Energy efficient windows can provide plenty of benefits inside your home. With a modern design, you can do away with some of the problems that plague your living space, and enhance how it looks and feels.

If you live in an older home, you may have wooden windows or ones with single-glazed glass. Outdated designs like these don’t have a long shelf-life, can suffer from wear and tear in poor weather, and could allow up to 10% of your home’s natural heat to escape.

As a result of this, your home can grow cold quickly. And, over time, these windows will only grow weaker, losing even more heat and leading to maintenance problems that cost plenty of money to solve. However, instead of getting caught in the vicious cycle of repairs, why not replace?

Today, you can invest in affordable modern windows that have superb energy efficiency. That means they can insulate your home effectively, and they’ll use far less energy to make your home comfortable.

Because of this, you can feel the difference in your living space straight away. The design will feature advanced glazing, and a superb slimline uPVC or aluminium frame. Not only that, but your new window can come in a broad range of unique styles, and you can fully customise the model too.

That means you can choose bespoke accessories and bold colours to create a brilliant design you and your family will love. And, on top of all of that, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your energy bills.

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Why Should I Get Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows can help you redefine the look of your living space. That’s because their designs are sleek, slim, and can suit your home seamlessly. With a razor-thin uPVC or aluminium frame, and a full section of advanced glazing, you’ll be able to let natural light flood your living space.

Not only that, but you’ll get gorgeous views of the outside world that give you a front-row seat to nature. You’ll also be able to customise the frame fully with vibrant colours or authentic woodgrain finishes that won’t fade!

You can also invest in your home’s security with energy efficient windows. While they’ll make your home feel more comfortable, they can also help you to feel more comfortable inside it.

Modern windows use durable uPVC and aluminium frames, which can resist more substantial impacts and are less likely to weaken over time. Not only that, but these frames protect and conceal internal security hardware, like locking cylinders and multi-point locking systems, from burglars.

Also, your old windows don’t last for as long as you’d like. Timber windows can lose their performance after only a few short years, and you have to maintain and repair them regularly to keep them working for your home. Modern, energy efficient windows can last for up to 50 years, though.

An aluminium frame is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant too. Because of this, you can invest in colour with confidence, and save enough money on your energy bills to pay the cost of your windows back!

The Most Energy Efficient Windows

So, what are the most energy efficient windows? If you’re looking for a design that uses energy intelligently, then there are a few things that can identify a window’s performance. Firstly, all windows come with a Window Energy Rating or a u-value.

The WER scale slides up from F at the bottom up to A, with A+ and A++ options also available. The higher the grade, the better the efficiency, and different designs will always have slightly different performance ratings.

Another feature of energy efficient windows is advanced glass. Single-glazed glass can be quite fragile and thin, meaning that heat can pass through the design quickly. However, you can replace it with a window that uses made-to-measure double glazing.

Double glazing uses two panes of glass to trap heat inside the window, creating a thermal barrier for your home. As a result, cold air has a harder time entering your home, as does warm air leaving it. You could also invest in triple glazing, which provides up to 50% more energy savings!

Also, the frame of your new energy efficient windows is crucial. With older windows, you often get timber frames which have sturdy insulation but fall apart with ease. When wind and rain roll around, a wooden frame can crack and twist, and water can cause natural cracks to expand, leaving more space for heat to escape.

uPVC and aluminium frames, on the other hand, are fully weatherproof and far more durable. That means you can rely on them to keep you warm and comfortable for decades to come.

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Energy Efficient Window Frames

While wooden frames can crack, rot and decay, uPVC doesn’t suffer from any of these issues. Instead, you’ll get a window-frame that is highly durable, but also lightweight. Because of this, it won’t put any unnecessary strain on the window’s components, ensuring a smooth operation every time you open and close the design.

Also, these frames are sleek and slim, so you can open the window to reveal a wide-open space to ventilate your living space. And, when you close them, the insulation will help you take back control of your bills.

Alternatively, you could invest in energy efficient windows with aluminium frames. Aluminium is a precious metal, and it provides performance that impresses. While you’ll have to pay up to 20% more per window for aluminium frames, you’ll be able to benefit massively.

The material is denser, helping you get better insulation and energy savings for your home. Not only that, but aluminium has incredible inherent strength, meaning intruders will find entering your home almost impossible.

Energy Efficient Window Styles

Casement windows are the UK’s most popular design. They have a clean design, using a slimline frame and a full section of double glazing. As a result, you get superb natural light, spectacular views of the outside world and more specific control of your home’s climate.

These designs have excellent energy efficiency, using a made-to-measure model that covers all potential gaps. Because of this, warm air will stay in your home, and cold air will stay out, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills.

However, there are other energy efficient windows out there that have bolder designs. One of them is the tilt and turn option. These windows give you more choice over how to use your home every day. That’s because changing the way they open is as simple as tilting and turning.

You can open these windows inwardly and outwardly, and they’ll take up less space and improve ventilation. Additionally, the window always stays locked to the central bar, so you can open them without exposing your living space.

If you have a more traditional home, then you don’t have to modernise its look as much as its performance. Sliding sash windows combine a timeless design with features that bring your living space into the future. To open them, all you have to do is slide the window up.

You’ll get a smooth operation every time thanks to a uPVC or aluminium frame, and you’ll get excellent insulation every day. That means you’ll be able to stay warm while using less energy in winter, and you can open the window to keep cool effortlessly in summer.

Energy efficient windows can make your home feel more comfortable. However, bow and bay designs can make it feel bigger. That’s because these expansive windows use a stunning multi-panelled design, which extends a wall of your home outward.

As a result, you’ll create more space inside your home, and you’ll get stunning natural light and warmth from all angles. Bow windows use a subtle curve, while bay windows use more sharp edges, giving you more choice for your new design.

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Energy Efficient Windows Prices

Energy efficient windows don’t have to cost as much as you think. Today, you could invest in a casement window with advanced double glazing and a uPVC frame for as little as £150! For other window styles, though, the price can rise.

Tilt and turn designs cost around £450 to start with, while the sliding sash is slightly more expensive at £550. Finally, bow and bay windows can begin at more than £1000. In any case, the cost will also climb if you want a larger window or one that has unique accessories.

However, you can cut the cost of energy efficient windows with Double Glazing On The Web! That’s because, unlike other companies, we’ll refer your quote to the best installers in your area.

We extensively review our national supplier network so that you can get energy efficient windows with excellent quality, and even better installation. Many of these suppliers have accreditation from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?, guaranteeing that they can give you the service your home deserves.

To find lower prices for energy efficient windows in your area, use Double Glazing On The Web’s online quote builder! You can use this interactive tool to pick and choose every aspect of your new windows and create a unique design.

Once you have the window for you, we can give you a bassline quote within minutes and refer you to our network.

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