternatively, call our friendly team on 0800 015 5679 to ask us any questions you may have.