How do you get energy efficient windows for your home? If you want to add new windows, then you’ll want to make sure they’re efficient. New windows can save you money on your energy bills every day, and they can improve your home’s comfort for years to come as well. Finding those efficient windows, then, is vital to making a good investment in your home.

It’s good, then, to know what to look for in energy efficient windows. Designs like these should have advanced double glazing, durable profiles like uPVC or aluminium, and other additions that help save energy. For example, you can get windows with low-E glass or thermally broken profiles, both of which help you use energy more effectively inside your home.

Many companies will claim to have the most energy efficient windows on the market. However, there are a few signs you can look for to see through the sales pitches. All companies have to publish the WER’s, or Window Energy Ratings of their designs. Because of this, you can see quickly just how well any window performs.

Not only that, all energy efficient windows will have FENSA certification. FENSA approval means that the window in question can achieve the highest levels of thermal efficiency for your home and that they comply with all building regulations. Without FENSA approval, your windows might not be legally compliant, meaning you could land yourself in hot water rather than heat your home.

If you want to find approved energy efficient windows, then talk to Double Glazing on the Web. When you search for window quotes from us, you’ll find them from FENSA Approved Installers in minutes. As a result, you can easily save money on energy-efficient windows and get peace of mind for your investment.

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What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are a modern development that is changing the way homes feel across the UK. Designs like these are more durable than the windows of old and use denser materials. Instead of timber frames, which could crack and twist to leave gaps for cold air to enter your home, energy efficient windows use uPVC, aluminium or even composite profiles.

What makes these materials perform better than timber is their weatherproof design. Unlike timber, which wears down in wind and rain, these materials keep their shape. No gaps will emerge for cold air to enter your home or warm air to escape through cracking or warping. Modern window frames are air and water-tight, too, preventing draughts and condensation.

However, the main difference between energy efficient windows and older design is glass. In old windows, you would get one pane of glass, which doesn’t offer a lot of protection against heat transfer. With only a thin glass layer in your window, cold and hot air pass through easily, meaning fluctuating temperatures in the summer and winter.

Double glazing, though, is the standard for energy efficient windows, and you can invest in triple glazing as well. These windows create a thermal barrier for your home with multiple glass panes, trapping heat inside and keeping the cold outside. Because of this, you can sit inside your home comfortably without relying on your central heating, saving you money on bills and decreasing your carbon footprint.

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What to Look For in Energy Efficient Windows

When you compare energy efficient windows from various suppliers, they can all seem like great deals. After all, that’s what each company wants you to think. But, when you start to examine each window’s detail, you can start to see the cracks. For example, some windows might have low WER’s, a sign that they won’t perform as well as you might expect.

You can also see what kind of glass is inside the windows. If they have double glazing, then you’ll most likely get an energy efficient design. However, you could do better with triple glazing or low-E glass. Low-E glass can reflect more heat away from your home, reducing glare, all while blocking out cold air during the summer. Because of this, some energy efficient windows stand out above the rest.

However, the main sign that you’ll be investing in energy efficient windows is a logo. If you see the FENSA logo on a window, then it shows the design is compliant with Building Regulations. Not only that, it’ll meet energy efficiency standards for your home, ensuring that your new windows will make your living space warmer and more comfortable for decades to come.

FENSA’s logo makes more of an impact when it isn’t on a window, though. Because FENSA approval is required for modern energy efficient windows, failure to have it signifies that the windows may not be legal. You could be getting a design that offers poor performance, is fragile, and could leave your home out in the cold. Because of this, choosing FENSA approved windows is vital.

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Finding Energy Efficient Windows

Finding energy efficient windows shouldn’t take too long. However, finding the right deal for new windows is what takes time. Many homeowners choose to invest in windows from the big national installers to ensure they get good quality. However, you’ll pay a hefty price for it, as larger companies charge higher costs and premiums to cover their overheads.

While local installers are cheaper, though, that doesn’t mean you’ll get more value for money. Some local installers are out to make a quick buck rather than provide you with quality windows. As a result, they might charge too much for poor windows, use high-pressure sales tactics, or even scam you. It’s hard to know when you’re working with a trusted trader or a rogue one these days.

But, when you search for energy efficient windows through Double Glazing on the Web, you’ll find prices you can trust. We only work with reliable local installers, meaning you get responsive, caring service from people who value their customers. We regularly review our network to make sure you always work with the best companies in your area.

And, through our network, you can find that brilliant deal for energy efficient windows you want. We allow you to compare prices from a range of installers, meaning you can find energy efficient windows at brilliant prices. From there, you can negotiate offers too, meaning you could find deals with us that you wouldn’t get anywhere else!

Energy Efficient Windows Prices

At Double Glazing on the Web, we make sure you can find energy efficient windows every time you search with us. We only work with the best installers, and we make sure they’ll go above and beyond for your home. And, as they’re local to your area, you’ll get lower prices, shorter wait times and more personalised service too, making you feel more valued.

Finally, we know how important the FENSA certification is. It’s why many of the companies in our network are FENSA Approved Installers. You can find them in minutes through us rather than in days on your own as well. Due to this, searching for energy efficient windows through Double Glazing on the Web can save money, time and hassle all at once.

If you’d like to save money on energy efficient windows today, fill in our online contact form to start the process. Also, if you have any questions, you can always speak to our friendly team! Call us on 0800 015 5679 today for any advice and information you need.