Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing: Which is Better?

Double glazing vs triple glazing, which is better for your home? If you’re looking to replace your windows then you will be wanting to get the very best deal and investment for your home.

Triple glazing gives you three panes of advanced glass, offering you more warmth and more comfort inside your home.

triple glazing vs double glazing

As well as that, triple glazing can also help you save even more money on energy bills than double glazing, so it’s important to weigh up the long term triple glazing or double glazing prices.

However, more isn’t necessarily better. There are a few crucial differences between double glazing and triple glazing that make a significant impact.

For example, triple glazing often costs 30% higher than its double-glazed counterpart, while having some drawbacks that double glazing does not.

Because of this, it’s never been more vital to compare the entire market to make the right investment for your home.

That’s why we at Double Glazing On The Web created our quoting service. With us, you can get a range of quotes from trusted double glazing specialists.

When you work with us, you can take the risk out of investing in double glazing and triple glazing.

That’s because we’ve made sure everyone in our network supplies windows, doors and glass with the most exceptional build quality.

That way, no matter your choice, you’ll enhance your home with a variety of benefits.

Some of the questions we hope to provide insight on when it comes to choosing between double glazing and triple glazing are:

  • Why should I get double glazing and triple glazing?
  • What are the differences between double glazing and triple glazing?
  • How does double glazing and triple glazing improve windows?
  • How does double glazing and triple glazing improve doors?
  • How does double glazing and triple glazing improve conservatories?
  • How much does double glazing and triple glazing cost?

Why Should I Get Double Glazing and Triple Glazing?

Double glazing and triple glazing can make a genuine difference in how your home uses its energy.

Currently, your home may have windows and doors that use single-glazed glass. With only one pane, you don’t have a lot of protection from cold weather outside, and heat can easily escape your home through the glass.

Your windows and doors may currently use either wood or PVC. While wood does offer some insulation, it can lose its performance over time. Cold weather and rain can get into the material and cause it to misshape and crack, damaging the frame. PVC also loses its performance quickly and doesn’t have a lot of insulation.

If you have a conservatory or another extended space, you may be experiencing problems with that too. That’s because older structures use cheaper materials like polycarbonate that allow for a lot of heat transfer. Due to its inefficiency, the room will get far too cold in winter and too cold in summer as well.

With double glazing and triple glazing, however, these problems will become a thing of the past. Both of these solutions can improve windows, doors and conservatories with their light, warmth and their energy-saving potential. Not only will you take back control of your home’s temperature, but you can save money by doing it too.

What Are the Differences Between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing?

For a start, triple glazing uses one more pane of glass than double glazing, giving you more performance and security. Thanks to our network, you’ll add toughened glass that keeps intruders well away from your home. As well as that, triple glazing gives you more insulation to make your home a warm, comfortable space.

However, double glazing is more flexible as an option. It puts less weight on the frames and also lets more natural light fill your home. Additionally, double glazing is much easier to install, meaning you’ll have less disruption when the time comes to fit your new addition. It also has excellent insulation in its own right.

Because it’s a little lighter, double glazing could also help your hinges and springs to function for longer, giving them more space to breathe. However, triple glazing can make them firmer and give your home better security. Both feature multi-point locking systems, and our trusted installers will fit them precisely too for added peace of mind.

The most significant difference between double glazing and triple glazing, however, is cost. Triple glazing usually costs about 30% higher than the equivalent double glazing in windows, although its performance is higher. Therefore, it’s crucial to work out which option is right for the addition you want to make to your home.

How Does Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Improve Windows?

With either double glazing and triple glazing, you can add windows to your home that make it feel brighter and more natural.

You can pair your choice of glass with either uPVC or aluminium frames. They’re slim and sleek, meaning you’ll get the most amount of light through your glazing, as well as fantastic views of the outdoors.

You’ll also be able to change the way your home channels energy for the better. With this advanced glass, you can create a thermal barrier for your home.

It’ll trap heat inside the panes, keeping your warm air inside and the cold weather outside. That way, you can stay comfortable in your space without needing to use your central heating.

With double glazing, you can get better light and a lighter, more functional window. These strengths make it ideal for sliding sash and tilt and turn options.

However, triple glazing’s superior insulation and security make it a better call for casement windows. Depending on what you value, our network can provide glass that suits you.

How Does Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Improve Doors?

Double glazing and triple glazing can also make a considerable impact on your doors. Doors aren’t just how you get from place to place, but are the main spaces where your home can lose energy.

That’s why the companies in our network supply robust doors that use this advanced glass in their designs.

For example, you could invest in a composite front door that makes a lasting impression. You can customise it with panels of double and triple glazing to provide a space for natural light to enter your home.

On the other hand, glass plays a massive role in sliding and bi-fold doors, which offer a bold design that makes your living space stand out.

You can add doors to any part of your home that makes stepping into another room an experience. Double glazing and triple glazing panels only add to their durability, style and secure design.

Also, thanks to our network, you can compare a range of door options to customise your dream option with as much glass as you’d like.

How Does Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Improve Conservatories?

If you have a conservatory or an extended space, then installing new glass can let you reclaim it. Too often, older structures become unusable as the weather changes because the heat transfer is too excessive.

However, double glazing and triple glazing keep cold air out and also regulate warm air coming in, keeping it comfortable all year round.

You can fit new roofing or surrounding panels with either one of these glass options. Not only will they make your space warmer, but they’ll make it safer and improve its weather protection.

Many of our suppliers offer self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt and muck on its own, saving you time.

Also, double glazing and triple glazing can both maintain the outstanding natural light in your space, while also regulating it.

Double glazing does provide more, making you feel a little closer to nature, but triple glazing guarantees a more consistent temperature.

When it comes to deciding, you won’t be able to make the wrong choice.

How Much Does Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Cost?

Triple glazing usually costs 30% more than double glazing in the same product. However, this difference in price does shrink when it comes to featuring it as a custom option in doors or extended spaces. While triple glazing is by and large a better option for your home, it may not be right for you.

For example, if you want to create a bright, relaxing space, or you want to add something to your home with minimal fuss, then double glazing is the right choice. However, for insulation and security, triple glazing is worth the price increase. At Double Glazing On The Web though, you can be confident of getting the best glass on the market.