Replacing Wooden Windows

Replacing Wooden Windows

Is replacing or repairing wooden window frames the right option for your home? If you have wooden windows, then they might need one of them sooner than you think. That’s because, while wood looks fantastic, it can lose that appearance over time. Unfortunately, timber isn’t weatherproof, meaning your window frames can wear down through the years.

When it rains, the water can get into natural gaps in your wooden frames and expand them. As a result, there is more space for cold air to rush into your home, making your living space feel less comfortable. Also, hot air can escape your home, meaning you could need to use your central heating more to make up the difference.

If you’re noticing that your wooden windows have these problems, there are two solutions. The first is repairing your wooden windows – fixing the frames and trying to preserve them. However, repairing your windows might only be a temporary solution. You might have to deal with the same problem not long after, meaning your old windows keep costing you money.

That’s why replacing wooden windows is a much better option. You’ll be able to get a brand-new design that lasts a lot longer, thanks to more resilient wood options and technology like double glazing. But, if you replace wooden windows, you could get designs that last longer while still maintaining wood’s quality looks.

With Double Glazing On The Web, replacing your wooden windows is easy. Not only that, but you can get stunning new designs that transform the way you use your home. Your new windows will keep you warm, keep you safe, and they’ll be weatherproof too! Also, you’ll invest in designs that are a step up on timber, and customise them with authentic woodgrain finishes as well.

replacing wooden windows

When Is Repairing or Replacing Wooden Windows a Good Idea?

If you have old wooden windows, then you might love their authentic design. However, as the years go by, that design becomes more and more fragile. One sign that you might need to repair or replace your wooden window frames is if they start to show visible damage. Problems like gaps can occur over the years when water ingress causes natural cracks to expand in the timber.

Another issue that could lead to repairing or replacing your wooden windows is condensation. When wooden windows become more fragile, they become less able to keep cold air out of your home. As a result, it clashes with your home’s warm air inside your living space, causing a mist to develop on the inside panel, which can turn into mould.

Over time, your wooden windows can also suffer from rust. Rust and wear can occur on the frames, but it can also cause problems for your windows’ internal hardware. For example, if your hinges and locks begin to creak, then they’re easier to break for a burglar. As a result, your home might be more vulnerable to intruders until you repair or replace the window.

Finally, you can feel if a window is underperforming from the moment you walk into the room. That’s because old windows struggle with insulation. By repairing your wooden windows, you can plug some of the gaps, giving you a little more protection from the cold. However, if you’d like to stay warm without relying on your central heating, then replacement is the way to go.

Repairing Wooden Windows

Repairing wooden windows can help you preserve these designs for longer. For a start, it’s important to maintain wooden windows regularly. That way, you can check for cracks, gaps and dents, as well as other issues like discolouration and even moss. By doing that, you could avoid a lot of issues before they happen.

However, if you need to repair your wooden window frames, there are a few ways you can do it yourself. If gaps are causing cold air to enter your home, you could plug them back up with timber filler. To do that, gently remove any debris and dirt on the frame and wipe down with a mild detergent before applying the filling in the gap. Then, you’ll be able to get more comfort for a few years longer.

In many cases, though, repairing your wooden windows is a more complicated job. Because of this, you’ll need to hire professionals to fix the issues inside your window. But that can be costly and time-consuming, and it might only be a temporary fix. If the problem keeps recurring, you could be caught in a vicious cycle of expensive repair costs.

By replacing your wooden window frames, though, you’ll only have to pay one cost. From there, you’ll get a brand-new design that can perform for decades. Not only that, but you can choose to change the look of your living space. With the option of bold new styles and customisable features, you could create the window of your dreams!

repairing wooden windows

Replacing Wooden Window Frames

Replacing wooden window frames can help you change the way you use your home. By switching out your old timber, you can make your windows more durable and more resilient. New timber frames are more durable, and some are specially designed to withstand poor weather conditions. As a result, it’ll take a lot more to get your new windows to crack and twist through the years.

When you choose new wooden frames for your windows, though, you might not get the performance you need. That’s because, while new timber frames are more durable, they still will wear down after a while. More modern materials can last for decades longer than timber, and they’re fully weatherproof as well!

That’s why the best method of replacing wooden window frames is to invest in new uPVC or aluminium windows with a woodgrain finish. These materials can outperform wood in almost every department, including efficiency, strength and weather protection. Also, with a woodgrain finish, you won’t notice the difference from classic wooden windows!

