Changing Windows

changing windows

Could changing windows be a good idea? In your home, you might have older windows that are beginning to wear down. While you might not be able to see it, you’ll be able to feel it. Underperforming windows can allow more of your home’s energy to escape, and cold air from outside can also filter in. As a result, your home can feel less comfortable, and your energy bills could be more costly.

If your home feels like that, then changing your windows to more modern designs could be helpful. However, there are other signs, as well. If your window suffers from condensation, has obvious damage or discolouration, or is starting to operate less smoothly, these are all signs of the window beginning to fail. Thus, it’s important to do something about these signs now before they lead to total failures.

By changing windows, you’ll be able to save money inside your home. Modern designs are thermally efficient, meaning you can store more of your home’s natural heat and prevent cold air from getting inside. Not only that, new windows are more durable than their predecessors, meaning you’ll spend less on repair costs and maintenance in the long run.

Also, it’s possible to save money on modern windows as you buy them. When you compare prices from several companies, you can get a better idea of what you should pay for high-quality designs. Not only that, searching for local installers can usually give you better value-for-money. Leading local companies source their windows from leading manufacturers but don’t charge high premiums or high travel costs.

Because of this, changing windows is even easier with Double Glazing on the Web. We’ve designed our online service to help you find low double glazing prices on changing your windows from trusted local installers in minutes.

When Is Changing My Windows a Good Idea?

Changing windows can be a large switch-up for your home. Your windows might have been there for decades, and you may have gotten used to their looks. However, nothing lasts forever, and older windows definitely don’t. After only a few years, some older timber designs begin to weaken. As a result, they become less efficient and more vulnerable to damage.

One sign that your windows may need replacing, then, doesn’t involve your windows at all. If you can feel the cold inside your home more than you used to, there’s a good chance old windows are the reason. For example, the frames may have warped out of shape over time due to dealing with poor weather conditions. Because of this, they become less air and water-tight, allowing cold air and even draughts to enter your home.

Another sign that changing your windows might be a good idea is if they suffer from condensation. A mist can build up on the inside panel of your window when hot and cold air collides inside your home. If that’s happening, then the window isn’t preventing this collision or making it happen earlier. As a result, the sealant could be failing, and your windows are more likely to break under pressure as well.

Finally, if you notice that your windows are difficult to open, that could be a sign they’re beginning to wear down. Over time, internal hardware such as hinges and handles can begin to rust and fade, meaning your window opens and closes much less smoothly. If any of these signs are present, then you might only want to repair your windows.

Can Changing Windows Save Me Money?

But repairing windows might not be the best change you can make. While you’ll solve the problem, for now, it may only be a short-term fix. Over time, your windows will still wear down and fail, and repairing only prolongs this. Not only that, the old windows you have may have been underperforming in the first place. As a result, you could enhance your home massively with new designs.

One reason people choose not to replace their windows is the cost. However, it could be a better investment in the long run. Rather than spend money on multiple repairs over time, you can pay one price for a long-lasting, thermally efficient window. And, because it’s so efficient, it can save you money inside your home every single day.

By changing your windows, you could cut the cost of your energy bills. Modern designs have advanced double glazing and durable profiles, creating air and water-tight design with excellent insulation. As a result, you won’t feel the difference inside your home between hot and cold days. Instead, you’ll keep control of your home’s climate, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint!

Saving money is only the start of the benefits changing your windows can provide, too. You’ll get better sound insulation, making your home peaceful and private, and full weatherproofing means you won’t even have to repaint your windows. Finally, you’ll get superb security hardware, such as multi-point locking systems, to keep you safe from intruders and to give you peace of mind.

replacing windows

Saving Money on Changing Windows

Although changing windows can save you money with ease, saving money on changing them is less easy. With so many options on the market now, getting the right deal is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s hard to work out which companies are offering high-quality windows and which ones are offering good value for their service.

A great way to get a better idea of the price is to compare multiple installers. By receiving quotes from across the market, you can find out more about what makes a quality window tick. For example, you should look for each window’s WER (with grades of A and above desirable), consider their internal security hardware, and make sure they have FENSA accreditation.

Comparing prices when changing your windows, though, is time-consuming. If you search on your own, it can take days to develop a broad picture of the window market. But, if you search for prices on changing your windows with Double Glazing on the Web, you can make comparing window prices the easiest part of your investment.

All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll put you in contact with several local suppliers in your area. From there, you can speak to them all, getting an idea of the quality of their windows and the quality of their service too. Above all, we believe in trusted local installers. As a result, you’ll find several, providing shorter wait times and lower prices than the big national brands!

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Changing Windows Prices

Changing your windows through Double Glazing on the Web can make sure you make a great investment. You’ll be in control from start to finish, working with the installers you want, and designing your window to be bespoke to your style, needs and budget. Your installers will install your new design made-to-measure for your home, too, providing a personalised service that makes you feel valued.

You can also have peace of mind investing in one of our trusted installers. We review them regularly to ensure they uphold high standards with every fitting, and they’ll provide competitive prices. Also, many of these companies are Checkatrade and Which? members, ensuring they’ll provide an installation service you can rely on.

You can use our online contact form today to start the process of changing your windows for less! Alternatively, ask us anything by calling 0800 015 5679 to find out more about how Double Glazing on the Web can help. We look forward to hearing from you!


Changing your windows is clever funding that could offer severa blessings for your private home. From improved electricity performance and lower payments to superior consolation, security, and slash enchantment, contemporary windows provide a huge improvement over ageing, underperforming designs. By comparing charges from trusted neighbourhood installers via Double Glazing on the Web, you can find the great fee in your window substitute task and experience a customised, awesome set up experience. Don’t let old, failing windows compromise your home’s performance and comfort any longer – take benefit of the opportunity to transform your area with stylish, efficient new home windows today.


How do I realise if it is time to replace my windows? 

Signs that indicate it is able to be time to alternate your windows consist of drafts, condensation between panes, difficulty opening or ultimate, seen harm or discoloration, and better than usual strength payments.

What are the most electricity-green home windows available? 

The maximum strength-green windows typically function with multiple panes of glass, low-E coatings, argon fuel fills, and insulated frames made from materials like vinyl or fibreglass. Look for windows with high Energy Star ratings and coffee U-values for highest quality performance.

Can I replace only a few home windows at a time, or do I want to do them ? 

While changing all your home windows straight away can offer an extra consistent appearance and regularly comes with a better usual price, it’s feasible to replace home windows in stages if your price range requires it. Prioritise the windows which might be inside the worst situation or that affect your comfort and electricity performance the maximum.

How lengthy does window set up typically take? 

The period of window set up depends on the wide variety of windows being changed and the complexity of the job, however an ordinary complete-residence window alternative can frequently be finished within 1-3 days by way of a professional team.

Are there any tax credits or incentives available for strength-green window substitutes? 

Many nearby utilities and authorities groups provide rebates, low-hobby loans, or tax credits for upgrading to strength-efficient home windows. Check along with your local utility corporation and study nation and federal applications to see in case you qualify for any incentives that could help offset the price of your window replacement venture.

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