Can You Use a Conservatory All Year Round?

Getting a conservatory is a great, affordable and easily accomplished solution to expanding your home’s interior space and adding to the market value and overall appearance of your property. However, you may be under the impressions that conservatories are only usable during warmer weather, with it being almost unusable during the winter; but in actual fact that is only the case of conservatories that are either past their prime or with poorly installed insulation.

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Can Modern Conservatories Be Used All Year Round?

If your conservatory gets too cold during the winter and in colder weather, as well as becoming too warm and muggy during the summer months, then that could be a sign that your roof or double glazing panels are not working to their full capacity. This is often the case for older conservatories, being that up until very recently the standard fitting of a conservatory came with a poly carbonate roof; which has been proven again and again to suffer from poor levels of insulation.
A lot of heat can be lost through your conservatory roof, explaining why older conservatories tend to be unused during the winter and becoming a space solely for use during patches for warm weather. This can often mean that you rely more on your central heating, with a large section of it being lost through your conservatory, which not only drives up your energy bills but also impacts on your carbon footprint.

If you think this is the case for your under performing conservatory, then getting a brand new roof fitted is often the best bet for refurbishing your conservatory. With options ranging from glazed lantern roofs to solid tiled roofs, your whole house will become more thermally efficient, saving you money and doing that extra bit to help the planet.

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Can you use a conservatory in winter?

There are many different ways of making your home thermally secure during the winter.

Open slide and swing doors

Modern Doors

You may not realise it, but doors come into play in terms of insulation just as much as windows, with a lot of heating being lost through their frames and the doors themselves. So it is becoming increasingly popular to get bi-folding and French doors installed onto your conservatory, as they not only open out your home for ventilation and easy access to your garden, but they also provide solid security and high levels of insulation.

Tiled conservatory roofs

Get a Roof Upgrade

As mentioned above, up until 10 years ago the standard roof to be fitted onto a conservatory installation was a poly carbonate roofing system, which has been proven to not provide very good levels of insulation. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you get your poly carbonate roof replaced with a better, more modern roofing solution that will be able to provide you with high quality insulation to save you money on your heating bills and to help your decrease your carbon footprint.

How long should a conservatory last?

When it comes to the lifespan of your conservatory, which is typically between 25-30 years, you may think that after that time you will have to demolish your conservatory and start over from scratch. This can be a hassle, especially if you have only recently moved into the house and wanted much more use out of it. However, getting a brand new conservatory roof can extend your extensions lifespan and go a long way to rejuvenate it.

The roof of your conservatory doesn’t just add to its performance either, it can improve the appearance of your entire property. There are several roofing options you can choose from, each one with its own benefits and style that it would best compliment.

The lantern roof is the style to pick if you want to maximise the amount of natural light entering your property, while not compromising on insulation or security. Made up of double-glazing panels, with either uPVC or aluminium slimline frames to increase the amount of glass used per unit, this roofing solution stands in a triangular, sloped shape to promote rain runoff and create the illusion of more space.

Solid roofs are a more traditional look, in keeping with your properties pre-existing main roof. Solid roofs provide outstanding thermal insulation, with the interior creating more space in terms of ceiling height while also making it feel as if it is a natural continuation from the rest of your property. Often, conservatories can feel tacked on; like an afterthought but with a solid conservatory roof, it allows it to feel perfectly incorporated into your home’s overall design.

A double hip conservatory roof is a perfect fit for Edwardian and Lean-To conservatories. While a double sloping roof has two facets connecting in an open-side triangular shape at their highest point, a double hipped conservatory roof adds two additional facets at either end, creating a squared off roof shape similar to that of a traditional house roof. This promotes rain runoff and gives your conservatory a more traditional feel.

If you are interested in a solid conservatory roof, then you may want to complete the look to make it similar, if not identical to your house’s main roof. To do this, we offer tiles to be fitted over your solid conservatory roof, able to be made from a number of materials. These include slate, concrete, composite and synthetic, each with their own benefits including performance and aesthetic. Tiled roofs increase the level of insulation, provide solid sound proofing against outside noise and make your conservatory look more like an extension.

A gable conservatory roof is the most ornate and dramatic in terms of roofing style. Similar to a double sloping roof, this style is made of two sloping panels connecting in a tall triangular shape. However, they slope to either side, connecting on end of the triangle to your properties exterior wall and opening up the other end in a front triangular shape. This creates a stunning, ornate entrance, drawing attention to the central detailing on the roof and giving your property a grand and classy look.

How do you keep a conservatory warm in winter?

By improving your conservatories overall insulation, you can make sure that your conservatory is able to be enjoyed all year round. Because of their poor insulation, people often resort to using conservatories as a sun-room, but with more durable roofing systems and being able to be kept warmer for longer you can in fact use your conservatory as anything from a playroom to a study. In fact, with a solid conservatory roof you can even make your conservatory into an impressive dining room to impress your guests and provide great views outside to your garden no matter the weather.
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