How to Fix Blown Double Glazing

How to Fix Blown Double Glazing

Double glazing provides our homes with exceptional thermal efficiency all year round. Whether it is about keeping your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer, double glazing allows you to use less energy throughout the year. With energy prices currently soaring and only looking to get higher still, it is incredibly important to make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. By investing in double glazing, you’ll be on your way to providing your home with protection against heat leaking and overspending on your energy prices.

Unfortunately, double glazing is not infallible, and once it has broken, you’re going to struggle to maintain that level of thermal efficiency in your home. Therefore it is incredibly important to spot when your double glazing is faulty or blown so that you can address it quickly.

How does Double Glazing become ‘blown?’

Double glazing becomes blown when there is a leak somewhere in the window that has caused the insulating gas, argon typically, to escape and regular air to filter in. This generally occurs through the seal, which is the piece of black rubber that runs around the edge of the glass. As this is the weakest part of the window, this tends to be where breaks can happen.

Several factors can result in blown double glazing, which includes:

  • Poor installation: If the home windows have been now not mounted efficiently, the seal may fail prematurely.
  • Age: Over time, the seal can degrade because of publicity to the elements and general put on and tear.
  • Damage: Impact from objects, extreme weather situations, or structural troubles with your own home can cause the seal to interrupt.

You’ll know that your double glazing has blown when it starts to mist or fog up, and you cannot wipe it off. You’re getting condensation on the inside of the glass, which is why you can’t wipe it off from the outside. The only way that water vapour from the outside world gets into a double glazing unit is through a leak since the whole thing is intentionally vacuum sealed with the thermally insulating gas between the glass.

Other symptoms of blown double glazing consist of:

  • Drafts: If you experience bloodless air coming thru your window, the insulating gasoline has probable escaped.
  • Reduced power performance: Higher electricity payments can indicate that your windows are now not presenting most advantageous insulation.

The importance of prompt repairs

It’s important to address blown double glazing as quickly as feasible to:

  • Maintain electricity efficiency and maintain your payments low
  • Prevent further damage to the window unit
  • Avoid capability fitness risks related to mildew growth because of condensation

How to fix blown double glazing?

Once the unit has blown, you will need to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible so that you don’t have to suffer from poor thermal insulation in your home for long. Furthermore, the condensation can lead to other issues, such as the build-up of black mould, which can pose health risks and can damage the window even further if not dealt with.

When it comes to how to deal with your blown double glazing, you’ve got a few options in front of you:

  • Have the seal replaced by a professional
  • Replace the seal yourself
  • Have the whole unit replaced

Which is the best option?

While the last option might seem somewhat dramatic, it’s probably the best option to go with. Once double glazing blows, you’ve lost all of the thermally insulating gas that sits between the two panes of glass. So even if you do choose to replace the seal, you’re still going to have lost a key layer of insulation from the inside of your double glazed window.

Replacing the seal yourself is by far the cheapest option of the three and certainly, the one that can be done quickest. Replacing the seal is a relatively easy task for DIY, and there are many guides on the internet on how to do it. You will need a few bits of equipment and a certain amount of know-how to ensure that you don’t break the glass or any other part of the unit during the replacement. This method comes with the lowest recommendation of the three from us. However, it is worth pursuing if you feel it is the best option for you.

Having the seal replaced by a professional is the middle recommendation among the three. If you choose to go this route, you can be assured that the job is getting done right, and you’re still saving money on having the whole thing replaced. A professional will also vacuum out the air between the two panes of glass so that you have a vacuum between them instead of moisture-filled air. It’s not as good as the thermally insulating gas, but if you want to ensure that you won’t have another condensation build-up anytime soon, this is the way.

Having the unit replaced is the best option of the three. When double glazing blows, it had likely reached the end of its natural life cycle anyway and should be replaced completely to reach thermal efficiency levels from before the seal was broken. If you’d like to compare prices for double glazing installers, you can do it right here on our website!

DIY seal substitute: Steps and risks

Replacing the seal yourself is with the aid of a long way the cheapest alternative of the three and surely, the one that can be performed fastest. Replacing the seal is a extraordinarily easy mission for DIY, and there are many courses at the net on how to do it. You will want a few bits of equipment and a positive quantity of realize-how to make certain which you don’t destroy the glass or some other part of the unit during the substitute. This technique comes with the bottom recommendation of the 3 from us. However, it’s miles well worth pursuing if you sense it’s far the high-quality alternative for you.

While changing the seal yourself can be a value-powerful answer, it comes with a few risks:

  • Accidentally breaking the glass in the course of the restore process
  • Failing to obtain an hermetic seal, leading to destiny troubles
  • Voiding any current warranties for your double glazing

If you make a decision to update the seal your self, follow these general steps:

  • Remove the antique seal carefully the usage of a application knife or scraper
  • Clean the location thoroughly to remove any residue
  • Apply the brand new seal, ensuring it’s miles even and nicely adhered
  • Allow the seal to dry completely before checking out the window

Professional seal replacement technique

Having the seal replaced by means of a expert is the middle advice a few of the three. If you pick out to head this route, you could be confident that the activity is getting finished right, and you are nonetheless saving cash on having the whole lot changed. A professional may also vacuum out the air among the 2 panes of glass so that you have a vacuum between them in preference to moisture-stuffed air. It’s not as good as the thermally insulating gas, however in case you want to ensure that you might not have some other condensation build-up whenever quickly, that is the manner.

