uPVC Roof Windows

upvc roof windows

uPVC roof windows are a brilliant way to light up any space. With roof windows, you can let sunlight pour into your home from above, giving you beautiful views and impressive natural lighting. However, uPVC roof windows are functional too. With a durable uPVC frame, double glazing and a range of opening systems, they’re the ideal build for any home.

With uPVC roof windows, you can turn old bedrooms, bathrooms and even lofts into bright, airy spaces that you want to spend time in. Not only that, but modern roof windows are thermally efficient, meaning you can make these rooms warmer and more comfortable. That way, they can enhance your home in both look and feel.

There is a wide range of uPVC roof windows on the market. You can choose designs with different opening systems, like centre-pivot or top-hung, or choose from a range of leading brands. And, if those aren’t enough options for you, you can customise your roof windows with several suppliers too!

With unique glazing, hardware and vibrant colour options, you’ll have no trouble styling your windows to fit your home. Roof windows are an addition that can be subtle, too. With slimline uPVC frames and full panels of double glazing, they feel like they aren’t there at all. That way, you’ll get a wide-open space to let nature enliven your living area.

If you want to get uPVC roof windows for the right price, choose Double Glazing On The Web today! With us, you don’t have to spend days searching for a company yourself. We’ll put you in touch with trusted local companies who’ll offer high-quality designs at the best double glazing prices around. That way, you’ll add genuine value to your home with uPVC roof windows that’ll brighten it for decades to come.

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uPVC Roof Window Options

When you choose uPVC roof windows for your home, you’ll be able to select a specific design. That’s because there are plenty of ways to customise your windows to make them functional for your needs. For a start, there is a range of opening systems to select from for your uPVC roof windows.

The first of these options is the centre-pivot system. With this opening, your window will tilt from a central bar, meaning you can open it both inwardly and outwardly. As a result, they perform similarly to tilt and turn windows, but at more dramatic angles to improve space inside your home. The central bar always stays locked, ideal for high-rise spaces, safe ventilation, and 24/7 security. You can also select top-hung openings.

Another way that uPVC roof windows can be specific to you is through the number of designs you can find. Some of the UK’s leading manufacturers create sleek and stylish roof windows, including VELUX, Dakea and RoofLITE. Their leading designs use slimline uPVC that maintains its strength, meaning you’ll get a sleek window that isn’t weak.

Thanks to the materials in uPVC roof windows, they’ll be as durable as any other windows. That means you’ll get versatile uPVC frames that are fully weatherproof, efficient double glazing, and leading security hardware. uPVC roof windows are the complete package, then, enhancing your home in several ways.

The Advantages of uPVC Roof Windows

uPVC roof windows can modernise your home. If you have old, narrow windows, then they might not be letting a lot of natural light through. Not only that, but their old frames might be cracking, twisting or warping because of bad weather, or their age. But, instead of replacing the windows to those dimensions, why not expand your horizons?

uPVC roof windows can get you closer to the sun. Not only do they have an expansive design that allows natural light to pour into any space, but they can warm your home as well. Your windows will have uPVC frames and double glazing that channel natural warmth into your home and block cold air. That way, you can stay warm without needing to use your central heating as much.

Your new windows will also be a space-saving design. If you have any angled roofs, then you can use them to create your roof windows, creating bright alcoves for better headroom. With a centre-pivot opening, they won’t take up as much space as other windows when you open them either. As a result, you can make your home feel more spacious and welcoming.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll welcome intruders into your home. uPVC roof windows are highly secure designs, giving you peace of mind. Because they’re roof windows, they’re harder to get to anyway. However, if an intruder is persistent, they’ll get up there to find toughened glazing, robust uPVC and multi-point locking mechanisms.

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How To Design uPVC Roof Windows

When you invest in uPVC roof windows, you don’t have to settle for a design that isn’t perfect. These windows can suit any space, thanks to their subtle and sleek design. The full double glazing panels contrast brilliantly with solid walls, meaning they can emphasise the style you already have. However, you can also customise the windows to update your home’s look.

uPVC is a highly durable and versatile material. Because of this, you can style it in hundreds of colour options, and with authentic woodgrain finishes as well. Your uPVC frame won’t lose its looks either. Thanks to the weather-resistant design of your roof windows, the colours won’t fade for decades, even without regular maintenance!

You can also invest in uPVC roof windows as part of a brand-new space. If you’re looking to build an extension, then choosing an angled wall with pitched roof windows is a great way to let light pour in. Thanks to the double glazing in the design, you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable glare. That makes the space more comfortable to use every day.

