Are composite doors than wooden doors? While timber doors are staples of British design, they’re starting to become outdated.

That’s because composite doors are here to stay, with their blend of classic wood and modern materials having a massive impact on your front door. They’ll be bolder, stronger, and will last for many years more than timber as well.

Composite doors are the very latest option for your home. Unlike other designs, these stunning entrances use a combination of materials, getting the best from all of them. You can get a solid timber core with insulating foam to ensure you make your home warmer.

However, you’ll be able to protect the wood from wear and tear too, with uPVC and GRP as part of the blend.

As a result, your door won’t suffer from many of the issues that wooden doors have. If you have a timber door, you may be noticing that your home might be getting colder. That’s because timber isn’t a weatherproof material, meaning rain can expand the cracks in the design and create gaps over time.

Because of this, there’s more room for heat to escape your home and cold air to enter it.

But with composite doors, you’ll have a fully weatherproof entrance that’ll have no trouble dealing with poor conditions. Your new door will remain strong enough to protect you from intruders too, thanks to the durable blend of materials.

Finally, composite doors provide even better insulation than timber as well, meaning they can save you far more on energy bills than wooden doors can.

What are the Benefits of a Composite Door?

When you invest in a composite door, you’ll be adding a multi-functional entrance that makes a lasting impact. For a start, composite doors will draw your eye wherever you install them.

If you add a composite option as your front door, then you’ll add a unique centrepiece to your home. However you style them, you can do it with confidence too, knowing that these doors can retain their vibrant looks for decades.

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Composite Doors vs Wooden Doors

One of the reasons for this is the remarkable design of composite doors. Their combination of materials draws out the best in each part of the blend.

Because timber isn’t weatherproof, the doors feature GRP, which is a coating that insulates the door and helps rain to slide off the finish. Also, with insulating foam in many composite designs, you’ll be able to make your living space warmer and more comfortable too.

Composite door design enhances your home inside and out. That’s because you can style your composite doors with a range of additional features and accessories, with many offering you a period look.

Composite doors, above all, combine traditional style with modern performance. The design faithfully recreates wooden doors for an authentic finish in an updated entry.

Composite doors are better than wooden doors when it comes to thermal efficiency. With energy bills on the rise, this extra amount of performance is crucial.

By investing in composite doors, you’ll be adding a thermal barrier to the front of your home that can stop cold air in its tracks. With their robust and insulated frame, you’ll also be able to prevent more of your home’s heat escaping.

Because of this, composite doors can help you save more energy over time than wooden options. The advanced materials in the design will block any gaps in your wood, stopping your temperature from changing drastically.

As a result, you won’t have to rush to turn on your central heating nearly as often. That way, you’ll save money on bills and start paying back your investment straight away.

Also, composite doors are an environmentally friendly option for your home. The blend of materials uses uPVC, which is fully recyclable, and the whole design helps you reduce your energy usage.

With one of these efficient doors, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Compared to wooden doors, then, composite will help you save more money over time.

Composite doors are also a more secure option than wooden doors. When you invest in a new front door, you and your family’s safety will be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Burglars are more likely to target your main entrance than any other part of your home. Because of this, it’s crucial to invest in a robust design that won’t weaken over time, staying firm against any potential intruders.

Your composite door will be far more robust than a timber door on its own. However, that won’t be the only reason your home will be much more secure. You’ll also be investing in internal security hardware, reinforced locks, firm handles and other features that work to keep your living space your own.

The composite blend helps to protect and conceal this equipment too, so a burglar won’t be able to tamper with it.

Composite doors are also impact-resistant, making them better than wooden doors which can chip and crack under excessive force. That way, you won’t have to worry about anybody breaking through the door, as it’ll stay firm and robust.

Also, if you’re worried about the glazing in your door, then you won’t have to. Composite door glazing features multi-point locking systems that fasten it to your frame to stop intruders from separating them.

Composite doors aren’t only stable, but they’re exceptionally durable. Wooden doors can wear down quickly under lousy weather and excess water, and they’re also challenging to maintain.

Often, you have to repaint and revarnish wooden doors so they’ll retain their authentic look. That can not only be time-consuming, but costly too, and you could also end up spending lots on repairs as the door gets older.

Because of this, composite doors are the way to go if you have a busy schedule to handle. Unlike wooden doors, you can fit a composite design and let it work its magic. They’re incredibly durable and will retain their finishes for decades, without you needing to do any repainting.

You’ll only need to wipe the door down every so often to ensure it lasts your home for a lifetime.

Perhaps the most apparent reason why composite doors are better than wooden doors for your home is how you can customise them. Unlike timber doors, you’ll be able to style your composite door in endless ways to create an entrance as unique as you are.

You can add RAL colours, woodgrain finishes for an even more authentic look, or other features like letterboxes, knockers and even catflaps.

Because of the composite blend imitating timber, you can also design composite doors around a theme. If you want a 1930’s or 1970’s front door, you can use the composite blend to recreate a period look and ensuring it has the highest standards of quality.

Also, you can even customise your glazing, with a choice of tinted, patterned or stained glass, to give you even more ways to make your door bespoke to you.

Composite Doors

How Much Do Composite Doors Cost?

Composite doors can cost around £1000 to fit with a reputable installer. However, the price can rise depending on the size of your entrance and the customisable features you add.

In any case, though, timber doors can be just as costly, if not more so. Because of this, composite doors are a far better investment than wooden doors overall. Not only that, but there are plenty of ways to cut the cost of your composite doors too.

For example, you can be careful with the size of your new addition. The larger your entrance, the more you’ll have to pay for the materials in your composite door.

However, you can also choose to expand your new front door into an entirely new front facade for your home. You could add side panels of double glazing, or new cladding around the entrance to match or contrast it. In any case, you’ll be able to style your door to suit your budget.

Another way to save money is to go supply-only. With this option, a supplier will give you stunning composite doors, but they’ll leave you to install them.

While you’ll be able to cut the cost of hiring an installer, fitting composite doors can be quite tricky if you don’t have any experience. Although it will cost more, you’ll ensure your new doors will have a precise fitting that leaves no gaps for heat to escape.

No matter how you choose to customise your composite doors though, you can keep in control of the cost with Double Glazing On The Web. Using our service, you won’t have to waste time and money finding a supplier who may overcharge you for unsatisfactory service.

Instead, we can put you in touch with a local installer who’ll charge less and ensure a superb new door with spectacular build quality.

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