Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Installing aluminium bi-fold doors transforms your home into a bright and natural space. For a standout design that impresses any of your guests, bi-fold doors are the ideal choice.

bi-fold doors


That’s because they have a unique design and opening system. Multiple panels of glazing fold in on themselves when you open the door, revealing a vast space for fresh air and light to flood your home.

Bi-fold doors are even better with a robust aluminium frame. Aluminium is a precious metal which has excellent strength but is also lightweight. Because of this, your doors will be easy to use and open but also offer fantastic protection when closed.

Also, the aluminium frame is slim, so it doesn’t get in the way of your glazing. You’ll get full glass panels that give your home a front-row seat to nature.

By adding these innovative doors, you can bring the outside into your home. In your current space, you may feel disconnected from the world outside, especially in the warm summer months.

You can add aluminium bi-fold doors to replace a wall in your home, giving you a gorgeous glazed gateway to your garden. Also, with an aluminium frame, the door will have a beautiful metallic shine.

Not only will your home shine in the summer, but it’ll be warmer in winter too. Bi-fold doors can make a genuine difference in how your home uses energy. With a choice of double or triple glazing with your aluminium frames, you’ll have outstanding insulation without losing any light.

Because of this, you can stay comfortable in the colder weather without relying on your heating, meaning these doors can save you money too.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Design

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of aluminium bi-fold doors is its unique design. When you open the doors, the panels of glazing fold in on each other to disappear into the corner.

That’s brilliant not only for opening up your home to nature but also for flexibility. You can install these doors to separate larger spaces into two for added privacy, and the lack of a swing arc will improve safety indoors as well.

Bi-fold doors sit on an in-line slider, much like patio doors. Because of that, they won’t get in the way of your living space, meaning you can use more of the room you already have.

Also, you can modify these doors to be accessible to anyone. By adding a low-threshold option, you can reduce the clearance of the door so even people with mobility problems can go outside with ease.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Ideas

Because of their design, bi-fold doors can help you transform your home for several purposes. These doors are perfect for creating a bright and airy social space.

In the summer months, you can open up the doors to link your home seamlessly to your garden, and any patio or decking you may have. Also, they’ll let more warmth into your home, meaning you and your guests will be far more comfortable too.

Also, you’ll be able to get privacy with your bi-fold doors. They have outstanding sound insulation, meaning that you can enjoy your brighter living space with less distraction as well.

If you want to create privacy in your home when you shut the doors, you can add blinds to them or obscured glass. That way, you won’t have to worry about prying eyes looking into your living space.

Finally, you can style your doors to suit any look you’d like to create in your home. Aluminium bi-fold doors are effortlessly modern, and you can also get colour options like anthracite grey which add a touch of minimalist design too.

However, you can add a woodgrain finish to create a more authentic look if you want to. Either way, you have the option to style your home anew with aluminium bi-fold doors.

Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors can also save energy inside your home. That’s because this door style uses advanced materials across the design. You’ll be investing in either double or triple glazing, as well as a durable aluminium frame.

These two materials work together to trap heat inside your home, reducing the gaps that cold air can enter through and creating a thicker thermal barrier to keep you warm.

As a result, there’ll be much less opportunity for cold air to enter your home, so you won’t have to worry about draughts developing. As a result, you can rely on aluminium bi-fold doors to help you take control of your home’s temperature.

Even in the colder months, you won’t have to use your central heating nearly as much, meaning you can save on your bills and start paying back your investment.

Not only will you cut down the cost of running your home, but you can also make it more sustainable. Because you’ll be using less energy, you’ll be able to decrease your carbon footprint and help the environment in your own small way.

Also, with the light and warmth coming through the glazing, you may not need to use your electricity as often either.

One of the most crucial things about installing any doors in your home is making sure they keep you and your family safe. Fortunately, aluminium bi-fold doors have a design that can ensure the security of your home.

Thanks to their aluminium frame, your doors will have superb strength and robustness. Paired with toughened glazing and internal hardware, and these doors are a nightmare for any would-be intruders.

Because the doors sit on an in-line slider, it’ll be almost impossible for a burglar to get under your door. Also, the aluminium frame conceals the hardware and protects the slider, so nobody will be able to tamper with it.

Also, if you think your glass may be prone to a break-in attempt, you need not worry. Your glazing will feature a multi-point locking system that keeps it fastened to the frame.

You can make your doors even more secure with a low-threshold option. These variants are even lower, reducing the clearance and making it harder for intruders to get underneath. Also, with triple glazing, you’ll get better security and increased insulation too.

Although you’ll have to pay more than double glazing, it can give you extra savings and extra peace of mind.

Finally, aluminium bi-fold doors will protect you from the elements. You may think that, because of their open design, these doors could be fragile when bad weather arrives. However, these doors use fully weatherproof materials.

Because of this, your aluminium bi-fold doors won’t lose their shape or wear down, and they’ll stay in peak condition for years, no matter what.

Your aluminium will be able to retain its strength for decades. Wind and rain won’t have any effect, and the frames contain small thermal breaks that can also help water dissipate.

Meanwhile, you’ll also get robust glazing that can withstand the elements. With double or triple glazing, you’ll have many more layers of protection that’ll keep the worst of the weather away from your home.

Also, your bi-fold doors will be able to keep your home cool in summer. When the weather warms up, you can open your doors to get plenty of fresh air, ventilating your home and making it feel more natural.

Your door will feature a thermally broken aluminium frame as well, that lets excess heat escape. That way, you can stay in control of your home’s weather no matter what’s happening outside.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Cost

Aluminium bi-fold doors can cost anywhere between £2300 to £5350. However, the price may vary depending on a range of factors. One sizeable factor is, well, the size of your doors.

You can choose how many panels of glazing you want for your design, with three and five-pane options being the most popular. For a five-pane door, the cost will likely start from £4000.

Aluminium also does raise the price of your doors. But, for this excellent material, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment. Aluminium is much stronger than uPVC, an alternative option which is cheaper to fit.

As a result, you’ll get far more security and durability, as aluminium doors will last for 40 years without regular maintenance, as opposed to uPVC’s 30.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Supply Only

Another way of saving money on your aluminium bi-fold doors is to go with the supply only option.

Instead of hiring an installer to fit your doors for you, which will cost more to do, you can save that money by installing your doors yourself. However, bi-fold doors are a complicated design to fit, and they could be challenging for you to do yourself.

The alternative is to choose fully-fitted doors and to make sure you work with a trusted installer. By using Double Glazing On The Web’s helpful service, we can put you in touch with aluminium bi-fold door specialists in your local area.

They’ll install your doors and test their components, so you get the best possible quality. Many of these specialists also have approval from bodies like FENSA and Checkatrade.

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