When you lease a expert to replace your double glazing seal, they may:

  • Remove the vintage seal and easy the location
  • Vacuum out any moisture or particles between the panes
  • Replace the insulating fuel (if possible) to restore thermal efficiency
  • Install a brand new, wonderful seal to save you future leaks

Benefits of complete unit replacement

Having the unit replaced is the best option of the 3. When double glazing blows, it had likely reached the quit of its herbal existence cycle besides and ought to get replaced completely to attain thermal performance tiers from earlier than the seal was broken. If you would like to examine costs for double glazing installers, you may do it proper right here on our internet site!

Although extra expensive in advance, replacing the whole double glazing unit offers several advantages:

  • Improved power performance with the ultra-modern era
  • A longer-lasting solution that reduces the likelihood of destiny issues
  • Potential to improve to better-appearing glass (e.G., low-E coatings, triple glazing)
  • Often comes with a warranty for peace of mind

Factors to do not forget when determining between repair and substitute

When figuring out the best direction of action on your blown double glazing, don’t forget:

  • The age of your contemporary gadgets and their predicted last lifespan
  • The extent of the harm and whether or not a repair will offer a lasting solution
  • Your price range and the lengthy-time period price-effectiveness of every option
  • The overall situation and appearance of your windows
  • Maintenance tips to save you blown double glazing

To help prevent your double glazing from blowing, comply with these recommendations:

  • Regular cleansing and inspection of your windows and seals
  • Prompt upkeep of any cracks or damage to the body or glass
  • Ensuring right air flow to lessen moisture buildup
  • Avoiding harsh chemical substances or abrasive cleaners that could degrade the seals

Comparing costs and deciding on a expert installer

The fee of repairing or changing blown double glazing varies depending on factors including:

  • The size and range of affected devices
  • The type of glass and seal cloth used
  • The complexity of the set up
  • Your place and neighborhood labor costs

When deciding on a expert installer, search for:

  • Experience and information in double glazing upkeep and replacements
  • Positive reviews and references from previous clients
  • Transparent pricing and certain quotes
  • Warranties or ensures on their paintings
  • Energy financial savings and return on investment

By fixing your blown double glazing, you may anticipate to:

  • Reduce your power bills by way of maintaining your private home’s thermal efficiency
  • Improve your consolation by way of removing drafts and temperature fluctuations
  • Potentially increase your own home cost with updated, well-functioning windows
  • Contribute to a greener domestic by way of lowering your electricity intake and carbon footprint


Addressing blown double glazing is critical for retaining your private home’s electricity efficiency, consolation, and value. While there are several alternatives available for fixing this issue, along with DIY seal alternative, professional seal replacement, or complete unit substitute, it’s essential to not forget factors just like the age of your home windows, the volume of the harm, and your finances when making a decision. By promptly repairing or replacing blown double glazing devices and imposing right upkeep practices, you could enjoy the long-time benefits of a nicely-insulated home even as saving on energy prices and reducing your carbon footprint. Don’t hesitate to consult with a professional double glazing installer to speak about your options and make sure that your own home remains snug and green for future years.


Can I prevent my double glazing from blowing? 

While it’s not usually possible to prevent double glazing from blowing, you could take steps to limit the risk. Regular preservation, including cleaning and analysing your windows and seals, directly repairing any damage, ensuring right air flow, and warding off harsh cleaners can assist in amplifying the life of your double glazing gadgets.

Is it really worth changing simply one blown double glazing unit, or do I need to update them all? 

The selection to replace one or all your double glazing devices depends on numerous factors, such as the age of your windows, the condition of the alternative devices, and your finances. If at best one unit is blown and the others are in desirable circumstances, replacing the affected unit may be a cost-effective solution. However, if your windows are old and multiple gadgets are displaying signs of wear, replacing them all right now can be cheaper in the long run.

How long does it take to replace a blown double glazing unit? 

The time required to replace a blown double glazing unit varies depending on the dimensions of the window, the accessibility of the unit, and the complexity of the set up. In most instances, a professional installer can update a single unit within a few hours. However, in case you are replacing a couple of devices or have custom-sized windows, the process might also take longer.

Will fixing my blown double glazing actually make a difference in my strength bills? 

Yes! Blown double glazing units permit warmness to get away from your property, forcing your heating and cooling systems to paint tougher to maintain a cushty temperature. By repairing or changing your blown gadgets, you may enhance your property’s insulation, lessen drafts, and decrease warmth loss, resulting in lower electricity payments and a more cushty living area.

How do I select a dependable double glazing installer? 

When choosing a double glazing installer, search for a business enterprise with significant experience in repairs and replacements, tremendous evaluations and references from previous customers, obvious pricing, and particular charges. Additionally, make sure that the installer offers warranties or guarantees on their paintings, as this will offer peace of mind and protection in case of destiny troubles. Don’t hesitate to invite for multiple quotes and compare services to locate the quality installer in your needs and finances.

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