Getting replacement glass for windows can be a more affordable way of enhancing your living space. If your current window uses single-glazed glass, or the glazing has broken recently, there’s no need to tear the old window away.

Instead, you can choose from a range of innovative glass options to transform your window into an advanced design.

Replacing the glass in your window removes the hassle of getting a brand-new design. You also won’t lose your home’s current style, which is brilliant if you enjoy the way your living space looks. However, you can also make subtle changes to your replacement glass if you so wish.

or example, you could add a tint to it to give your home more controlled lighting.

By installing replacement glass for your windows, you can make them perform better, and help your home save energy. While many new windows are energy efficient, they are more substantial investments that may seem steep.

However, replacing your glass is more cost-effective, and you’ll get the same glazing choice as you would for a brand-new window.

Because of this, you’ll be able to save money from the very start and continue to save down the line. Your advanced glazing will be able to make your home warmer naturally, reducing your energy usage and your bills too.

With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get in touch with trusted double glazing specialists in your area, that’ll give you a quality replacement.

Why Should I Get Replacement Glass for My Windows?

In your current home, your windows may be letting heat escape through them with ease. Many older windows use single-glazed glass. However, this solution doesn’t offer a lot of insulation, and it isn’t as strong in protecting your home from bad weather. Also, draughts and cold spots can develop more quickly because of this.

Another reason for replacing your glass is that your window might merely be losing its performance naturally. Glass can chip and crack over time, meaning that you’ll end up having to spend more money on repairs.

However, instead of repairing your glass over and over again, you can invest in modern glazing that’ll update your home’s performance.

With advanced glazing, you can trap more of your home’s heat inside, and keep cold air away. Your home will have a stable temperature, and you won’t need to use your central heating to maintain it, saving you money on your household bills.

With double glazing that has high u-values and an A+ energy rating, you could even save up to £150 a year in your home.

You can also get more natural light into your space by installing new glazing. The glass has a sleek design and slim sightlines, giving you clear views of the outside world. That way, you can make your home brighter as well as warmer, creating a welcoming living space.

You’ll also preserve the natural style of your home, and save plenty of money and time.

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Replacement Glass Prices

Is Replacement Glass for Windows the Right Choice?

You may, however, feel like you want to replace your whole window instead. If you do decide to do this, you can get a design that puts energy efficiency first. You’ll not only get a choice of glazing but a robust frame as well, made from advanced materials. However, getting a completely new window will cost more, and can be a more complicated process.

For example, you may already have a sash window or another unique design in your home. Replacing these kinds of styles, which use innovative opening mechanisms, can cost far more than replacing a standard casement window.

Because of this, if your window is still operating smoothly, replacing the glass is a more affordable option.

Additionally, if your window already has double glazing installed, but you still lose heat in your living space, then the frame may be the issue. Older windows often use timber frames, which can lose their shape after a few years, as bad weather can twist and warp the structure.

In that case, getting a new window may make more sense for you.

However, replacing the glass can have more of an impact than you think. Not only will it help your home save energy, but it can create a feeling of spaciousness inside your home. Also, modern glazing can keep intruders away, making you safer inside your space.

You’ll get toughened glass that locks to the frame with a multi-point system for superb security.

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What Replacement Glass Can I Choose for My Windows?

When you get replacement glass for your windows, you can take control of the design. When you use Double Glazing On The Web’s services, you can choose multiple types of glass to add to your window. You’ll be able to add performance, security, weather protection and a long-lasting build to your home. As a result, you’ll be sure of making a worthwhile and affordable investment.

Double Glazing

By far the most popular option, double glazing has been a revolutionary invention for homes across the UK. With two panes of glass, you can give your home a thermal shield that keeps cold air away and preserves your home’s heat. Also, double glazing gives you beautiful natural light, as you’ll get clear glass panels that’ll be made-to-measure for your window.

Double glazing is also the most cost-effective advanced glass option. With two panels, you can get plenty of insulation, and you’ll also get glass that reduces the gaps that cold air can leave through. If you have a busy life, these options are also perfect for you – you can choose self-cleaning glass as an option, which breaks down dirt and dust all on its own.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, you could go one better. Triple glazing takes double glazing and adds another panel of advanced glass to it, giving you more insulation and more protection from the weather too. With another pane between you and your outside world, you can trap even more heat inside your home, and send your energy bills rocketing downwards.

Triple glazing can be more complicated to fit as a replacement option, though. Not only that, but it usually costs about £110 more on average, although this can vary depending on the dimensions of the replacement glass you need for your window. While you’ll have to pay more initially, however, you’ll be able to put more money back in your pocket over time.

Solar Glazing

Another cutting-edge option is solar glazing. When you get replacement glass for your windows, one of the central goals is to save energy. But solar glazing creates it, as it uses solar technology to turn heat and light from the sun into electricity. That way, you’ll get the benefits of advanced glazing, but with the ability to create your power organically in good weather.

Can I Fit Replacement Glass into My Window?

You may wonder whether you can install replacement glass for your windows. However, when you work with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll get in touch with a trusted network of installers and suppliers. They’ll ensure your new glass is made-to-measure and entirely bespoke. They’ll also install it as part of your quote, making fitting your glass easy.

You can also style your glazing to reflect your home’s style and personality. You can choose tints and patterns for your glazing that add a splash of colour to your living space. As a result, you won’t only enhance your old windows with performance, but you can give them a stylish new look that complements your improved home.

How Much Does Replacement Glass for Windows Cost?

Perhaps the most significant benefit of getting replacement glass for your windows is the cost. By only replacing the glass, you can save money and time compared to installing an entirely new window. Double glazing is the most cost-effective of the options you can install, and it can cost less than £150 for you to add this solution to your window.

Triple glazing, on average, costs around £110 more per window to fit. That’s because you’ll get one more pane of glass, which means you’ll get a more robust window that can secure your home more tightly. Triple glazing is worth the extra investment for its added performance as well, as it can save you more money on your energy bills.

When you use Double Glazing On The Web to find replacement glass for your windows, we put you in control. You can use our online replacement glass quote builder, which gives you all the options at your fingertips. You can choose your glazing, input your dimensions, and add any colours that you want, and we’ll provide you with a free, instant online quote for your design.

Then, we’ll put you in touch with several of the suppliers in our network. They’re all local specialists with years of experience, and we ensure they have regulatory approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. Because of this, you can have total peace of mind in working with them, and their glazing options will almost certainly transform your home.