What is Certass?

What is CERTASS?

Certass is a Competent Person Scheme that regulates the double glazing industry. The Department for Communities and Local Government set this scheme up in 2006. Its main function is to ensure that double glazing installations follow Building Regulations. It also protects the homeowner’s interests and installation quality.

A company that is registered with Certass will have first proved its quality, as the body insists that all its members follow strict installation standards. Approved tradespeople will need to show knowledge of and compliance with building regulations to ensure all installations are compliant with these.

If you are a homeowner, you can receive a double glazing quote from Certass-registered installers near you. If you are a Certass-registered installer, you can join our network.

What Does Certass Mean?

While Certass doesn’t stand for anything like some other certification bodies (such as FENSA), it means a lot for homeowners in regards to the quality of products, service and workmanship that they will receive. A company with the Certass seal of approval gives consumers peace of mind that they are in good hands.

As certified individuals, Certass-registered companies can present homeowners with a certificate of compliance when the work has been completed. This means that customers won’t have to wait for an officer from the local authorities to inspect and approve the installation. As a Certass-approved installer, you have the authority to do this yourself as part of the Competent Person Scheme.

What is a Competent Person Scheme?

Competent Person Schemes are regulatory bodies. They ensure that double glazing installations meet building standards. To this end, they invite double glazing companies to register with them. However, the companies need to first demonstrate high quality and superior customer service.

In April 2002, building authorities decided that double glazing installation should be regulated. They did so to ensure better thermal performance. However, the regulations also cover ventilation and fire safety. As a result, all double glazing installations need to meet certain criteria.

The six Competent Person Schemes are bodies that ensure installations comply with these criteria. They vet, monitor, and manage double glazing companies. As a result, you are sure of the quality of installation when you hire an accredited company.

Certass accredited installers give you high quality double glazing installations

How Does Certass Help Homeowners?

Certass has two important duties. One is to make sure all double glazing installation meets the building regulations, the other is to protect the rights of homeowners. To do the latter, Certass regulates the quality of the companies that are registered and also protects consumers’ deposits. This means homeowners are protected and their deposit cannot be withheld if the installation can’t be completed, and they are protected against poor installation quality.

As a Certass-registered installer, you will be able to provide homeowners with insurance-backed guarantees for various aspects of the installation process. In addition to the standard 10-year guarantee, consumers will enjoy separate warranties on sealing, hardware, paint and surface treatment, and much more.

Knowing that you will fix any issues should they arise, following a compliant initial installation, gives homeowners total peace of mind and makes finding an installer with Certass certification highly desirable.

What Makes Certass Important for Homeowners?

Out of the six Competition Person Schemes, Certass is the most recognisable and trusted after FENSA. Many homeowners will look to this certification body and the member installers to give them the installations, guarantees and certifications that they need for their replacement windows and doors.

Working with a Certass-approved installer saves both time and money for the consumer, as they don’t have to wait for a local authority to certify a completed double glazing replacement. Homeowners are also protected financially with warranties and indemnities to alleviate any additional concerns.

Certass-registered companies are renowned for their quality workmanship. This is a further guarantee on top of the many others offered to reassure homeowners that they will receive an installation that meets their own as well as Certass’ high standards. This makes finding a Certass installer like you a priority for many.

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certass approved installers protect your money and give you a better performing home

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What We Offer Certass-Registered Installer

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How to Join Our Network

As a Certass-registered company, you have the qualities that homeowners are looking for. They use our services to find the best standards of service, and we provide this by putting them in touch with tradespeople like you. Joining our installer network increases your scope, reach and potential to win more leads and increase your sales in just 24 hours.

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Certass is a vital Competent Person Scheme that guarantees double glazing installations adhere to building policies whilst safeguarding house owners’ hobbies. By deciding on a Certass-registered installer, purchasers can believe inside the exceptional merchandise, carrier, and workmanship they obtain. Certass-permitted groups offer peace of mind via compliance certificate, insurance-backed guarantees, and the assurance that any problems might be directly resolved. As a Certass-registered installer, joining a community like ours can help you attain more qualified leads and develop your business by means of connecting with house owners who feel the excessive requirements and protections that Certass certification represents.


What is the primary role of Certass in the double glazing industry? 

Certass is a Competent Person Scheme that regulates the double glazing enterprise, making sure installations meet building guidelines and shielding owners’ hobbies and setting up quality.

How does being Certass-registered benefit installers? 

Certass-registered installers can self-certify their paintings, difficulty compliance certificates, and offer house owners with coverage-subsidised ensures, setting up belief and credibility with capability clients.

What additional warranties do Certass-registered installers offer? 

In addition to the same old 10-year assure, Certass-registered installers provide separate warranties on sealing, hardware, paint, floor treatment, and other factors of the set up technique.

How can homeowners find Certass-registered installers in their area? 

Homeowners can locate Certass-registered installers by asking for double glazing fees from approved tradespeople close to them or by means of the usage of a community that connects them with licensed specialists.

What are the benefits for Certass-registered installers who join a lead generation network?

By becoming a member of a lead technology community, Certass-registered installers can get hold of certified leads, increase their attainment, and improve their income capacity within 24 hours, connecting with homeowners who feel their licensed status and tremendous workmanship.

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