Can Windows Be Fitted In The Rain?

can you fit windows in the rain

Can you fit windows in the rain? It might seem like an obvious question, but it’s often one many can overlook. As summer winds down and the colder months begin to kick in, it’s more likely that the question of whether windows be fitted in wet and windy conditions will become a more pressing concern.

Because of this, your installers might have issues on your hands, or you might if your fitting them yourself. Naturally, getting windows fitted in wet conditions is a lot more tricky than in the dry. However, barring torrential rain, installing windows is usually possible.

But that’s where other problems could arise. If your installers persist with fitting your windows in the rain, you might be working with people it’s best to avoid. Not only that, but they won’t be able to complete the entire process, due to the sealant needing dry conditions to fit properly.

Also, if you’re planning to install new windows this winter, you might find that it takes much longer to finish the job. That’s because, as well as the rain making conditions more difficult to manage, you could experience delays and longer wait times because of the higher demand.

However, if you end up having to get windows fitted in the rain, there are plenty of ways to ensure the process goes smoothly. For example, you can take measures in your home to prevent any issues with dampness in your windows down the line. You could invest ahead, finding the right time to get your windows installed to try and avoid the wet weather entirely.

And, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can make sure you work with installers that keep you covered, no matter how wet the weather outside gets. Get your quote today!

can windows be fitted in the rain

Can Windows Be Fitted In The Rain?

In most cases, windows can be fitted in the rain. However, in some extreme situations, it’s a lot safer not to. In torrential conditions, the weather outside can be far too dangerous. For example, if there’s a heavy fog that makes seeing the window more difficult, it could be risky trying to install the intricate frame.

Also, in storms, there can sometimes be a risk of lightning strikes which, while remote, comes into account. If you work with a professional window technician, though, they’ll know the right call for any conditions – if your installers press on through them, it may be a sign that they don’t.

However, some window installations are riskier. For example, even the lightest downpour can cause issues if you fit windows on upper levels of your home. In those cases, your installer could need a ladder or scaffolding to get up there, which can become slippery and unstable in wet and windy weather.

Because of this, they may have to reschedule the installation. Although it can be frustrating, these things can happen in some cases – a professional window company will always look to reschedule as soon as possible to minimise the disruption to your life.

Also, one thing you might not think about is what happens to your home during the installation. When you fit new windows in the rain, you’re usually replacing your old ones. That means, for a short period, there’s a hole letting rain flood into your living space.

If there are any issues with the fitting (which are more likely in poor conditions), then the rain could cause damage inside your home. For example, carpets and furniture can wear down, or the insulation your fitters are using can begin to grow mould. Because of this, it’s vital to trust your installer if you have to fit your windows in the rain.

Sealing Windows In The Rain

Fitting windows in the rain is possible. However, sealing them is a trickier task. All windows need a sealant to make sure they’re air and water-tight, so they can keep wind and rain outside your home for years to come.

But, if there’s rain on the day of installation, it can be more difficult to apply the sealant that protects you from it tomorrow. Most windows use a silicone sealant which goes around the frame to tighten the design. However, if it’s raining, silicone will not dry, while the caulking around the windows has the same problem too.

If your installers press ahead with fitting the sealant, then this can lead to some significant problems. If the silicone doesn’t dry out, the window doesn’t properly set. Because of this, there’ll be gaps for wind and rain to enter your home through, creating draughts and damp spots.

Additionally, the sealant is more likely to break down, which could lead to condensation and mould. Also, unset caulking can make your window loose, meaning it’s much more fragile. In these worst-case scenarios, you might even need to replace the design entirely.

Because of this, a professional installer will sometimes look to split the load. That way, you can complete the initial fitting in the wet, but seal the window properly once it dries up. Usually, that doesn’t take long to do, meaning it’s a fairly easy job for most providers to schedule.

By doing that, you can get peace of mind, knowing that your window will stay fully weatherproof for decades to come, and you can deal with thousands more rainy days with much less hassle than this one. And, if you’re still anxious, there are some things you and your installer can do to make the process safer.

can you fit windows in the rain

Tips For Fitting Windows In The Rain

If you fit new windows in the rain, you could end up with a hole in your living space for a period. While your installers switch them out, though, it’s wise to turn off the heating in your home. That way, you won’t be losing unnecessary heat, and you’ll be able to save a little bit on your heating bill.

Not only that, though, but that can reduce the humidity, meaning it’s harder for moisture to set in. As a result, you can protect the exposed areas of your home while the rain hits them, making issues down the line much less likely to develop.

