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Choosing the right double glazing styles for your property will make a huge difference to your homes aesthetics and value. Which rooms within your property will benefit from double glazing?

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Knowing what will and won’t work alongside your property is part of the home improvement journey. Do you know which double glazing styles will compliment your home?

Your property is a huge investment so it makes sense that you put aside the time for research before purchasing new windows and doors. Every home deserves some quality attention.

Double Glazing Window Styles

It is important to assess the current style of your property when replacing windows. There are many window styles currently on the market, from casement windows to bay and sliding sash windows. When considering different styles, you may be left scratching your head.

Points to Consider

You need to maintain your property’s architectural integrity otherwise it will lose its appeal. Not something you want if you are looking to sell your home. Your windows must be consistent with the exterior of your property.

As well as choosing the right style of window, it is also important that you choose the right material and colour. As the main focal point of our properties, windows form an integral part of our décor. Windows should blend seamlessly with a property, enhancing its character and attributes.

For example, a period property will benefit from a window which maintains its traditional style. Double glazed sash windows are mainly chosen for this purpose. Traditional glass styles such as those of Georgian bars are also used to the same effect.

Window Designs

No matter what style you require, your trusted double glazing installer will provide you with a choice of contemporary or classic windows. Below we list the main types of uPVC windows.

Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are highly desirable. Attractive and versatile, these windows are suited to a range of applications. Their single-lever latch design allows for single hand operation. Easy to open and close, these windows are commonly installed above kitchen sinks. These windows open wide, making them the perfect emergency exit. Visit our online pricing engine for instant casement window prices.

Casement Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows allow you to benefit from classic aesthetics without the worry of costly maintenance. These uPVC windows will provide effective insulation whilst providing timeless aesthetics. Best suited for traditional style homes, sliding sash windows will maintain period style attributes. Get a free siding sash window quote.

Tilt & Turn Windows

These windows feature an innovative tilt and turn function. The tilt and turn function makes these windows incredibly easy to operate. These windows can be tilted inwards from the top for efficient ventilation. Suited to high rise buildings, these windows can be safely cleaned from the inside of your property. Get online tilt and turn window prices today.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two sashes within a single frame which slide up and down to provide ventilation. These windows also provide the option of safe cleaning. They rotate so you can clean both sides of the upper and lower levels of the window.

Bay Windows

uPVC bay windows are popular for their eye catching aesthetics. Abundant in size, bay windows will fill your property with natural light, creating the illusion of greater space. Providing depth, these windows are versatile in design. Many home owners incorporate a window seat of shelf into the interior. Use our double glazing prices calculator for instant bay window prices.

Double Glazing Styles for Kitchens

Casement windows or double hung windows are ideal for kitchens due to their easy opening access. Other windows such as bay windows will provide you with fantastic storage options as well as plenty of natural light.

Of course the aesthetics are important when it comes to choosing a double glazing style for your kitchen but you must not overlook the practicalities. How big is your kitchen? How much space do you require? Choose your windows accordingly.

Bathroom Windows

The two main things to consider when choosing bathroom windows are privacy and light. Your double glazing installer will be able to provide you with a number of glass options.

Obscured or frosted glass is most commonly used in bathroom installations. This glass maintains your privacy, preventing anyone from seeing through the glass.

Natural light is also important, particularly in a small space but if you opt for non obscured glass, make sure you have cover up options such as blinds or curtains.

Double hung windows and casement windows are best suited to bathrooms. They provide efficient ventilation, allowing you to easily remove moisture from the room.

Bedroom Windows

Bedroom windows should provide plenty of light and ventilation. There are many styles you can opt for but essentially the two main types of bedroom window are fixed or operable.

Benefits of bedroom windows:

  • Bedroom windows will provide a light and airy atmosphere. The bigger the better.
  • If you lack space then large bedroom windows will create the illusion of greater floor space.
  • They provide emergency escapes in case of a fire.

Things to consider when replacing bedroom windows:

  • Energy ratings and thermal properties
  • Safety and security
  • Maintenance and ease of cleaning
  • The style and fit
  • The position of your bed

Casement Bedroom Windows

A popular style for bedrooms, the casement windows offer a practical design. They open wide providing effective ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate your room. They also allow for ease of cleaning, where both sides of the window can accessed from inside your property.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have the ability to transform your entire bedroom. Rooms with bay windows receive a greater amount of light. This is due to their three adjacent windows which create a feeling of spaciousness. Bay windows also look great aesthetically, both from the interior and exterior of your property.

Double Glazing Styles: Glass Styles

Choosing the right double glazing glass is important if you want to benefit from energy efficient windows.

Energy Efficient Glass

Low emissivity glass is used in windows for effective thermal insulation. This glass has a transparent metallic coating which works to economise heat energy. This dual action coating captures heat and light from the sun, reflecting it back into the room.

Acoustic Glass: Living Room

If you live in a built up area then your installer will recommend acoustic glass. Acoustic glass will considerably reduce external noise, perfect if you suffer from noise from motorways or main roads.

Self Cleaning Glass: Kitchen

Self-cleaning glass uses the suns rays to break down dirt and grime. When rain washes onto the pane, dirt is successfully washed away.

Toughened Safety Glass: Children’s Bedrooms

Resilient to fire, toughened safety glass is ideal if you wish to further the security of your property. Difficult to penetrate, this glass when broken will break into small harmless pieces, preventing injury.

uPVC Door Styles

Our network suppliers offer a wide range of superb uPVC front doors. Better still, you can get a quote for over 1000 different front door styles and designs and get an instant online price with our online quote builder!

