Double Glazed Windows VS Triple Glazed Windows

Are your windows vintage and draughty? Do you need to make your private home more green? If so, you are probably thinking about getting new double glazed windows. Two famous selections are double glazed vs triple glazed home windows. But what’s the difference? And which one is proper for you? Let’s take a closer look.

double glazed vs triple glazed

What Do Double Glazed Vs Triple Glazed Mean?

First, let’s give an explanation for what those terms suggest:

  • Double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a sealed air area in between
  • Triple glazed windows have 3 panes of glass with  sealed air areas

The extra layers of glass and air help insulate your house better than everyday single pane home windows. This method means less warmth escapes in winter and much less warmth gets in at some stage in summer season. Learn more about how window efficiency is measured.

Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are the most common sort of energy green windows. They’re a huge step up from old single pane home windows. Here are some key things to recognize about them:


  • Provide exact insulation and strength savings
  • Block more outdoor noise than unmarried pane
  • Help prevent condensation and cold drafts
  • More inexpensive than triple glazed


  • Less insulating than triple glazed
  • May nevertheless allow some noise in
  • Can experience bloodless to touch in wintry weather

Double glazing works nicely for many houses, particularly in regions with milder weather. It offers precise all-round overall performance at an affordable charge.

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed Windows

Want to take window insulation a step similarly? Triple glazed windows provide a third pane for even higher performance. While much less not unusual than double glazing, triple glazing is becoming increasingly popular, specifically in very cold climates.


  • Excellent insulation – up to 50% higher than double glazed
  • Great noise discount – makes your home extra soundproof
  • Virtually eliminates condensation
  • Glass stays warmer in winter for higher consolation


  • Most pricey window alternative
  • Heavier and thicker than double glazed
  • May have slightly darker appearance because of thickness
  • Extra energy savings can be small in slight climates

For the ultimate in window overall performance, triple glazing is the manner to head. You’ll get maximum performance, consolation and soundproofing. But it does feel more.

Comparing Costs

Let’s communicate about money. There’s no question triple glazed windows value more in advance than double glazed. On average, count on to pay approximately 10-30% greater for triple pane home windows.

For a regular 3ft x 5ft window, double glazing normally runs $350 to $850. Triple glazing is greater like $550 to $1100+ for the identical size.

But right here’s the element – the ones fees can vary a ton. It virtually depends on:

  • Window logo and cloth
  • Size and style of window
  • Features like low-E coatings or argon gas
  • Installation charges for your area

So deal with these charges as ballpark figures. To get a real concept of value, you will need to get charges from nearby window installers.

Energy Savings

Okay, triple glazing expenses extra. But how much electricity will you virtually save? Well, it depends a lot on where you stay.

In bloodless northern climates, triple glazed windows can cut warmth loss through as much as 50% as compared to double glazed. That can upload up to real financial savings to your power bills.

But in milder regions, the brought efficiency of triple glazing might not be that sizable. You might handiest keep a touch a bit more than with double glazing.

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Other Benefits

Aside from strength performance, there are some different appropriate motives to don’t forget triple glazing:

Better Soundproofing

If outdoor noise is a hassle, triple glazed windows can sincerely assist. They can shut out up to fifteen extra decibels compared to double glazed. This can flip a noisy busy road into slightly a murmur.

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Less Condensation

Tired of condensation constructing in your windows? Triple glazing maintains the inner glass hotter, so condensation is plenty less in all likelihood. This helps save you mould and water harm around your home windows.

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Improved Comfort

With their extra insulation, triple pane home windows just feel extra relaxed to sit next to. You won’t get that bloodless draughty feeling like you would possibly with double glazing. This is in particular exceptional within the uselessness of iciness.

How to Decide

So that’s higher for you – double or triple glazed? Here are a few things to remember:

How to Decide double glazed or triple glazed


If you live someplace with frigid winters, triple glazing can make a big distinction in comfort and strength savings. But if your weather is milder, the delivered advantages may be greater modest.


Is your own home in a noisy area like close to an airport, educational tracks or busy road? If so, triple glazing will give you the exceptional soundproofing to block out those noise pollutants.

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There’s no getting around the truth that triple glazing is a larger funding than double glazing. You’ll want to balance the premature fee with potential lengthy-term savings on power and luxury.

Home Value

If you plan to promote your own home down the road, making an investment in high excellent triple glazed windows will be a selling point. Homebuyers feel electricity efficiency improvements.

Get Quotes for Your Windows

Feeling beaten by way of all the window alternatives and information? We can help! Our loose service connects you with depended on window installers in your location. They’ll come to your property, check your needs, and offer custom charges. You can evaluate pricing on distinct window kinds to locate the best fit for your price range. Many additionally offer financing to make upgrading your home windows more inexpensive. The procedure is simple:

  • Tell us about your window project
  • We’ll set you up with prescreened local window professionals
  • Get free prices and select the exceptional deal for you
  • Enjoy your lovely, green new windows!

Why wait? See how many you may shop on new double or triple glazed home windows these days.


How much extra highly-priced are triple glazed windows compared to double glazed windows? 

Triple glazed home windows can be 20-30% greater high-priced than double glazed windows, depending on the size, fashion, and producer.

Can double glazed windows be retrofitted with an extra pane to make them triple glazed? 

In maximum instances, it is not possible to retrofit double glazed home windows with an extra pane to lead them to triple glazed. The window frames are designed to deal with a selected quantity of panes, and adding an extra pane could require replacing the whole window.

Are triple glazed windows really worth the funding in moderate climates? 

In moderate climates, the extra insulation and noise reduction advantages of triple glazed home windows may not justify the higher value in comparison to double glazed home windows. However, when you have excessive electricity performance goals or live in a particularly noisy vicinity, triple glazed windows can also still be profitable.

How long do double and triple glazed home windows generally last? 

Both double and triple glazed home windows can close 20-30 years or more with proper upkeep and care. The lifespan of your home windows will depend upon elements along with the high-quality of the substances, the installation technique, and publicity to the factors.

Can double or triple glazed windows help reduce condensation? 

Yes, both double and triple glazed home windows can assist reduce condensation with the aid of retaining the internal pane of glass hotter and decreasing the temperature difference among the outside and inside of your property. However, proper airflow and humidity control are also crucial for minimising condensation troubles.

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