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Rather than by going direct to a manufacturer, which takes time and has a lot of risks, you can work with us to get quotes from a range of trusted companies. That way, you can take the stress out of finding a supplier, and get a better quote too.

Coloured uPVC windows are a superb option for homes across the UK.

They represent a significant upgrade on old wooden windows, as they use durable uPVC and advanced double glazing to give your home brilliant performance.

With these stylish and innovative designs, you can make your home warmer and more comfortable.

At Double Glazing On The Web, we hope to help you understand a range of questions about coloured uPVC windows, such as:

  • Why should I get coloured uPVC windows?
  • What styles of coloured uPVC windows are there?
  • What colours can I get uPVC windows in?
  • How much do coloured uPVC windows cost?
  • Am I making a worthwhile investment?

uPVC is a modern advancement in home improvement technology that transforms the way your windows work.

The material coats your window and gives it brilliant insulation and weather protection. Because of this, you can keep warm air inside your home, meaning you won’t need to use your central heating to do the same job.

That way, you can save money on your energy bills year-on-year, making an investment in coloured uPVC windows a rewarding one.

Not only that, but uPVC is durable and can maintain its performance for decades. Working with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll also be sure of getting an endless range of colours, thanks to our brilliant network.

Why Should I Get Coloured uPVC Windows?

Coloured uPVC windows offer much more than just a splash of colour. They can make a genuine difference to your home, and make more of an impact than you might think.

In your current home, you may have older windows that only use single-glazed glass and drab, wooden frames. Because of this, you could be losing a lot of energy from your home.

That’s because wood, while a robust material, can lose performance over the years.

Wood can lose its shape in cold and rain, and cracks can begin to develop that allow cold air to enter your living space. Additionally, the single-pane glass lets energy through with ease, meaning that heat can escape from your home too.

The result of this is that your home can become uncomfortable in the colder months.

Because of this, you can start to rely on your central heating to make up the difference in temperature, causing your household costs to skyrocket. Not only that, but you’ll also be making a detrimental environmental impact.

With coloured uPVC windows, however, you can put those problems in the past and bring your home forward into the future.

Their performance is truly cutting-edge, and they channel energy in a smart, green way.

Not only that, but they offer your home increased security, with locking systems and sturdy materials for added peace of mind.

As well as their performance, coloured uPVC windows also allow you to make your home feel more like yours.

Most of our suppliers let you customise your new windows in a range of vibrant RAL colours, that won’t fade over time. That way, you can enhance your home inside and out.

What Styles of Coloured uPVC Windows Are There?

Coloured uPVC gives you the flexibility to choose any style of windows for your home. Our network of trusted local companies will fit uPVC across their extensive ranges. Because of this, you can be sure of adding a brilliant material to the window design of your dreams.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a straightforward and slim design that gives any home a splash of style. With a coloured uPVC frame, however, you can make them stand out with a vibrant shade. Thanks to their sleek uPVC frames and advanced double glazing, they’ll create incredible energy savings for your home too.

These windows swing outwardly to provide you with a wide aperture, giving you beautiful natural light and views of the outside world. They can also make your home safer, as they use multi-point locking systems in their double glazing panels. Additionally, you can install french casement windows that open on two hinges that make them a brilliant fire escape.

When you fit coloured uPVC casement windows, you’ll also be adding real quality to your home. You can be sure that no matter what colour or finish you choose, it will stay vibrant for decades to come. That’s because uPVC is a long-lasting material that doesn’t wear down over time, ensuring continued performance.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Alternatively, you could choose tilt and turn windows with a coloured uPVC frame. These windows have an innovative mechanism that allows them to open in various ways. Not only does this give you brilliant flexibility, but you can also clean them with ease as you can tilt the windows towards you.

With coloured uPVC, however, you may find you won’t have to clean them much at all. That’s because uPVC can perform without regular maintenance. This durable material is an ideal choice if you have a busy life, and it’ll give you more time to worry about the things that really matter to you.

Sash Windows

If you want to give your home a timeless addition, then sash windows are a perfect choice. Sash windows replace traditional pulleys with spiral balances and open vertically. Because of this, you’ll add an elegant window that can also ventilate your home with plenty of fresh air.

There’s also a wide range of sash window types. As well as the sliding variant, our trusted network of suppliers and installers also offer flush and faux sash windows. Flush sash windows sit flush within the frame for a sleeker look, while faux sash windows have the same design but normally open, saving you money while still looking stunning.

Adding a coloured uPVC frame to these windows can make them perform better, for longer. As well as increasing their energy-saving potential, uPVC can also protect the springs and hinges in your window. That way, they won’t start to creak under excess usage, and they’ll also keep you safe by preventing finger traps.

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows are a design unlike any other for your home. Their double glazing panels fold in on each other, meaning you get an uninterrupted space when you open them and brilliant insulation when you close them. With a coloured uPVC frame, you can give them a personal touch and smoother operation.

uPVC also helps keep your home secure from intruders. All the window suppliers in our network are as committed to security as we are. Because of this, you’ll be investing in windows that use market-leading security and durable uPVC as standard. In bi-fold windows, this material will stop intruders from getting anywhere near your home.

Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows are a traditional design that completely transforms your living space. Unlike the other windows in the range, they extend a wall of your home outward. That’s because they use multiple panels of double glazing in a curved design, giving you stunning light and sightlines from all angles.

Bow windows use a soft, curved look with bespoke double glazing. That way, you get a smooth window that also has air and water-tight frames. With coloured uPVC, you can style the window to suit you, and stop wind and rain from getting into your home and making it uncomfortable.

Bay windows use a more squared-off design, giving you more concentrated light. As well as protecting your home from the elements, coloured uPVC also makes your home feel more natural. They’ll reduce your energy usage and your carbon footprint along with it, getting your house a step closer to nature.

How Much Do Coloured uPVC Windows Cost?

Coloured uPVC windows start at around £150 for a smaller casement window, moving upwards in price depending on your choice of design. Most colours do come at a slight premium. However, they give you control of your space’s style in a priceless way.

Not only that, but you can lower the cost of your quote with Double Glazing On The Web. Because you can see a range of suppliers with us, you’ll be able to compare multiple quotes. As well as that, they’ll fight for your services and offer you lower prices to persuade you, saving you even more money.

Coloured uPVC Window Prices

With Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be sure to make a worthwhile investment on coloured uPVC windows. With our network of approved installers, you’ll also have a precise installation that gives you the best possible performance and savings.

You can use our window cost calculator now to design your dream windows and choose your colours, as well as a whole host of other options. Then, you’ll get an instant quote, and you can get in touch with our suppliers too.