Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing

Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing

Are your home windows draughty, letting in out of doors noise, or just antique and worn-out looking? Maybe it’s time for an improvement. But ought to you go together with double or triple glazing? Let’s evaluate the two so that you can decide what is fine for your house.

What is Double Glazing?

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing refers to domestic home windows that have panes of glass with a layer of air or gasoline sealed between them. This creates an insulating barrier that allows you to save you the warmth switch and decreases noise in comparison to single glazed home windows. Double glazing has been the same old in residential home windows for decades.

Frame Materials for Double Glazing

You can get double glazed windows with different frame materials:

  • uPVC – A robust plastic material that’s energy green and clean to maintain
  • Aluminium – Durable and narrow, but no longer as precise at insulating
  • Wood – Looks conventional and conventional
  • Composite – A blend of wooden and plastic it really is very solid and insulating

Advantages of Double Glazing


One of the high-quality matters about double glazing is that it’s lower priced. It costs much less than triple glazing, so it’s an awesome desire if you’re on finances. Double glazing can still make your home a good deal more comfortable and electricity green than single-pane windows.

Improved Insulation

Double glazing keeps your house warmer than single-pane windows. The layer of air or gasoline among the glass panes stops warmness from escaping. This method your house will stay at a greater even temperature. You may even keep money to your strength bills.

Noise Reduction

Double glazing can also assist make your home quieter. The two panes of glass and the air gap take in sound waves from outside. This is wonderful in case you stay in a hectic area or near a prime avenue.

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Low Maintenance

Double glazed home windows are clean to take care of. Dust and dirt can not get between the panes, so they may be easy to easy. Double glazing is likewise robust and might remain for 2 decades or greater.

Disadvantages of Double Glazing

Limited Noise Reduction

While double glazing does reduce noise, it might not be sufficient in case you stay someplace very loud. If you are very touchy to noise, triple glazing may be a better desire.

Potential for Condensation

Double glazing facilitates lessened condensation, but it may nevertheless occur every now and then. If it is much chillier outdoors than internal, or if your private home may be very humid, you might get condensation on the inner pane.

What is Triple Glazing?

What is Triple Glazing?

As you may wager, triple glazing capabilities three panes of glass instead of . The two outer layers of glass are separated from the centre pane via spacers, growing  insulating air gaps within the sealed unit. This construction gives even more insulating residences and noise reduction than double glazing.

How Triple Glazing is Made

Like double glazing, the gaps among the triple glazed panes are frequently full of argon fuel. Warm-edge spacers with low conductivity similarly beautify the insulating residences. Some triple glazed home windows may have one pane coated with a low-emissivity (Low-E) steel oxide layer to reflect heat lower back into the room.

Advantages of Triple Glazing

Superior Insulation

Triple glazing is even better at retaining your house heat than double glazing. The more pane of glass and layer of air or fuel makes it more difficult for heat to escape. This way your house will stay hotter in winter and cooler in summer. You won’t need to apply your heating or air con as an awful lot.

Enhanced Noise Reduction

The three panes of glass in triple glazing block out more noise than double glazing. If you stay somewhere very loud or just need a peaceful home, triple glazing is an exceptional preference. It can make a big difference in how a good deal of door noise you pay attention to.

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Increased Energy Efficiency

Triple glazing is the maximum strength green kind of window. By stopping warmth from escaping, triple glazed home windows permit you to use much less energy. This saves you cash in your payments and is better for the environment.

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Reduced Condensation

Condensation takes place when warm, damp air touches a cold floor like a window. Triple glazing prevents condensation due to the fact the inner pane remains warmer. This can prevent problems like mould and water damage around your home windows.

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Disadvantages of Triple Glazing

Higher Cost

The foremost downside of triple glazing is that it charges more than double glazing. The extra pane of glass and greater complex manufacturing make it more steeply-priced. This may be a problem in case you’re in a good price range.

Increased Weight

Triple glazed windows are heavier than double glazed ones because of the more glass. This extra weight can pressure the window frames. You might want more potent frames to preserve the glass. This could make set up costs greater.