With a brand-new window, you can also choose unique styles for your home. Both uPVC and aluminium are versatile, meaning they’ll give you the same quality in almost any shape. Your new window will also feature advanced double glazing as standard. Along with the air and water-tight frames, your window will create a thermal barrier for your home.

The Benefits of Replacing Wooden Window Frames

Replacing wooden window frames can lead to a world of benefits for your home. With brand-new uPVC or aluminium windows, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your energy bills. These materials have superb insulation, and the double glazing inside the window does more to protect you in cold weather. As a result, your living space will feel warm and welcoming every day.

Additionally, uPVC and aluminium make your windows more secure. uPVC is durable, while aluminium is a precious metal which has superb inherent strength. Because of this, your new windows could resist heavier impacts from intruders trying to get in. The designs will also feature multi-point locking mechanisms to keep the glass fastened to the frame for added peace of mind.

However, the main benefit of new frames will be that they’re weatherproof. Unlike wood, uPVC and aluminium have no natural gaps. Because of this, they don’t suffer from problems like water ingress. Even in the worst conditions, these window frames won’t warp, scratch, twist, decay or discolour. That means they’ll last much longer than wooden frames can!

Modern uPVC windows can perform for 30 years, or even longer, while aluminium windows can perform for closer to half a century! You won’t have to repaint or revarnish these windows either – they’ll maintain any woodgrain finish with ease. That way, you can get an authentic window with superb performance, effortlessly.

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Replacing Wooden Window Frames For Less

Whether you’re replacing or repairing your wooden window frames, you always want to do it for less. However, finding great value for either can be difficult. You have to search for the right company yourself, which can take days, and you might not get a great deal at first. That means comparing offers and negotiations, all of which can take up a lot of your time.

However, with Double Glazing On The Web, replacing your wooden window frames is simple and straightforward. When you get in touch with us, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted network of local suppliers and installers. It takes minutes to find several brands near you, and you can compare their offers to find the best deal on new windows for your home!

As local installers, they can offer lower prices, shorter wait times and more personalised service! You can also fully customise your new design to suit your home, with both classic and modern window styles available. For added peace of mind, many of these companies are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, guaranteeing an installation that you can rely on.

Replacing Wooden Window Frames Prices

To find out how much you could save on replacing your wooden window frames online, get in touch with Double Glazing On The Web!

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Replacing antique, tired wooden window frames with cutting-edge uPVC or aluminium options providing woodgrain finishes affords numerous blessings for your private home. Not only will you experience progressed strength performance, better security, and superior weatherproofing, but you may also preserve the conventional look of wood without the need for regular upkeep. By using Double Glazing On The Web to locate trusted local suppliers and installers, you could effortlessly evaluate offers and discover the nice deal on substitute home windows, a good way to remodel your dwelling area at the same time as saving you money in the end.


How long do uPVC and aluminium home windows commonly last as compared to wooden home windows? 

uPVC home windows can perform for 30 years or greater, whilst aluminium home windows can last for about 50 years. In comparison, timber windows have a shorter lifespan and require extra common preservation.

Can I get the equal true look of wood with uPVC or aluminium window frames? 

Yes, contemporary uPVC and aluminium window frames may be custom designed with wood grain finishes that intently mimic the appearance of traditional wooden home windows. This permits you to hold the conventional appearance of wood at the same time as profiting from the improved overall performance of these substances.

Will changing my old wood home windows with present day alternatives assist reduce my electricity bills? 

Yes, replacing your vintage timber home windows with cutting-edge uPVC or aluminium home windows that function with advanced double glazing will substantially enhance your home’s insulation. This stronger strength efficiency can assist lessen your reliance on heating and cooling structures, in the end mainly to decrease electricity bills.

How do uPVC and aluminium home windows enhance the security of my home? 

uPVC and aluminium windows are more secure than timber home windows because of their inherent electricity and durability. These materials are proof against impacts and compelled access tries. Additionally, modern-day alternative home windows regularly feature multi-point locking mechanisms that similarly enhance protection by way of firmly fastening the glass to the frame.

Is it possible to customise the style and layout of my substitute home windows to suit my home’s aesthetic? 

Yes, when replacing your wooden window frames, you’ve got the option to select from a wide range of window patterns and designs to complement your private home’s structure and personal options. Both uPVC and aluminium windows are versatile substances that can be crafted into numerous shapes and styles, bearing in mind an excessive degree of customization.

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