Boiler repairs are crucial to keeping your home warm. However, you can often lose out with long lead times and poor installation, which leaves you out in the cold. When your boiler breaks down, you’re suddenly in a terrible position, with both your home’s heat and your rainy day fund suddenly decreasing.

But when you get boiler repairs, there’s a risk that they could go wrong. For example, it could take multiple visits to identify issues, your installer might draw out the work to earn a quick buck, or you might not get what you paid for at all.

With boiler repairs, there’s no room for risk either. An inefficient boiler, even one that isn’t at risk of breaking, can lose as much as 55% of your home’s energy potential. Because of this, you could need boiler repairs before something breaks.

A boiler like this could be costing you hundreds of pounds every year because of bad design, wear and tear, or a problem with pipes or radiators. Getting ahead of your problems by investing in boiler repairs now, then, could help you avoid the stress and costs of getting them only when the boiler fails.

However, if you have an inefficient boiler, why only get boiler repairs? If you want to save money inside your home and reduce the risk of your boiler failing, you can always get a boiler replacement! That way, you’ll get a brand-new system that is far more efficient, helping you feel more of the energy you put into your boiler.

You’ll be able to heat water more quickly, and you can get a full chemical power flush of your heating system with a new boiler so every part of it will work its best – much better than boiler repairs!

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Tips For Boiler Repairs

If your boiler breaks down, speed is everything. Because of this, figuring out what the problem is early on is crucial. The first thing you should do when something goes wrong with your system is to check the make and model.

If you know this from the off, the installer you call should have a better idea of what they’re dealing with before they arrive – if it’s a simple fix, they could even walk you through it, sparing the cost and the stress of them coming. Alternatively, they’ll arrive at your home with the right tools and knowledge, so they shouldn’t have to take multiple trips to your property.

Also, for both speed and cost, it’s better to find a local repair company for your boiler. Local companies won’t have to travel further than a few miles to get to you, and many won’t have the overheads of more recognisable brands. Because of this, you could get a much better deal for your boiler repairs.

Many local companies also stay in touch with you, and they can offer regular check-ups for your boiler. As a result, you’ll get more personalised service which gives your home the care and courtesy it deserves.

Another tip for boiler repairs is to do them before you need them. If your boiler fails, you’ll suddenly be in an uncomfortable home until someone comes round, and that could take days. Getting ahead of any issue that could occur, then, is hugely helpful.

That way, you’ll avoid getting caught in a costly repair job that takes up a lot of your time, and it can cost more money as well. You could either choose to replace filters, parts of the drainage system. Alternatively, replacing the whole boiler altogether can help you save money on your energy bills!

The Risks Of Boiler Repairs

The right boiler repairs can help you regain control of your home’s heating. However, when you call an installer out to fix your system, you lose that control straight away. Several local companies aren’t ones you should trust, and they can find ways to cheat you out of the high costs you’ve had to pay.

For example, when you search for a repair team yourself, you could end up paying a higher price than you might expect. That’s because many companies will promise ‘personalised deals’, or put pressure on you to take their first offer, known as ‘hard-selling’. These deals are almost always astronomically expensive.

Not only that, but the repair itself may go wrong. Some installers can draw out the work by checking your boiler and inventing multiple issues that aren’t there. They could even suggest that you replace parts that are working perfectly, driving the cost up even more.

Also, you may not be working with a company that’s fully qualified to carry out boiler repairs. When you work with an installer to get your boiler fixed, it’s always helpful to check if they’re Gas Safe-accredited. If they aren’t, they’re operating outside of the law.

Even if you work with trusted traders, though, your boiler repairs might come too late. If you have an old, cumbersome boiler, which uses an external storage tank and takes up a lot of space in your home, you could be losing hundreds of pounds already. These boilers are outdated, inefficient, and more prone to failure.

Even if you get boiler repairs for the design, it might only be a temporary fix. Eventually, you could have to replace your boiler when you don’t want to. With a boiler replacement, you can get ahead, benefitting from a warmer home while saving costs over time.

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Boiler Replacements

If boiler repairs fix problems, a boiler replacement prevents them from happening in the first place. Not only that, but you can save money and space with a new design that is better suited to your property. If you have a home with fewer than four or five bedrooms, then there’s no need to keep an old, conventional boiler with external tanks that take up your whole loft.

Instead, you could replace it with a system boiler, upgrading your home’s performance and downgrading in terms of size. With a new boiler, you can also have a full chemical power flush done, as well as new filters and other additional hardware fitted so that you can heat your home on command.

New boilers don’t take nearly as long to heat water, meaning you don’t have to wait for your radiators to kick in. Some designs don’t even have an external tank and have an all-in-one design. A combi boiler, for instance, can fit inside your kitchen away from view, heating a small to medium-sized home with ease.

Combi boilers have power outputs up to 42kW and are much cheaper to run than system or conventional options. That way, you’ll be making your home far more efficient, and you can save money on your energy bills by using less to get the heat you need.

A boiler replacement, then, does much more than boiler repairs. Also, you can keep yourself ahead of the game over time. With some local companies, you can request yearly boiler inspections.

That means, just before the winter, you can make sure every element of your boiler is working its best, and repair the parts that are starting to wear down. You can request this for your current design too, should you want to preserve it for longer.

Local Boiler Repairs and Replacement

Investing in a local company to carry out boiler repairs – or a replacement – is often cheaper than choosing a national company. However, it can be more risky and time-consuming. You could end up taking a lot of your spare time searching for a supplier yourself, reading reviews or hoping for a recommendation from a friend or family member.

No matter how hard you search, though, you could always work with a rogue trader. It’s difficult to know who to trust when you search on your own – that’s why, at Double Glazing On The Web, we strive to help you get excellent boiler repairs and replacements.

Rather than find a local company yourself, you can work with us and take advantage of our network of local traders across the UK. We’ve spent years building up, developing and reviewing our network, meaning you can work with a trusted company that’s right on your doorstep.

You can be sure that you work with a qualified Gas Safe installer, and many of the companies in the network are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too. You can speak to several of them to negotiate better offers between them too, finding the best deal you’ll get anywhere!

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Boiler Repairs and Replacements Prices

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