Combi boilers could be what your home needs to stay warm this winter. That’s because they’re efficient designs that don’t take up space, meaning you get a brilliant boiler without compromise.

In your home at the moment, you might have an old, conventional boiler. This system uses an external storage tank and heat cylinder, meaning it could be taking up a lot of space in your home. Combi boilers, though, are all-in-one designs. There’s no external tank, and the boiler can sit snugly behind a door in your kitchen.

However, just because combi boilers are small doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. With a range of outputs available, you’ll be able to heat most homes effectively. If you live in a flat, small home or even a detached house with three or four bedrooms, a combi boiler has enough power to keep you warm throughout the year.

Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about the design failing. Modern combi boilers use durable parts, including smart air filters and pressure valves, which don’t wear down for years. That means your combi boiler can keep on heating your home without any hassle.

The best thing about combi boilers, though, is the money you’ll save. Because they use fewer parts and are smaller design, they’ll cost less at the outset than a system boiler. Not only that, but combi boilers can help you reduce your home’s running costs over time. You won’t have to wait for the water to heat up, and your boiler will use more of your home’s energy.

As a result, you won’t have to use your radiators as often, meaning you could end up saving money on your energy bills and decreasing your carbon footprint as well.

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Space Saving Combi Boilers

Some old boilers can feel like they’re squatting in your home. With a water storage tank and heat cylinder to fit, along with the boiler itself, you can lose a lot of your home’s space to your home’s heating system. Combi boilers, on the other hand, don’t take up any room at all.

Most systems are small enough that you can fit them in a cupboard, or conceal them with a door. That means you can keep it out of sight and out of mind, while you feel the warmth in your home increase every day. If you live in a flat or apartment, a combi boiler is perfect for letting you maximise your living space.

There is a wide range of combi boilers to choose from, each one with a different size and shape. Usually, the size of your boiler depends on its power output, so you can get more control over how big the design needs to be.

If your boiler is currently taking up the loft of your home, removing it can open up a world of possibilities upstairs too. You could turn your loft into a new bedroom or a full conversion, with roof windows and more. Your combi boiler will be able to heat your whole home, so you’ll be able to use your loft more comfortably as well.

Combi Boiler Power Outputs

With combi boilers, you’ll get more control of how much heat you need for your home. That’s because these designs come in a vast range of sizes and power outputs. The output of your boiler refers to how much energy it uses – the more energy, the more heat you’ll get.

Therefore, if you have a larger, detached home with 15 radiators or more, you’ll need a high-output boiler, while fewer radiators don’t demand as much power. Combi boilers, though, are exceptionally versatile, meaning there’s an option for almost any home. You can invest in combi boilers for your home with power outputs ranging from 24kW-42kW.

At 24kW, you’ll still have enough power to heat a small home or apartment. However, at the higher end of the spectrum, you can start to provide efficient energy for larger homes with up to 20 radiators. Additionally, the higher the power output, the better the flow rate of hot water.

Because combi boilers are so efficient, you shouldn’t have to wait in a cold shower to use it comfortably, and you can get hot water for any purpose on command. Combi boilers, then, give you power at the touch of a button. Not only that, but it’ll cost less to take advantage of your home’s energy too.

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Energy Efficient Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are modern designs for your home. With valves that can withstand higher pressures, air filters that improve boiler cooling and a direct connection to the mains, the whole design uses energy intelligently. Because of this, when you turn your central heating on, you won’t have to wait for a combi boiler to kick in.

You’ll get the power you need, all while using less energy to get it. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills, making your home more comfortable and welcoming along the way. Combi boilers won’t leave you out in the cold for years to come.

Also, when you invest in a combi boiler, you can improve your whole home’s heating system. Along with the initial installation, you can also get a full chemical power flush. With one of those, you can flush out any rust or harmful materials that have built up in your drainage pipes over the years.

Additionally, a qualified installer can check each radiator in your home and bleed it, ensuring it works to its full potential. When you first turn on your central heating with a combi boiler, you’ll feel the difference straight away. You’ll get more warmth in your living space, and put more money back in your wallet.

Long-Lasting Combi Boilers

When you invest in a combi boiler, you’ll get years of performance from it. Because it uses modern parts in every aspect of its design, and you’ll get a full chemical power flush when you install, you’ll be setting it up for a lifetime.

A combi boiler is far less likely to break than an old conventional one. The design uses fewer parts, meaning less can go wrong, and each part is a durable component that can withstand higher pressures. As a result, you can get peace of mind with a combi boiler, and the threat of it breaking won’t have to be in the back of your brain.

You’ll also be able to make sure your combi boiler is at its best every year. With many qualified installers, you can request a yearly inspection of your heating system. That means you can check each part to see what works, repairing or replacing the ones that don’t.

It’s ideal in the months leading up to winter, so you don’t get caught in the cold when the weather turns on you. Also, you’ll be able to get ahead of any potential problems with your boiler, so you don’t have to wait in an uncomfortable home for any repairs.

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The Cost of Combi Boilers

On its own, you could invest in a combi boiler for as little as £499 for your home. For higher outputs, though, you can expect to pay more. A 28kW boiler, ideal for a medium-sized property, could start from as low as £680, while a 35kW boiler for a larger home starts at £860.

However, a full chemical power flush and labour costs can all add to the price. In any case, though, combi boilers are a cheaper option than system boilers, and you could save even more money. That way, you’ll be making a terrific investment in your home.

Additionally, you can select combi boilers from a vast range of leading brands. For example, Worcester, Ideal and Viessman are some of the market’s biggest hitters, while Glowworm and Potterton boilers are superb for smaller properties. With multiple brands and power outputs to choose from, you can get a combi that suits your home’s size and your budget too.

Not only that, but you can save money on combi boilers by investing in them with a local installer. And, if you want to find one with ease, the best way is to work with Double Glazing On The Web!

Combi Boiler Installers

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