uPVC French Doors

Connect your home to the garden with a practical and elegant set of uPVC French doors. This beautiful door option enables you to bring the best of European charm to your home while still benefitting from all that modern innovations can bring. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds for a new addition to your home that is going to help make it a warmer and more comfortable place for you to be.

uPVC French doors comprise a dual door design which allows you to open each side of the door separately. This means that you’ll have control over the accessibility of your home, as well as the ventilation during the warmer summer months. One of the signature aspects of the French door design is the ‘flying mullion’, which ensures that there are no fixtures left behind when the doors are opened.

To enhance your home with uPVC French doors, visit our French doors online cost calculator. This is a quick, simple, and easy way for you to get an accurate guide price that has been based on your exact specifications. Once you have this price in place, we can then put you in touch with three of your local and accredited specialists to ensure you get a professional French door installation.

Thermally Efficient French Doors

These doors have undergone a host of refinements over the years to ensure they meet modern standards of performance and design. This means that they will work to keep your home a more comfortable place to be across the course of the year. Even during those colder winter months, you can rest assured that modern French doors will be able to keep you cosy. There is no reason to worry about the weather turning with these doors installed into your home.

This is achieved by combining thermally broken profiles and high-performance weatherseals. These profiles are designed to break up mini convection currents to help trap in pockets of warm air, which means that you’ll experience less heat loss throughout the course of the day. In turn, this means that your home can both get warmer and stay warmer for a longer period of time. The weatherseals are put in place to keep draughts and water ingress out of your home.

Bringing thermally efficient French doors to your home won’t just help you to feel more comfortable, they could also work to save you money in the long run too! This is because they will aid you in relying less frequently on your heating to keep your property at the ideal temperature. In turn, this means that you could find that you end up with a lower annual heating bill as a result. Also, reduced energy use could lead you to reduce your carbon footprint too!

High-Security uPVC French Doors

The feeling of safety that you get from your property is one of those things that is going to help it to feel more like home for you. With this in mind, it’s important that you invest in a French door design that is going to keep you protected against modern burglary techniques. Fortunately, the installers that we put you in touch with will be able to offer you a standard of door that is going to give you just that. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind.

This is because modern uPVC French doors combine premium grade materials and high-security multipoint locking systems to ensure security is kept consistent across the whole frame. This also means that they will be able to withstand prolonged impact attacks due to an impressive degree of structural integrity. When investing in a French door of this calibre, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to protect your property to modern standards.

Alongside this, uPVC French doors are fitted with high-security multipoint locking systems that engage at different points of the frame to ensure security is kept consistent across the whole frame. It’s important that you invest in an installer that is going to integrate the locks into the frame to ensure they can’t be easily accessed as a leverage point. This is because this is a burglary trend that enables a would-be intruder to gain access to your property.

Instant French Doors Prices

To make things as easy as possible for you, we have created an innovative French doors cost calculator. This tool enables you to follow a simple step by step process that will offer you the chance to see your ideal French door come to life all from the comfort of your own home. You will cover every aspect of the door build, receiving a bespoke quote at the end. Keep in mind that this is only a guide price and could be subject to change! Once you have this price, we can then put you in touch with three of your local installers to get things moving along.