Finding the right window fitters can be a challenge. That’s because, when you search for them yourself, you can never be sure who to trust. There are loads of questions you’ll ask yourself every time you meet a prospective installer.

Will they give me the right deal? Do they have accreditation? Could I get a better price somewhere else?

All of these factors make the process doubtful. Not only that, but you often doubt the people you meet when searching for window fitters. You never know if you’re working with a reliable trader or a rogue one.

Getting the wrong window fitters, then, can lead to all sorts of problems. For a start, you can pay far too much for your new windows, and some companies can charge high premiums for the same parts as you’d find somewhere else.

Additionally, when the installation begins, you end up having to watch some installers like a hawk. They might draw out the process, meaning you wait longer and your costs grow larger. And, in the worst case, some rogue traders will take your hard-earned money and run.

Because of all this, Double Glazing On The Web offers a better way. We believe that if you think local, check for accreditation, compare the market and watch out for dirty tactics, then you’ll get the right deal for your new windows. That’s why we’ve set up a service that does all of this for you.

When you work with us to find window fitters, you can get in touch with a trusted, extensively reviewed network of suppliers across the UK. You can speak to several of them too, comparing their prices and finding the best deal on the market. Not only that, but you’ll get friendly service from a trusted local provider.

local window fitters

Local Window Fitters

If you’re thinking about choosing window fitters, it’s best to think local. While national brands have a strong reputation, often that can persuade them to charge prices that weigh you down. Big brands are happy to put premiums on their parts and their services, meaning you pay way too much for new windows.

Not only that, but you’ll be in a long queue of homeowners waiting for their new windows. That way, while the installation shouldn’t take long when they get there, your window fitters could be weeks or months before they get to you.

With a local company, you’ll be able to work with professional window fitters that are right on your doorstep. As they’re a smaller brand, they’re less likely to charge high prices, and these companies are more likely to offer a brilliant service so they can build up their reputation.

Also, you won’t have to spend as much on travel fees to bring a local company to your door. Therefore, you can cut the cost of your new windows by a considerable amount. Also, as they’re so close, you won’t have to wait as long for them to fit your new windows.

Finally, working with a local brand means you’ll get local expertise. If there are any quirks about your area that might affect how your windows perform, they’ll know about it. Also, instead of calling up the recruitment department of a larger firm, you can get to know the people you’ve chosen for your job.

That way, you can build up rapport and trust with them, so you won’t have to stare them down when they fit the windows. Because of this, the entire fitting process is hassle-free.

Accredited Window Fitters

However, when you choose window fitters, how can you be sure they’ll have the right windows for you? That’s where accreditations and reviews come in. Before you decide to invest with a local company, it could be wise to take a look at some of their past work.

Not only that, but it can help you to find another installer should you get cold feet about the other one. There’s no harm in asking window fitters when you meet them to show you some examples of their previous work, so you can get a better idea of what you’ll get in your home.

Accreditations can help you determine the quality of a local company quickly. At a glance, there are some key bodies to look for to find out if you should work with a local provider. Regulatory agencies like FENSA and CERTASS have rigorous standards for window designs that local companies have to hit to achieve their accreditation.

If you see any of their badges, you’ll know you’ll be investing in market-leading models. Also, when it comes to the window fitting, Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders are the gold standard. Any company with those seals of approval is one to trust.

If you’re still not sure, then you can always look at reviews as well. Sites like Trustpilot offer scores for window fitters, and you can scroll down to find success stories and installation nightmares. That way, you can get a broader picture of what a provider will offer you.

However, some companies are wise to this and can pay for supportive reviews. As a result, the best recommendation to get is from the people you already know and trust. If one of your friends or family has worked with local window fitters and had a good experience, then that’s the best recommendation you’ll ever get.

comparing window fitters

Comparing Window Fitters

If you’ve found window fitters that are local and well-reviewed, then you’re on the right track. However, you might be able to do better. When you’re discussing prices for your new windows, the best way to approach it is to get multiple quotes.

That way, you can compare the prices several installers can give you, and use them as a bargaining chip. If you’ve got a lower quote from another provider, then you can always challenge the window fitters you’re meeting to match or lower their offer. As a result, you can bring the cost of your windows further and further down!

Because of this, it’s crucial not to take the first deal somebody offers you. Often, some rogue traders might try and tempt you with the idea of a ‘personalised offer’ that only you’ll get. Most of the time, though, they’ve been giving out the same price to all of their potential clients.

A lot of companies will use shady tactics to try and get you to accept a bad deal. For example, they may pressure you into paying a price that’ll expire tomorrow, or use hard sales tactics. If any window fitters try those, it’s best to walk away and find somewhere else.

However, comparing window fitters can take ages. If you have a busy schedule, and the full-time jobs of both work and family, then you just don’t have enough time to search for them. Not only that, but anybody could end up working with the wrong installer, and have a window fitting nightmare. And, if you decide to play it safe and choose a national provider, it could leave you out of pocket.

Because of all this, the best way to find the right window fitters, surprisingly, is to let someone else find them for you.

Find The Right Window Fitters with Double Glazing On The Web

Double Glazing On The Web isn’t a window fitting company. However, we can point you in the direction of the best window fitters near you. We’ve created an extensive network of window fitters across the UK that are all local, trusted, and ready to offer you brilliant service.

All you have to do is get a quote through us, and we’ll refer you to the companies which are closest to you. For peace of mind, many of the providers we work with have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. Many are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too!

When you get a quote with us, you can speak to several companies too. That way, you can compare prices across the market so that you can get the big picture. Then, you can negotiate with them all, meaning you can drive down costs further for your new windows.

Once you’ve agreed on a deal with a provider, you can arrange an installation schedule with them that fits around your life. When your window fitters arrive, they’ll offer a quick, thorough and tidy service that causes as little disruption as possible.

window fitters prices

Window Fitters Prices

It’s never been easier to find the right window fitters thanks to Double Glazing On The Web. So, what are you waiting for?

You can get a free online quote in minutes when you use our online quote builder. Our interactive tool as all the options you could dream of for your new windows. Pick and choose every part of the design, and customise it with unique colours, finishes and accessories, until you have a unique window for your home.

Then, we’ll provide a quote for your bespoke build, and put you in touch with the local companies in your area who can create it.

If you’d like to find out more about Double Glazing On The Web, then talk to our team today! Fill in our online contact form or give us a call on 0800 015 5679.