Your trusted double glazing installer will give you a choice of window handles for either your timber, aluminium or uPVC double glazed windows. Double Glazing on The Web also gives you an option of different colour handles when you use our window cost calculator.

The most common type of window handles are espagnolette handles and cockspur handles. Depending on what type of window style you choose and which type of material, your double glazing supplier will offer a selection of handle styles best suited to your window design and specification.

Espagnolette Window Handles

Also known as the ‘espag’ window handle, the espagnolette has a long spindle that operates a locking mechanism inside the double glazed window.  These handles are used in conjunction with the locking system to provide higher security.

They come in two options: in-line and cranked. An in-line  handle is where the grip of the handle is inline to the central locking point and cranked handle is where the grip of the handle is offset to the locking point.

In-line uPVC window handles are designed to turn either left or right and are straight in appearance. This is why they are also often referred to as ‘universal’ window handles.Cranked handles are available in both left and right hand variations.

Cockspur Window Handles

A cockspur handle is designed to hook over the window frame close to the window. They do not have a spindle on the back like espag handles do but instead, they have a spur which is positioned onto a wedge.

Cockspur handles come in either left or right variants with different size backsets. The cockspur wedges are also available in different sizes to accommodate different windows.

Handles For uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Generally, uPVC windows most commonly feature espag window handles, cockspur window handles and tilt and turn window handles.

Handles For Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are most likely to have cockspur window handles for opening and closing. Modern aluminium windows now also come with a choice of contemporary ‘monkey tail’ handles. Aluminium windows can also use espag handle with a short spindle.