With A-rated windows, you could save money inside your home for years to come. That’s because these windows are the leaders in thermal efficiency. If you’ve recently moved into a new one – or your current one is an older property – you might have outdated windows.

Designs that use timber frames, or single-glazed glass, aren’t the best option when it comes to saving energy inside your home. Because single-glazed glass is thin, cold air can pass through it from outside, replacing warm air that can escape from inside. Also, wooden frames aren’t weather-resistant, meaning they can crack and let more of your home’s warmth out.

As a result, you could be losing a lot of energy that you use every day. Studies show that up to 10% of a home’s energy can escape through underperforming windows. Because of this, when you turn on your radiators, you could be flushing money out of your pocket.

Energy bills are only getting higher, and it can be quite hard to get in control of them in an older home. Windows that use cheap materials, or are beginning to show signs of wear, could end up costing you hundreds of pounds a year. Not only that, repairing them can be expensive too.

However, if you replace your old designs with new A-rated windows, you can get back in control of your home’s climate. If your windows have an A-rating, it means that they reach the highest standards of thermal efficiency.

That means you’ll get double or triple glazing that creates a thermal barrier for your home, and weatherproof uPVC or aluminium frames that don’t crack or twist in wind and rain. Also, the whole design will be air and water-tight, reducing draughts and dampness, and long-lasting as well!

how to save money with a-rated windows

What Are A-Rated Windows?

A-rated windows do exceptionally well in terms of thermal efficiency. The ‘A-Rated’ mark comes from the WER, or Window Energy Rating, of a window. WER is a test that looks at all the elements of how a new window will use energy in your home. If the design lets some energy escape, then it’ll get a lower rating.

Windows also have to meet these standards on things like air permeability, ensuring they don’t have gaps for your home’s natural heat to escape through. If a window is A-Rated, though, it means it doesn’t lose any energy at all. As a result, when you turn on your central heating, you’ll know all of it is going towards keeping you warm and comfortable.

However, with A-Rated windows, you might not need to. That’s because your new window will work to keep your home warm at every hour of the day. You’ll be able to choose a unique, advanced design, which has clever features that help you retain even more of your home’s heat.

For example, you can choose aluminium window frames with a polyamide bridge, which adds another layer of insulation. Additionally, with window styles like the tilt and turn or sliding sash, you can get a broader opening than older options.

Tilt and turns open inwardly or outwardly while sliding sash windows open vertically, letting natural light and fresh air enliven your living space. And, with a choice of uPVC and aluminium frames, you’ll be investing in a fully weatherproof design.

Because of this, your new window won’t scratch, warp or decay, meaning you won’t have to carry out any repainting or revarnishing. As a result, you can invest in a unique colour or woodgrain finish, meaning your window looks as good as it feels.

How Do A-Rated Windows Work?

A-Rated windows have leading designs, helping you block out the cold and save money inside your home. But how do the best windows on the market work? Firstly, the double glazing section of your window does a lot to provide your home with insulation.

Double glazing uses two panes of glass with a small space in between them. A-Rated windows will almost always fill this space with argon gas, which can reduce the temperature of hot air and increase the temperature of cold air. That means it can prevent condensation, as it reduces contrasting pressures that can cause a mist to build on your glass.

Not only that, but it slows down the chemical vibrations of the air, reducing its power and ability to travel through the glass. That means cold air will then try and find other gaps in your window to pass through, which is where your durable frames come in. With a brand-new design, you’ll get the option of uPVC, aluminium or even composite for your window.

All of these materials have no design gaps or cracks, which timber has. Also, these frames are fully weatherproof. Because of this, the frames make your window air-tight, while a multi-chambered profile will also allow you to let warm air escape your home, particularly useful in a conservatory.

A-Rated windows do more than save energy for your home, too. Because of the durable design, you’ll get excellent sound insulation. That means you can enjoy a warmer living space in peace as well, as the double glazing can break up sound waves and reduce their potency.

Also, you’ll get a window that lasts. Because the design is air and water-tight, condensation will struggle to develop, and the weatherproof frames won’t crack, rot or twist for decades.

save money with a-rated windows

How Much Money Can I Save With A-Rated Windows?

The best thing about A-rated windows, potentially, is just how much you’ll save. You could be losing up to 10% of your home’s energy through windows that are performing badly, so any replacement makes a big difference. However, top-of-the-range A-rated windows, with triple glazing in their design, could save up to £155 a year in your home.

While triple glazing has a higher cost, the rewards outweigh it. Triple glazing uses three panes of glass, offering even more protection against cold air, and improving the strength of your window too. Although it can cost 30-40% more per window, triple glazing could save up to 50% more energy, helping you pay the cost of your investment back more quickly.

Also, you can save on repair costs over time. Your windows will have lasting designs, meaning they’re unlikely to fail for decades. Not only that, but you won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance. Rather than repaint your window, like you would have to with a timber design, you can enjoy the vibrant colours safe in the knowledge that they won’t fade over time.

Additionally, your window can protect the internal hardware inside from rust and wear. As a result, you’ll get a smooth operation every time.

A+ Rated Windows

Sometimes, you’ll be able to find A+ rated windows too! Designs with this certification take what makes the A-rated windows so efficient, and improves on it. As a result, investing in these designs can help you save even more energy, and get total control of your home’s climate and comfort.

When you look for new windows, it’s always helpful to check the Window Energy Rating. By doing this, you can get a better idea of what design you’re investing in, and you can get peace of mind when you purchase it.

The Cost of A-Rated Windows

A-rated windows don’t have to cost as much as you think. You can get an efficient uPVC casement window, with advanced double glazing, for as little as £150 for your home. Alternatively, designs like tilt and turn windows and sliding sash windows can cost more while aluminium frames are often 15-20% more expensive than uPVC.

Finally, triple glazing, which improves energy efficiency by up to 50%, can cost 30-40% more per window. As a result, the cost of adding A-rated windows across your home can rise quite quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to take control of that price while also controlling your energy costs in the long run.

Finding the right installer for A-rated windows is particularly crucial. That’s because you don’t only want to find an installer you can trust, but one that supplies high-quality designs. That’s where Double Glazing On The Web can help!

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A-Rated Windows Prices

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