If you have wooden window frames, it may be time to explore alternatives. That’s because, while timber has a classic, authentic look, it has a lot of issues that only grow worse over time. The problem with wood is that it struggles to deal with poor weather conditions.

Rainwater, for example, can seep into natural cracks in the timber and expand, causing these cracks to become gaps in the frame. When that happens, the window gets weaker, and the quality of your insulation plummets. Over time, the wood wears away too, needing constant repairs and maintenance.

Keeping wooden window frames together is expensive, and the cost only rises the more you do it. Because of this, it might be time to find alternatives. Fortunately, if you have old wooden windows in your home, modern window frames can have an enormous impact on your living space.

You could choose frames that are fully weatherproof, highly durable, and offer outstanding insulation. Not only that, but you can even get frames with more inherent strength, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s security. Also, you can choose woodgrain finishes so that you can keep the classic look.

However, which one is right for your home? There are three wooden window alternatives, each one making windows more suitable for modern life. There is uPVC, which has become the most common replacement for wooden frames in recent years. Alternatively, you could choose aluminium, which offers a metallic sheen and stunning strength to your windows.

And, if you still want to preserve the look of your wooden window frames but get the performance of a modern one, then the composite blend uses a solid timber core for an authentic appearance. And, with Double Glazing On The Web, the choice of wooden window alternatives is yours.

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Wooden Window Alternatives

The simplest option is to continue with your wooden window frames. However, as time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain them. In winter, when the weather turns, high winds and heavy rain can cause untold damage to fragile wooden window frames.

Water can seep through the design, creating the conditions for condensation to thrive. Not only that, but gaps can appear in the frame through rust and wear, making your home colder and less comfortable. At that point, you could be losing up to 10% of your home’s energy through these underperforming windows.

Also, even in the summer, timber can suffer from problems. For example, when a heatwave rolls around, the intense sun can stain the wooden frames. Because of this, any colours on the structure can fade and wash out, meaning you have to repaint the windows.

Wood scratches and chips as well, meaning you often have to revarnish them or use timber filler to cover up any new gaps. Even with regular maintenance, though, wooden window frames still fail quickly. That’s why wooden window alternatives, with their durability and long-lasting lives, can make such an impact on your living space.

uPVC window frames are the most affordable alternative to wood. Unlike timber, there are no design gaps in the structure, as uPVC is a plastic polyvinyl chloride. Because of this, there’s no space for cold air or rainwater to create draughts and dampness in your home.

What sets uPVC apart from timber is how it protects your home from the elements. Unlike timber frames, which crack, rot, twist and leave your window prone to condensation and debris, uPVC is fully weather-resistant. Because of this, it can maintain its strength, its shape, and unique colours won’t fade over time.

Not only that, but uPVC is long-lasting. While wooden window frames break down after only a few short years, uPVC can survive alone for decades. You could get 30 years of peak performance from a uPVC frame, and that’s without carrying out maintenance like repainting and revarnishing that timber demands.

Instead, you can spend less time worrying about your windows and more time enjoying their warmth. Warmth comes as second-nature to uPVC, too. The slimline frames create more room for natural light to enter your home, and the dense structure provides insulation that helps you save money on energy bills.

uPVC can bring a window into the present day. However, it’s aluminium frames that make your windows ones of the future. Aluminium is a precious metal with a stunning profile, meaning it shines in the sunlight. However, it shines in several other areas too, not least of which is security.

Aluminium frames have incredible inherent strength and are almost bulletproof. They protect the internal hardware of the windows from rust, wear and tampering too. That means you’ll get reliable security at every hour of the day, meaning you’ll have invaluable peace of mind in your home.

These frames are ideal for other uses, too. If you run a business or commercial building, then windows like these offer a sense of class and authority to any client. Not only that, but aluminium is even more long-lasting than uPVC. While uPVC performs for 30 years, aluminium can raise that to half a century, and all without the need to repaint or revarnish the frames regularly.

Aluminium is one of the leading wooden window alternatives out there, and it can give your home a sleek, stylish new look too. With options like anthracite grey, you can get windows that glow, with a slim design that lets the glow of the outside world enliven your living space.

Wooden window frames do have one strength, though – their authentic look. That might be the reason you’ve been sticking by your old windows. However, thanks to the development of composite frames, the adage that wooden window frames have a unique look is over.

Composite structures use a solid timber core in their design, but they protect the wood with materials like uPVC and GRP. Because of this, these windows are fully weatherproof, highly durable, and have secure frames. Composite frames also have a natural timber look that blends in seamlessly with traditional homes.

You can even get composite frames if you live in a listed building or conservation area in some cases. Thanks to the authentic appearance, planning authorities are much more likely to approve you fitting them in your home. Also, unlike timber, composite frames don’t require repainting or revarnishing.

That way, you can invest in bold coloured woodgrain finishes in styles like cedar, oak and mahogany in total confidence. Also, you’ll get all the benefits of other wooden window alternatives. You can save money on your energy bills, improve your security, and get superb sound insulation that keeps your living space quiet.

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The Cost of Wooden Window Alternatives

Perhaps the best benefit of wooden window alternatives, though, is their cost. That’s because you can get ALL of these options for less than the price of a new timber window. For that money, you’ll get a longer-lasting design, more thermal efficiency, and do away with maintenance.

As a result, investing in new windows is a no-brainer for your home. You can customise your new windows in thousands of ways too! You could choose triple or obscured glazing, as well as innovative window styles like French casement, tilt and turn, and sliding sash designs.

uPVC windows are the most affordable, with prices starting from as little as £143. The size, shape and style of the design affect the price, though. Casement windows cost £200 on average, while tilt and turn and sliding sash designs start from £400 and £525 respectively.

If you want to add aluminium window frames, then that can often add around 20% to the price of your windows. Composite is more expensive to invest in for your windows, but their authentic wooden look and stunning strength makes them more than worth the mark-up.

Online Prices For Wooden Window Alternatives

However, there are plenty of ways you can save money on wooden window alternatives. If you’re tired of your wooden window frames, but you don’t want to pay over the odds to replace them, then Double Glazing On The Web can help! We don’t provide new windows, but we know the local suppliers and installers who can.

We have a network of companies across the UK that we extensively review to make sure you work with people you can trust. That way, you won’t have to risk a rogue trader, or taking out too much time finding a supplier yourself. Many of these companies are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too!

All you have to do to get low prices from local installers for wooden window alternatives is to use our online quote builder. You can pick a brand-new window with a uPVC, aluminium or composite design, and do away with your old wooden window frames for good.

You’ll be able to customise the design too, with unique colours or woodgrain finishes as well as additional features and accessories. We’ll provide a quote within seconds for any options you select and put you in touch with local companies who can make your dream windows a reality.

If you have any questions, then contact us today! Use our online form or speak to our friendly team directly on 0800 015 5679, and we’ll give you all the advice and information you could ever need.