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As durable as double glazing is, it won’t last forever. The signs should be evident. If your window or door is suffering from condensation, draughts or is damaged in any way, then you may want to think about replacement options.

If you are tired of your property’s appearance then new windows can give your home an instant lift. Not only will double glazed windows give your home more aesthetic appeal but they will also make your home warmer and draught-free.

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Or, if you are looking to sell your home and your windows have seen better days, then you will want to fix the impending problems. Rotten frames and draught ridden units don’t scream quality and longevity.

Thinking of Selling?

Make sure your home is inviting to those potential buyers. Imagine a buyer looking at your house for the first time. Will they be impressed by old, discoloured frames?

uPVC windows are durable and hard wearing but like all things, they have a lifespan. If your uPVC windows or doors are approaching retirement then it is time to consider replacement options.

Replacement Double Glazing FAQ

Do your windows or doors need replacing? Here are some frequently asked questions on double glazing repair, replacement windows and doors.


I can’t open my window. What does this mean?

If you can’t open you window then the culprit more often than not, is your locks. Your window handle or sliding lock mechanism might be broken. You will need a replacement handle or lock.

My window won’t close. Can this be fixed?

Your hinges are likely to be broken. This will be the reason why you are unable to close your window. Over time, hinges are subject to wear and tear. This can cause your window to drop, preventing it from closing.

Why is my window letting in cold air?

Is your window closing tightly against the frame when closing? If your window does not close correctly then it will be subject to draughts, resulting in poor insulation. To solve this, your hinges will need to be replaced.

If you have single glazed windows then this could be another reason why you suffer from draughts. Single glazed windows will not insulate your home as well as double glazed windows. It may be time to upgrade.

Why have my seals shrunk?

Over time, rubber seals will shrink. This is why upon installation they are cut oversized. If you have unsightly gaps then you will need to replace rubber seals.


Why won’t my door open properly?

There could be many reasons why you are unable to open your door. It could be due to your locking system or locking cylinder breaking. If your door has dropped out of alignment, it could be that the door is blocking the frame. You may need a replace the actual door itself.

Why has the door dropped?

If your door is poorly installed then it is likely to drop. This is due to inefficient glazing and the door being out of alignment. Make sure you use a credible installer, one like our trusted suppliers.

Condensation in Double Glazing

Condensation can take many different forms. If misted windows are a common sight within your home then you are unfortunately dealing with condensation.

Other signs include water on window sills and in extreme cases, dark mould spots appear around the window. If this happens then you must treat the areas immediately. Household bleach will kill the mould and prevent them from spreading.

If your house is feeling the effects of condensation then it is time to change your windows. uPVC windows which mist or fog are hard to repair.

Discuss replacement windows with one of our local suppliers. They will be able to offer you expert knowledge having worked in the industry for many years. Contact us on: 0800 015 5679 to find out more.

Which Design Should I Choose?

Double glazed windows and doors are available in a range of modern and traditional designs. You will find all sorts of styles from casement windows to sliding sash windows (for the more traditional home.) The right style of window or door can greatly increase your property’s appeal, making it brighter and warmer.

Before you choose your replacement windows and doors however, you need to consider the style of your home, your current windows and environmental concerns such as energy efficiency.

New windows won’t add value if the rest of your property is shabby. The interior as well as the exterior has to maintain the same level of quality. Not only are these factors important for comfortable living but they will also play a key role in the sale ability of your home.

As the focal point of your property, your windows say a lot about your home. What do your current windows and doors say about you?

Replacing Old Sash Windows

Original sash windows can be found within many period properties. An attractive feature of these homes; they are dearly loved by both home owners and buyers. If you are looking to improve your homes energy efficiency however, these windows won’t do.

Many sash windows eventually become unusable due to broken top sashes and rot and wear. uPVC sash windows were created in answer to these problems, providing home owners with a window which combines traditional aesthetics with high security and efficiency.

Your local installer will provide you with a choice of authentic wood grain finishes, allowing you to maintain the appearance of your existing property.

Building Regulations

All replacement windows in England and Wales will be subject to Building Regulations. This is to ensure that all new windows are as energy efficient as possible.

If you have a listed property or live within a conservation area then you are likely to require planning permission. Your choice of windows may be limited as a result of this.

Installers, who are part of a self-regulation scheme such as FENSA or Certass, will be responsible for getting building control approval. Otherwise, you will be responsible for applying for building control approval.

Benefits of Replacing Windows and Doors

Double glazed windows and doors will also help reduce energy bills, reduce external noise, improve security and contribute towards a greener environment. These benefits will make your replacement window undeniably attractive to visitors and buyers alike.

However double glazing can be a costly investment if installed wrongly. This is why it is essential you choose a reputable installer.

How to Care For Your Replacement Windows & Doors

Take good care of your replacement windows and doors. Double glazing on the whole is low maintenance but is still subject to wear and tear. Keep your windows and doors functioning like new with the following useful tips.

uPVC Frames

When cleaning your uPVC frames you won’t want to use anything abrasive. Anything too harsh can lead to scratching. A little bit of washing-up liquid can work wonders. Products which contain bleach can remove the shine from uPVC frame.

Locks & Hinges

You will want to clean your locks and hinges every so often. This is to keep them operating smoothly. A wet cloth is all you will need to maintain them.

Eliminate Draughts

To ensure your windows and doors are draught free, keep them in the locked position. This will give you an air tight fit.

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

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