Incredibly strong and long lasting, uPVC windows require very little maintenance. Double Glazing on The Web recommends the uPVC window for its advanced design and technology.

One of the major selling points of uPVC is that it is incredibly low maintenance. It’s so popular as a building material because it is such a non-reactive compound.These double glazed windows will never rot, warp or require re-painting.

uPVC Windows Are Durable

Sunlight, water and wind have very little long term effect on uPVC. It hardly oxidises. Next time you get a chance, run your fingers over a plastic garden chair that has been left outside for a long time.

That powdery residue you get on your finger? That’s oxidation. A quick rubdown and the chair is good as new. In fact, you could bury a plastic chair for decades, dig it up, spray it down and it would be fine. What does that mean for your windows and doors? They will look great for a long time.

That doesn’t mean you’re never going to have to clean your windows. On the outside, birds do their business, trees drop their leaves and the wind kicks up dirt and dust.

Inside, fingerprints and dust make their mark too, let alone if you’re the kind to leave your teacup on the window sill. Grimy grubby windows are a bad look. Fortunately, uPVC is very low maintenance.

Easy To Clean

A damp cloth with a little washing up liquid will do the trick for most things. For things like dried on bird muck, be careful to loosen the soilage before scraping, as uPVC is fairly easy to scratch. Products designed for cleaning cars are ideal for this, as they corrode the stain enough to make it easy to remove without tarnishing the surface.

To clean the glass, a microfibre cloth and water will shift most grime and marks. If you’re struggling, a little detergent will make all the difference. At Double Glazing on the Web we would advise against using a pressure washer on your windows.

Firstly, you will almost inevitably get streaks. Secondly, the water might find a way in. Windows and doors are designed to compete with the best the British weather can throw at them, but they are not always completely watertight.

White uPVC Window Maintenance

Clean your White window frames with warm, soapy water every few months to remove any dirt and grime.

Woodgrain uPVC Window Maintenance

Woodgrain window frames should be cleaned with warm, soap water. You should never sand or polish the woodgrain effect profile as you will cause damage to the laminated surface.

Sometimes windows can be particularly awkward to clean. If you’re petite or a window is particularly large it can be dangerous to lean out to clean glass. Several injuries and deaths occur every year from accidental falls when cleaning windows. In fact, being a window cleaner is statistically the most dangerous job in the UK.

Easy Clean Hinges

So why not opt for Easy Clean hinges? These allow you to open the window to 90 degrees then slide the glazing towards the centre of the frame, so you can clean the outside of your window from the inside. Tilt and Turn windows are another great way to make it easier to clean your windows, as you can tilt your window inwards from the bottom, giving you easy access to the outside of your window.

Keep Hinges Lubricated

As far as the moving parts go, make sure your windows and doors are well lubricated. Regular maintenance of any exposed metal parts will help your uPVC windows perform at their best. WD-40 is best for this purpose. It’s also great for removing rust, although the likelihood of modern windows and doors having rusty hinges is incredibly unlikely.

All double glazing should come with a guarantee, so always check with your supplier. If you have a guarantee then your supplier is obliged to come out and fix your window or door if you have any problems. Remember that if you try to fix it yourself, you can invalidate your guarantee.

uPVC Window Handles

Use a damp cloth to wipe any window furniture such as handles. Never use liquid cleaner or abrasive on any window hardware. Handles should be checked to ensure the screws holding them to the sash (opening part of the window) are secure.


When you clean your uPVC windows, it is important that the weatherseals do not become dislodged from their grooves. If this does occur, you should put them back into position straight away to avoid further damage when the window is closed. If you think your weatherseals are broken and feel draughts around your window, contact your local installer.