You can choose from a range of different obscured glass designs as well as decorative glass patterns, colours and high security locking options. Moreover, all of our trusted local suppliers provide many front door furniture extras and accessories such as door numbers, letter plates, spy holes, knockers, cat flaps, just to name a few.

Double Glazed Front Doors

Your front door plays a pivotal role in the representation of your property. As the main focal point of your property, your front door reflects the character of your home. It can also be a reflection of your personality. What better way then, to add your own personal touches then at your front door.

As the first point of contact between you and a potential buyer or visitor, you want your door to make a fantastic first impression. A door which compliments your property, will sell your property.
You will find a wide range of double glazed door styles on offer so choose your front door design carefully.

The design you choose will constantly be on view. Consider the different door styles available to you. However, the appearance of your front door is not the only thing to consider. Your front door needs to be strong, durable and weather resistant.

Double glazed front doors use high technology and quality materials to offer the very best in both security and style. These doors are virtually maintenance free. Double glazed front doors will perform like new, year after year.

uPVC Front Doors

uPVC double glazed front doors have a number of advantages such as being specifically designed to retain their look for years with extremely low maintenance. They are also available in many different options. There is a wide range of uPVC front door panels which are available in a comprehensive selection of styles and designs.

Composite Front Doors

The more security conscious may opt for one of the beautiful composite doors also available today. These front doors are designed to match the appearance of natural timber whilst providing the durability that uPVC offers.

These doors are manufactured from a combination of materials such as uPVC, wood, insulating foam and reinforced plastic. This makes them incredibly strong and versatile. If you are after a front door which provides maximum security alongside eye catching aesthetics, then a composite front door could be the one for you.

Double Glazed Back Doors

When it comes to choosing your new back door, there are many different uPVC door styles available. You can choose from many different colours, panel options and glazing styles in order to get the perfect uPVC back door to suit your property.

Back doors are often thought to have less aesthetic value when compared to front doors but this isn’t the case. Double glazed back doors can successfully be used to improve the appearance of your property, (as well as increase its efficiency and security.)

Bi-fold doors are a beautiful example of this. They will brighten up your property, making it appear bigger and brighter. Their extremely modern and urban style is perfect for contemporary properties.

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Bi-Fold Doors

Having Bi-Fold doors installed in your property can really breathe new life into your home. They can fill an aperture of up to five and a half metres and can be made up of up to six separate panes allowing natural sunlight to flood any room where they are installed.

They offer great versatility. You can choose to have them fold left to right, right to left or even open in the middle and fold both ways. They are practical too, as when open the panels fold neatly out of the way. This makes them ideal for moving large objects such as furniture and appliances in and out of your room.

Great for entertaining, bi-folding doors can let a party or social gathering seamlessly flow between your home and garden. From living rooms to play areas, to dining areas with garden and patio areas, these uPVC doors are great at connecting rooms within your property.

uPVC Bi-fold doors are available in a range of colours with high-security locking options for that extra peace of mind. They also offer the advantages that come with double glazing such as noise reduction and energy efficiency.

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Stable Doors

The stable door is a classic and charming alternative to the standard back doors. If you are looking for that traditional touch then a uPVC stable door is ideal. These country style doors are suited to both modern and period properties.

Are you after a little more from your door? One of the biggest advantages with uPVC Stable Doors is their versatility. The two halves of this door open independently from one another, allowing for quick and easy ventilation. It also provides easy access for pets and small children to enter or exit the home. Or if you prefer, both halves can be locked together to provide use of one singular door.

The stable door sees traditional appearance combined with modern uPVC benefits. uPVC Stable Doors are both practical and attractive and provide an excellent answer for a fast moving household. uPVC Stable Doors provide you with the advantages of low maintenance, visual appeal and maximum security.

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French Doors

French Doors are a superb way of gaining extra natural sunlight in your home, creating an excellent point of access and adding an attractive and stylish look to the exterior of your property. uPVC French doors will give your property an instant uplift.

These elegant doors will make your home appear bigger and brighter. If you are looking for an affordable home improvement then you will see an increase in value simply by installing these doors. French doors will add a touch of quality to almost any type of home design.

Double glazed French doors are also a durable and robust product so when you have them installed you know they will provide you with energy efficiency and security for many years to come.

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A Wide Choice of Glazing Options

There are many glazing options to choose from when considering French doors, you can opt for fully glazed, fully glazed with a mid-rail, part glazed with a plain panel or part glazed with a moulded panel. It really is up to you how you want your French doors to look. There is also the option to have French doors installed with obscured glass if you are after that extra bit of privacy.

Patio Doors

One of the biggest benefits of patio doors is their light enhancing capabilities. Every home owner wants to benefit from more light in their property and patio doors offer exactly that. If you happen to have a dark room within your property then a set of patio doors will bring added light and depth.

Bring the outside in with a set of patio doors. They will provide you with a fantastic view of the exterior of your home. Why not replace a whole wall with glass patio doors? The wall to ceiling glass panes will enable you to enjoy pleasing views, all from the warmth of your home.

These double glazed doors will not only brighten up your interior but they are also an affordable way of gaining extra access to you property. Patio doors are ideal for those summer BBQs and family gatherings, where instant access to your garden is required.

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Low Maintenance

uPVC patio doors are very low maintenance. These doors can be used day in and day out without the worry of additional upkeep. uPVC patio doors will never rot or corrode unlike their wooden counterparts. If you are after a strong and robust set of doors then uPVC patio doors offer just that. These doors will require very little effort on your part. An occasional wipe clean is all they need.

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