Can You Install New Windows Yourself?

How to Measure uPVC Windows
You can install new windows yourself to save money on them. However, fitting windows yourself may not be the best option. In many cases, deciding whether to take the do-it-yourself approach with new windows can be a case of ‘you can, but should you?’. While, if you have some DIY experience, you can fit your own windows, it could be wiser to hire a trusted installer to do it for you. It all depends on your level of experience, the window and other factors. If you install new windows yourself, then you can benefit in several ways. Firstly, you can fit your own windows at your pace and on your schedule, meaning you won’t disrupt your life as much. Also, you can take complete control of the process and ensure the window fits your vision as well as your home. Finally, of course, you won’t have to shell out for an installer to come around and install the windows, saving you money on travel and labour costs. However, if you do install new windows yourself, then you can put a lot of pressure on yourself. You’ll have to measure the windows precisely, deal with unforeseen issues, and make sure you have the right tools for the job, some of which can be difficult to find. As a result, sometimes going with an installer is the right move rather than fitting windows yourself. Although it’ll cost more, you’ll be able to work with a trusted tradesperson who’ll be able to deal with any issues to give you a window with a precise fit. In any case, fitting windows yourself can be a challenging process. But you can make it easier with Double Glazing Quoter. We can put you in contact with installers from your local area who’ll ensure your window is fully fitted.
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Fitting Windows Yourself

It can make sense to install new windows yourself. If you’re operating on a tight budget, and you have some DIY experience, hiring an installer can seem like an unnecessary spend. But window installations can become complicated, especially if you’re adding a brand-new style to your home. Also, fitting windows yourself can take time. If you’re installing several of them across your home, each one can take up to 6 hours to fit, meaning you’ll need to set aside plenty of time to fit your own windows. However, if you are ready to take time out of your schedule, installing new windows yourself can work for you. If you’re replacing a window like-for-like, then it can be a more comfortable fit. These types of installations are ‘inserts’, which means you can preserve the interior and exterior trim of the window. That also means you won’t have to replace the original window frame when you fit your own windows, which can be far more complex. Fitting insert windows yourself can still be tedious, though. Often, you’ll need to move the window around strategically, in an opening that has changed and shifted over time. As a result, fitting windows yourself could be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. A creditable installer will wrap the exterior window in a coil stock that matches the window colour, meaning any fit can be seamless. However, that requires specialist knowledge.

Should You Install New Windows Yourself?

When you install new windows yourself, you can expose yourself to a lot of issues. One of them can be the warranty on your windows. In some cases, the installation of your window won’t have cover from the manufacturer. That means that, if anything goes wrong when you fit your own windows, they won’t cover the damage. Also, fitting windows yourself could void the manufacturer warranty too, meaning you should be sure about installing the windows yourself. Not only that but not every window has the same installation process. For example, if you need to replace a wooden window, then you could need to use shims to make the new one fit the frame. Alternatively, if you have an aluminium window, then you would need to use an external coil, which requires a ‘break’ tool. As a result, not knowing the process can be costly, especially if your new window is a ‘full-frame’ installation. While you may have to pay more to hire an installer, doing it can be rewarding. You’ll lift the pressure off of you, and you won’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to fir your own windows. You can also work with an installer so that they fit your own windows around your schedule, minimising the disruption. That way, you can get a perfect fit with peace of mind and without having to cause too much commotion for you and your family.
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Accurate Measurements for New Windows

Measuring new windows yourself is crucial to get right. When fitting windows yourself, any minor difference between the opening you have and the window you choose can be make-or-break. If the window’s too big, it simply won’t fit in your home, while a smaller window will have more gaps for cold air to get through, reducing your home’s energy efficiency. Because of this, you’ll have to get your measurements exactly right to get the proper installation. If you work with an installer from the start, they can provide the measurements for you. That way, you won’t be caught out when the design arrives. You’ll have a precise fit which minimises gaps, meaning that your window can make your living space more comfortable and reduce your reliance on your central heating. As a result, hiring an installer can help you save money on energy bills over time, paying back the excess cost.

Guarantees for New Windows

You want your new investment to last you a lifetime. But when you decide to fit your own windows, you could run the risk of it not lasting for that long. When fitting windows yourself, you can also void the manufacturer’s warranty. That means that, if the window should break even after you fit it, they may not pay for any damage, as they can blame it on your installations. If you fit your own windows, you don’t get a warranty on the fitting. Because of this, you could lose your entire investment by deciding to install your new windows yourself. Therefore, hiring an installer can stop this from happening. They’ll pick up the damages if they make a mistake, as their company warranty will protect you against any issues that arise. That way, you can cover your back and give yourself an added layer of financial protection, meaning you’ll ensure your investment lasts you for decades.

Install New Windows With Less Pressure

When you install new windows yourself, you can put yourself under pressure. Not only do you have to worry about the warranty issue, but you’ll also have to put your own experience to the test. If you don’t have a lot of experience, then this sort of challenge can be difficult. Not only that, but the added pressure means that you could be taking too much of a risk by fitting windows yourself. By hiring an installer, you’ll take that stress away and get your time back as well. An installer will do it at your schedule, and even when you’re at work. Also, these specialists complete hundreds of these installations a year and know what to do for insert, full-frame and other window fittings. You can take the pressure off yourself, ensuring your window makes good on your investment and performs to its peak level. A capable installer will always thoroughly test each aspect of your windows to ensure everything’s working correctly.
How much does it cost to install your own windows?

How Much Does It Cost to Fit Your Own Windows?

Of course, it won’t cost you anything to install your windows yourself initially. However, the price can rise in other ways. If you don’t have the right equipment to fit your own windows, then you’ll need to get it. Some tools, like ‘break’ tools to wrap any external coil around a window, can cost an awful lot. Due to this, fitting windows yourself isn’t as cost-effective as you may think. That means that the cost of hiring an installer could be more worthwhile, as well. When you work with Double Glazing Quoter, the price of getting a local fitter could surprise you as well. We have a network of trusted companies around the country, meaning we can connect one to you from your local area. That means they can get to your home more quickly, and you won’t have to spend as much on travel costs either. Also, when you get an installer through us, the installation will be even more affordable. Many of the companies from our network will fit your windows free, as part of your quote. Because of this, an investment in new windows using our service is a no-brainer. Many of these companies even have approval from bodies like Which?CERTASS and Checkatrade, ensuring superb build quality and excellent installation service to boot.

Install New Windows with Double Glazing Quoter

Don’t fit your own windows when you could go through an installer. Talk to Double Glazing Quoter today about choosing an installer to get your windows fitted, rather than fitting windows yourself. Contact us or fill out our online windows quote builder to select the windows you want. Then, we’ll refer you to our network, and you can compare offers from several specialists in your area so you can get the best installation at the best price. These prices will also be accurate and up-to-date, reflecting market changes caused by Brexit and COVID-19. We look forward to helping you install new windows!
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