Window sizes have a drastic effect on prices. That’s because, the larger your window, the more parts you have to put in it, and the more space you’ll need inside your home. If you already have substantial windows in your home, then you may already know how much more they can cost.

However, if you’re looking to add new windows in an extension or a utility room, then it’s crucial to get the right size for your needs and your budget. With the broader window sizes, you could end up paying a lot more than you need.

Smaller windows are the most cost-effective, as you get all of the innovative features for the lowest possible price. Not only that, but you can open up your home with outstanding natural light. Thanks to the full double glazing and slimline frames of new windows, you’ll get a feeling of endless space no matter which windows you get.

If you want or need larger windows, though, you can still get a superb deal. There are unique styles like bow and bay windows that use multiple panels of glazing, and you can fully customise the size of casement, tilt and turn and sliding sash options for a mark-up.

There are many other factors than window sizes that affect window prices, too. For example, your choice of frame plays a role, with the option of durable uPVC, robust aluminium or an innovative composite blend which combines uPVC, GRP and timber.

Not only that, but you can choose customisable features to create a bespoke window, suiting your style as well as your budget. And, with the option to get made-to-measure models for your home, you can make sure you stay in control of the cost.

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How Do Window Dimensions Affect Price?

Window dimensions are perhaps the biggest reason why the price of your new design will be what it is. For example, smaller windows, such as the 500×500 dimensions, will cost around £150 each with a uPVC casement design.

However, for the same model in 1200×1200, considered substantial, you could expect to pay almost double that, with a £285 price on average. That means that you could quite quickly increase the amount you’d pay for a window, and that’s not counting any customisable features you’d like to add.

The question, then, is what size of window do you need? If you’re replacing older windows in your home that are underperforming, though, it’s best to stick with the right size. An installer will charge a lot more if they have to change the shape of the opening for your window.

That way, if you live in a house with substantial windows already, you’ll be better off going broad with your new design. Otherwise, it’s best to be space-conscious. However, you can make a crucial difference by investing in windows with brilliant openings, such as vertical sliding sash models.

If you’re adding new windows, a great way of creating space is to add them in smaller rooms. Your utility room, for example, might look tired and dark, while you could always add another window to a bedroom that isn’t sun-facing to give it a brighter glow.

When you do that, you’ll only have to add small windows to capture the effect you want. That’s because, no matter the size, you’ll still open your living space up to the sunlight and natural warmth. Additionally, you’ll get leading energy efficiency across all sizes, helping you save money on your energy bills.

How Do Window Frames Affect Price?

Whichever window sizes you’re looking to go for, the frame can also affect the price. With your new design, you can choose from uPVC, aluminium or composite materials. uPVC is the most affordable of the three and is becoming the UK’s most popular material for replacement windows.

That’s because, unlike old timber, it has no design flaws and is fully weatherproof. As a result, wind and rain won’t affect the strength and shape of your window, and it won’t rust either. Additionally, the material offers better insulation than timber so you can save money inside your home.

Aluminium, on the other hand, will cost 15-20% more than uPVC. However, you’ll get incredible strength and security. The material is a precious metal, meaning that it’s highly robust and durable.

Because of this, not only won’t it rust in wind and rain, but it’ll protect the internal security hardware of the window, including multi-point locking systems and shootbolts. As a result, you can get peace of mind with aluminium windows, and excellent privacy with superb sound insulation too.

Finally, if you have old timber windows, you may not want to lose their authentic style. However, what if you could get wooden windows with none of the drawbacks? Composite windows have a solid timber core, but the frame protects it with weather-resistant uPVC and GRP.

Not only that, but the structure is scratch-resistant so that it won’t have any visible damage. Because of this, unlike timber, the design is low-maintenance. You won’t have to repaint the frame regularly, and you can invest in unique colours that won’t fade for decades.

How Do Window Styles and Their Sizes Affect Price?

Casement windows are the most affordable window style, and the UK’s most popular. You’ll get a design with a full section of double glazing, and slimline frames. Because of this, casement windows let in tonnes of natural light, meaning you can give your living room a feeling of endless space.

You can invest in casement windows from sizes in between 500×500 and 1200×1200, for prices ranging from £143-450. That way, you can get a bright new window with a bespoke design for the best possible deal.

Tilt and turn windows, on the other hand, have an innovative opening system that marks them out. With these designs, you can tilt the glass inward, outward or several different ways. As a result, you’ll have more control over how you use your windows.

The tilting design makes cleaning a doddle, and the glass stays locked to a robust central bar even when you open it. Because of this, you can ventilate your home at night without worrying about security. Tilt and turn windows come in sizes from 500×500 to 1200×1200, with prices ranging from £400-675.

Sliding sash windows are a timeless design that adds class to any home. With these windows, you’ll get a vertical opening, meaning you can slide the design up effortlessly to reveal wide-open space. Sliding sash windows let the world in when you open them and protect your home when you close them.

That’s because, unlike the classic designs that inspire them, the windows sit flush within the frame and use weatherproof structures for an air and water-tight design. With the same range of window sizes, you can get prices between £525-950.

Bow and bay windows are an even more expansive option, with large window sizes that turn your home into a stunning, natural space. These designs use multiple panels of double glazing to create panoramic designs and have slimline frames that don’t get in the way of the views.

If you want to fit them, you’ll have to extend a wall of your home outward, but that means you’ll create genuine space inside your home. Bow and bay windows in the same range of window sizes as the other options have prices in the field of £1050-2300.


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Bespoke Window Sizes

With any window you invest in for your home, you can choose bespoke sizes. With a trusted local installer, you’ll be able to create a fully customisable window. That way, you can get a made-to-measure design with all the bells and whistles you want for the build.

You’ll be able to choose a unique window style and customise every part of it. For example, casement windows come in millions of potential combinations, while you have a choice of bold RAL colours and authentic woodgrain finishes for your new frames. No matter your choice, you can get bespoke window sizes that help you stay in control of your budget.

Online Prices for All Window Sizes

However, there is another way you can control the cost of your window in all shapes and sizes. That’s because Double Glazing On The Web makes it simple and straightforward to save money on the design. With us, you can get in touch with local suppliers right on your doorstep.

That way, you won’t have to risk working with rogue traders, wait for a national company to travel to them, or pay too much for what you’re getting. Instead, you can get friendly, personalised service for a window in your bespoke dimensions. Many of these companies are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders.

Take advantage of our online quote builder today to start thinking about your unique design. Choose every part of your new window, including sizes and dimensions, styles and features, colours and finishes. Once you’ve combed through every option, you can get an instant online price for the window of your choice.

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