If you have a loft, then uPVC roof windows could be the centrepiece of a stunning loft conversion. Converting your loft can add a new room to your home without needing to build another one, saving both money and space. Roof windows can brighten up a forgotten attic without exposing it to cold air, helping you use it without needing to spend too much on heating costs.

Are uPVC Roof Windows Right For Me?

You may be wondering if uPVC roof windows are the right option for your home. However, thanks to all the design options you’ll have, you can make these beautiful windows suit any space. If you have a modern home, the slimline uPVC frames blend seamlessly, offering clean, elegant lines. Also, you can add a bold colour to the frame to make them pop out.

If you have a more traditional property, though, that doesn’t mean uPVC roof windows won’t work for you. Because of their subtle design, they draw more attention to the classic style around them. That way, you can shed light on stunning brickwork, period detailing and parts of your home you want people to see.

Also, uPVC roof windows can benefit your home in ways you might not think about. For a start, they’re a real step up on your home’s security. Not only will the double glazing give you more protection, but durable hinges and handles make it even harder for intruders to get in. Additionally, the centre-pivot opening is always locked, reducing the space intruders have to access your home.

Not only that, but you could save a lot of money in the long run with uPVC roof windows. As well as cutting the cost of your energy bills, you can get higher offers for your home if you decide to move on. uPVC roof windows are a modern addition that can raise your home’s property value!

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How To Find The Best uPVC Roof Window Prices

If you want to add uPVC roof windows to your home, how do you make the best investment? If you try to find a company on your own, you could end up paying more than you need to. The big brands have lots of overheads to cover, meaning you can pay too much for their services. However, local companies take longer to find, and they’re more difficult to trust.

But, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can get lower prices from local suppliers with only a few clicks. Rather than search on your own, we can help you with a network of trusted companies throughout the UK. When you work with us, you can find one on your doorstep, and speak to several of them to find the best deal for you!

uPVC Roof Windows Near Me

Get in touch with Double Glazing On The Web today, and you’ll find brilliant prices for uPVC roof windows on your doorstep!

You can reach out to our friendly team today via our online contact form. Ask us any questions you have, and we can respond with advice and information. From there, we can put you in touch with trusted local suppliers near you, putting you in total control of the whole process. Many of the companies we work with have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS too.

If you’d like to find out more, you can also call us on 0800 015 5679 today! We’d love to hear how we can help you enhance your home.


uPVC roof windows are a top notch addition to any domestic, presenting a variety of advantages which could transform your dwelling space. From their ability to flood your rooms with herbal light to their incredible thermal performance and durability, these home windows are clever funding for house owners trying to decorate their property.

With a number of commencing systems, styles, and customisation options to be had, you can easily find an appropriate uPVC roof home windows to suit your specific needs and options. By choosing to install those home windows, you may no longer most effectively create a brighter, greater welcoming environment in your house but additionally probably boom its fee. Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities that uPVC roof windows can provide – attain out to Double Glazing On The Web these days to discover the first-class fees and depend on local providers near you.


What are the primary blessings of putting in uPVC roof home windows in my home? 

UPVC roof windows offer numerous key advantages, consisting of extended natural mild, progressed thermal performance, greater protection, and extra sturdiness compared to conventional windows. They also can help create extra spacious and alluring surroundings in your home.

Can I personalise my uPVC roof home windows to healthy my domestic’s fashion? 

Yes, uPVC roof home windows are rather customisable. You can pick from a whole lot of commencing systems, such as centre-pivot or pinnacle-hung, and choose from an extensive range of colours and finishes to supplement your house’s aesthetic. Some suppliers even offer additional options like precise glazing and hardware.

Are uPVC roof windows appropriate for any room in my residence? 

UPVC roof windows are flexible and can be installed in diverse rooms, which include bedrooms, lavatories, and lofts. They are specifically useful in spaces with angled roofs, as they can create brilliant alcoves and enhance headroom.

How steady are uPVC roof home windows? 

UPVC roof windows are designed with protection in mind. They function toughened glazing, strong uPVC frames, and multi-factor locking mechanisms, making them tough for intruders to access. Additionally, their positioning on the roof adds a further layer of protection.

Will installing uPVC roof windows assist me save money on electricity payments? 

Yes, uPVC roof windows are thermally green, thanks to their uPVC frames and double glazing. These capabilities assist to preserve your house warm by trapping heat inside and blockading cold air from entering. As a result, you may discover yourself relying much less for your imperative heating machine, probably leading to decreased electricity bills.

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