Reduced Solar Gain

Triple glazing is exquisite at preserving warmness in your own home. But it can additionally reduce the amount of herbal heat from the solar that comes in. This is known as solar benefit. In less warm climates, this solar advantage can help heat your house in wintry weather. With triple glazing, you might want to rely on your heating a chunk extra.

Head-to-Head: Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing
A cross section of window Design of pvc profiles for window, triple glazing cross selection

Energy Efficiency

Both double and triple glazing are far greater strength energy efficient than single pane home windows. But triple glazing takes it to the following stage.

U-value (measures insulation, lower is better):

  • Double glazing: 1.6 – 2.8
  • Triple glazing: 0.8 – 1.6

Solar gain (heat from sunlight that passes through):

  • Double glazing: 75%
  • Triple glazing: 62%

So triple glazing is better at retaining warmness in, but additionally allows less free warmness from the solar. What’s the gold standard depends on your climate.


Noise Reduction

Live somewhere noisy? Both double and triple glazing will considerably lessen sound compared to single panes.

  • Double glazing: Up to 31dB reduction
  • Triple glazing: Around 34dB reduction

Thicker glass panes and quality-tuning the air gap width could make each type even extra soundproof.

Preventing Condensation

Sick of condensation and moisture for your windows? Double and triple glazing each help via preserving the inner pane warmer than single glazing.

Buying triple glazing’s extra insulation makes it even better at stopping condensation from forming at the inner of the glass. If window condensation is a big difficulty for you, triple glazing is the way to head.

Cost Comparison

There’s no getting around it – triple glazing prices greater than double. Expect to pay 20-35% more in line with the window for the more pane and beefier frame.

However, in case you stay in a cold weather or have quite a few large windows, the long-time period electricity savings with triple glazing could make it worth the fee.

Other Things to Think About

A few more factors to consider when choosing your glazing:


Triple glazing requires a thicker, bulkier body than double glazing to match the more pane. This is less important on massive home windows, but can look heavy and clunky on smaller ones. If you like a narrow, cutting-edge appearance, double glazing can be the better match.

Window Type

Some specialised window patterns like tilt-and-turn or sliding sash might not be available in a triple glazed option due to the extra weight. If you have got your heart set on a specific window design, double glazing might be your handiest preference.

What Else Can I Do?

Not sure if double or triple glazing is right for you? Here are a couple other options to consider:

  • Secondary glazing – Add a 2d window pane to the interior of your current ones
  • Extra-thick double glazing – Use thicker glass panes (6-8mm rather than the usual 4mm)
  • Acoustic laminated glass – Special noise-lowering glass that works top notch without a 3rd pane


Both double and triple glazing are a massive step up from old single pane home windows. While triple glazing offers the pleasant insulation and soundproofing, it also prices greater and can have a bulkier look.

At the end of the day, the proper preference relies upon your unique situation – your climate, noise stage, aesthetic options, and price range. We propose getting quotes for both double and triple glazing from relying on nearby window corporations to compare the general cost and ability power financial savings for your own home.

What Now?

Ready to begin taking part in a cosier, quieter domestic? Our unfastened service makes it easy to get costs from reliable window installers near you. Just solve a couple quick questions about your challenge and we will shape you with neighbourhood pros who can offer competitive pricing on notable double and triple glazed home windows. Get started now and take step one toward a more powerful green domestic!


How much extra does triple glazing value than double glazing?

Commonly, triple glazing charges approximately 30-40% more than double glazing.

Can I actually have both double and triple glazing in my home?

Yes, you may mix double and triple glazing in your own home, depending on your needs and possibilities for each room or window.

Is triple glazing extra steady than double glazing?

Triple glazing may be barely greater secure than double glazing because of the greater pane of glass, however the average safety of your windows also depends on factors like the first-class of the locks and frames.

How lengthy does double glazing typically end?

Double glazing typically lasts between 20 and 35 years, relying on the high-quality of the materials and installation.

Will triple glazing make my house too warm in the summertime?

Triple glazing can barely reduce solar benefit, but it is not likely to make your property too warm within the summer. You can nevertheless preserve a cushty temperature via the use of air flow and shading when needed.

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