Also, a protective floor covering can help. You can lay that down over the carpet, and perhaps place any valuables from your mantlepiece under it as well. By doing that, you won’t have to worry about any major water damage occurring in your home.

Clearing ornaments away from the windowsill can help the installation to go much more quickly as well. That way, you and your installers won’t have to waste any time, and you won’t have to expose your home to the poor conditions as much. And, if the forecast promises heavy rain on installation day, you can always reschedule with your installers beforehand.

Sometimes, the best way to approach fitting windows in the rain is to trust your judgement. If it doesn’t look safe, it probably isn’t. While you can usually rely on professional opinion, there are some cases where it’s best not to.

If an installer persists with fitting your windows, no matter how wet the weather outside gets, then it could be a sign that they’re looking to take the money and run. Unfortunately, rogue traders are out there, especially if you work with local companies.

Fitted Windows From Trusted Installers

So, how do you find the right installers for fitting windows in the rain? You could search for one yourself, but you never quite know who you can trust. Not only that, but it can take weeks to find one, especially when you have to take time out of your busy schedule to search.

Fortunately, there’s a better, easier way of finding trusted window fitters in your area. With Double Glazing On The Web, you can get an accredited window company for your job that’s right on your doorstep. They’ll be able to provide a friendly, trustworthy service that you can rely on come rain or shine.

When you go through Double Glazing On The Web, these trusted suppliers come to you, too. You can speak to several of them, so you can compare their prices and get a broader picture of the price you should be paying.

We’ll refer you to these suppliers for free as part of your quote, and you could save hundreds by negotiating with them. Also, for added peace of mind, many of these companies have fully accredited installation teams, and are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders!

can you fit windows in the rain uk

Can You Fit Windows In The Rain?

Can you fit windows in the rain? It only takes minutes to find trusted window installers in your area with Double Glazing On The Web. Use our service today, and get an installer who’ll answer the question of can windows be fitted in the rain.

Use our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can with advice and information. We can work with you to find the windows you want, and then refer you to the installers you want to fit them! We can also help you find accurate quotes that reflect the challenges posed by COVID-19.

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In summary, while becoming home windows within the rain is feasible in many situations, it does come with demanding situations and dangers. Professional window installers will assess the conditions and decide whether or not it is safe and advisable to continue with the set up. If the rain is simply too heavy or there are different hazards present, they’ll recommend rescheduling to make certain a right and steady fitting. When windows are installed in wet situations, more precautions have to be taken to save you moisture-related problems like fallacious sealing, mould boom, and harm to your home’s indoors. By working with permitted window corporations via services like Double Glazing On The Web, you could have peace of mind knowing that your window installation could be handled expertly, irrespective of the climate.


What are the main risks related to becoming home windows at some point of wet conditions? 

The primary dangers include fallacious sealing due to the sealant no longer drying efficiently, capacity water damage to your property’s indoors, and protection risks for installers operating on ladders or scaffolding. Additionally, the set up method may additionally take longer, and there’s a better chance of troubles like mildew growth or condensation if the home windows are not equipped nicely.

How can I make sure that my window installer is qualified to address installations in negative weather? 

To ensure your window installer is qualified, search for corporations which can be authorised, have Checkatrade membership, or are Which? Trusted Traders. These certifications suggest a high degree of professionalism and understanding. You can also ask about their enjoyment with putting in windows in difficult weather situations and what precautions they take to ensure a hit setup.

Is there a manner to defend my home’s interior from capacity water damage throughout a wet window set up?

Yes, professional window installers will generally take measures to guard your house’s interior at some stage in a wet installation. This can also consist of the use of tarps or plastic sheeting to cover furniture, floors, and different surfaces close to the installation region. They may also use absorbent materials to fast smooth up any water that enters your own home at some point of the procedure.

What steps can be taken to make certain proper sealing of my windows if they’re outfitted within the rain? 

If windows should be outfitted in the rain, installers may additionally choose to complete the installation in two stages. First, they will heal the window frames and stable them in place. Then, once the climate has cleared up and the vicinity is dry, they’ll return to apply the silicone sealant and caulking to make certain a right, weatherproof seal.

How long may I have to wait to reschedule my window installation if the weather is just too severe on the planned day? 

The period of time you can want to anticipate rescheduling depends on several elements, consisting of the severity of the climate, the installer’s agenda, and the time of year. In maximum cases, professional window organisations will intend to reschedule your set up as quickly as feasible, generally inside some days to per week, to minimise any inconvenience to you. It’s first-class to keep open conversation along with your installer to find an appropriate date that works for both parties.

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