Grey uPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. That’s because they have a look that suits any home, and adds a sense of class for any commercial or business space too. In your home at the moment, you may have old windows that use wooden frames or have only one layer of glass.

Because of this, windows like these can fade and wear over time, especially in poor weather conditions. Not only can that cause cracking and twisting, but the colours in these frames can fade and wash out down the years.

Grey uPVC windows, on the other hand, can transform the way your home performs for decades. While the grey adds a stylish colour, the main benefit of these window frames is their uPVC construction. uPVC, unlike timber, can withstand poor weather conditions without a scratch.

The material won’t decay or warp or suffer from water ingress. That way, the classy grey colour you add to your uPVC frames won’t turn into the dull greys that you see in other homes. Instead, you’ll get a deep, textured shade that draws attention to your new investment.

Your grey windows won’t be boring whatsoever. Instead, you can invest in anthracite grey window frames, which have far more to their colour than the greys of old. Anthracite grey has hues of blue and green, adding texture to your window. When the sunlight shines on the design, these coloured hues come to life, making the entire window glow.

Not only that, but the uPVC frames are incredibly slim. As a result, you won’t get in the way of natural light entering your living space. You’ll be getting a window with an outstanding look on the surface, and substantial performance as well.

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The Benefits of Grey uPVC Windows

Grey uPVC windows are made-to-measure. Because of this, coupled with the fact uPVC has no design flaws as timber does, the whole design is energy-efficient. Your windows will have superb insulation, keeping cold air away from your home and its natural energy inside.

Also, the model will feature advanced double glazing, which is much better at fighting heat transfer than a single pane of glass. Additionally, grey window frames can absorb more heat, meaning you could find that you warm your home a little more with these frames. Grey uPVC windows, then, can help you save money on energy bills!

With grey uPVC windows, you’ll get a flexible design that both works anywhere, and specifically for you. If you run a business or commercial building, then grey uPVC windows have the muted, professional design that impresses your clients. Also, you can fully customise your windows with unique accessories and hardware.

For example, you can add Georgian bars and detailed handles to achieve a period look with a monochrome colour scheme. Alternatively, you can invest in triple glazing for grey uPVC windows, which help you save up to 50% more energy compared to double glazing.

Grey uPVC windows are discrete and highly secure as well. With grey window frames, you can help the window blend in with the rest of your home, preventing intruders from paying notice of it. Not only that, but the whole design will feature cutting-edge security hardware.

You’ll get multi-point locking systems to keep the glazing attached to the frame, as well as shootbolts and hinges that stay durable for decades. Thanks to the weatherproof uPVC frame, you’ll also protect these parts from rust and wear, so you can get peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

Low Maintenance Grey uPVC Windows

Another benefit of grey uPVC windows is that they’re a long-lasting, low-maintenance design. If you have old windows which have wooden frames, then you may already know how frustrating it can be. When wind and rain start to damage timber, you end up having to repaint the design to keep the colours looking vibrant.

Also, you could need timber filler to sort out any gaps and chips that appear in the frame. With uPVC, however, the material won’t suffer that kind of damage. Not only that, but the grey window frames won’t wash out, meaning you get a stunning window that you don’t have to manage.

One of the crucial reasons for this is that the whole design of grey uPVC windows is weather resistant. The uPVC frame has no design flaws that water can seep through and expand, leaving no space for cold air and condensation to cause problems in your home.

Because of this, there’s less chance of mould and rust developing, meaning the whole window retains its strength and shape. Your grey uPVC windows will also be scratch-resistant, making it even less likely that your anthracite grey frames will suffer any visible damage.

Therefore, you can make maintenance a thing of the past. All you’ll have to do to clean your anthracite grey window frames is to use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean any dirt or muck. As a result, managing grey uPVC windows is straightforward, and you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying these stunning designs.

Their low-maintenance design makes these windows last for at least 30 years, and even more so with cleaning. Instead of maintaining the frames, the energy efficient models will allow you to manage your home’s comfort.

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Styles Of Grey uPVC Windows

Casement windows are the most popular uPVC windows in the UK. That’s because they have a straightforward design that can light up your living space affordably. You’ll get a combination of advanced double glazing and a uPVC frame in anthracite grey.

As a result, the slimline design turns your home into a front-row seat to the outside world. Also, grey uPVC casement windows have made-to-measure frames, improving energy efficiency. That means you can save money on energy bills with a sustainable window that uses fully recyclable uPVC!

Alternatively, grey tilt and turn windows are a flexible design for any space. They are both useful for improving the functionality of your home or giving a business or commercial building a smart window that stands out. The tilt and turn design can open in several ways, including inward and outward, while always staying locked to the central bars.

That means you can open your windows to improve ventilation while maintaining your home’s security, and you can fit them in smaller spaces. Also, grey uPVC tilt and turn windows enhance safety in high-rise buildings and apartments.

If you’d like a more traditional window for your home, then sash designs are ideal. These windows sit flush within the frame, leaving fewer gaps for cold air to enter your living space. Not only that, but it provides a sleek and discrete window design that suits anthracite grey brilliantly.

Also, you can install vertical sliding sash windows which open upward, helping you slide the window up effortlessly to freshen up your living space. The grey uPVC frames are fully weatherproof too, meaning you’ll get a smooth operation every time.

Bow and bay windows are an expansive design that can add genuine space in your home. You’ll get multiple panels of double glazing which combine for a model that provides gorgeous views of the outside world. Bow windows have a subtle curve, while bay windows have a more angular look.

Either way, you’ll get impossibly slim grey uPVC frames that don’t block any part of the glazing. Because of this, you’ll give your home a front-row seat to nature. And, with grey uPVC frames, you’ll get a durable performance that lasts for decades.

Grey uPVC Windows Prices

If you’d like to find low grey uPVC windows prices, then there’s one place you can get a fantastic deal for a unique design. At Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be able to invest in a fully customisable set of windows from local installers near you.

With a local company, you won’t have to deal with the high travel costs and premiums that national brands can charge. Also, you can find one in minutes, rather than days, and you won’t risk working with rogue traders. For total peace of mind, many of these companies have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS as well.

All you have to do to save money on grey uPVC windows is to use our online quote builder today! It only takes minutes to pick every part of your window, and fully customise them with the options of colours like anthracite grey.

Then, once you have a window that suits your home, we can provide an instant baseline quote for the concept. We’ll put you in touch with our network of installers and suppliers, and you can negotiate with several of them to get even better offers for your new windows.

To find out more about grey uPVC windows, then contact Double Glazing On The Web today! You can ask our expert team any questions you might have using our online contact form, or you can give them a call on 0800 015 5679 to discuss your ideas in detail.