Solidor vs Endurance Doors

Are you looking for a new composite front door? We have collated a comparison between two top composite door brands, Solidor and Endurance Doors.

The term ‘composite door’ is widely used within the industry, however, do you really understand what the term really means? No two composite doors are the same across the industry, and Solidor and Endurance doors are a prime example of this. With different colours, finishings and cores. So, we have created a clear comparison between Solidor and Endurance in order to help you choose the right door for your needs.

What is a Composite Door?

Composite is a material made up of a variety of features, which can include uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic. When combing all of these materials together effectively, a strong and highly secure composite door is created. However, an incorrect combination of these materials can create a low quality door. Composite doors can vary across the door industry, meaning that no two composite doors are the same.

What is a Solidor Composite Door?

A Solidor composite door has a solid timber core made up of few wooden layers. This coupled with the lack of moisture barrier strips in the bottom of the door make a Solidor more susceptible to both bowing and warping. Solidor composite doors are one of the most established composite doors in the industry today. However, after looking further into Solidor’s reviews, we found a mixture of both good and bad reviews, mounting to an average rating of just 3 stars on Trustpilot.

What is an Endurance Composite Door?

The Endurance composite door has a solid timber core made up of 17 crossed layers of laminated veneer lumber. Making this the strongest and most durable composite door within its market. A unique moisture barrier strip is enclosed in the bottom of the door, stopping water build up that can lead to swelling or warping. Finally, its tough skin used to give its authentic timber-like appearance has been designed to reflect up to 95% of heat from the sun. Allowing the coloured skin of an Endurance door to prevent any potential fading or cracking from occurring.

Solidor vs Endurance Doors

Solidor and Endurance Door Colours

Solidor offers 58 different door styles for you to choose from to suit your property style. The styles come in traditional, cottage and contemporary Italia ranges. Whereas, Endurance Doors offer a further 85 different composite door designs across their Classic, Country and Urban ranges.

Solidor has a vast range of 23 colours available across all their door designs, whereas Endurance offers slightly fewer colours at 19. However, all Endurance 19 colours have a heat reflective layer on their doors. These skins are specifically designed to withstand and reflect up to 95% of heat from the sun. This reflective heat layer ensures your composite door won’t fade crack or bow over-time. Although Solidor’s composite doors offer this heat reflective coating, this is only available in a limited number of colours.

9 of Solidor’s 23 door colours are also available as a frame colour. Whereas, Endurance offers 15 of their door colours as a frame colour.

Solidor composite doors offer a wide range of glazing styles for the window on their doors that are typical within the composite door industry. Endurance Doors provide a fantastic variety of Classic, Country and Urban glass designs, helping you find the right glazing style for your property. With many triple-glazed and leading designs to choose from and the ability to bespoke make a specific glazing style to suit your property’s needs.

composite door colours

Solidor and Endurance Door Security

Solid Timber Core

Solidor composite doors have a solid timber core thickness of 48mm with 3 laminations. Endurance composite doors also have a solid timber core thickness of 48mm, with 17 layers of lamination. However, Endurance doors offer an impressive degree of internal strength and resilience. Its solid timber core is made up of 17 cross-bonded veneered laminates, resulting in the overall thickness of 48mm. This composite door is nearly 10% thicker than most other composite doors.

But the beauty of an Endurance composite door is far from just skin deep. With Solidor only providing 3 lamination layers of timber, this can affect the strength and durability of the door. Endurance doors are renowned for their strength and security. This makes them a natural choice for providing high security for your home. By investing in the most durable composite door, you will enjoy an unrivalled degree of security and performance.

Solidor doors have a 10mm bowing tolerance, which is significantly higher than Endurance doors. Endurance composite doors have just a 3mm bowing tolerance. Endurance doors have a unique moisture barrier system which prevents moisture ingress that leads to such bowing in the solid timber core.

Solidor manufactures their composite doors with talented craftsmen across their multi-site production facility in Stoke on Trent and sold nationwide. Most homeowners look to receive their products from their own country, and Endurance also provides homeowners with this peace of mind. Endurance products are all European and manufacture in Britain and they offer a recycling system in which they recycle all their door frames.

Endurance is proud to show their durability test of the doors by performing a sledgehammer vs Endurance Doors test. Their composite doors exceed the standard required for Document Q, and you can watch the video below.

Door Services

Solidor makes the very finest composite doors in the market today, which have exclusive features that give them the reputation they have within the industry.

Endurance has an extensive network of 1,800 installers nationwide and has its own team of service engineers. This allows Endurance Doors to always be on hand in the unlikely event that you will have an issue with your Endurance Door. Endurance offers a composite door delivery service nationwide, including Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Door Accessories

Solidor offers a fine selection of beautiful accessories for composite doors with an array of finished hinges, handles, letters plates and door knockers. Solidor accessories can be suited for both modern or traditional property styles.

Endurance doors offer a stylish range of accessories that help capture your perfect composite door look. Endurance provides a wide range of high-quality hardware accessories, perfectly designed with a beautiful finish. With a series of letter plates, lever handles, lever pad handles, pull handles and knobs, knockers and locks, you can create your dream door.

Composite Door Accessories

Solidor Reviews

Solidor composite doors are commonly the top competitor in the door industry. However, when looking further into Solidor, we have found they have rated an average of 3 stars overall on Trustpilot. 59% of people say Solidor is ‘excellent’. However, an average of 24% of people has rated Solidor as ‘bad’.

One Solidor review found a customer they spent a substantial amount of money, that they would “not recommend this brand”. They also required a total of 4 site visits to fix lock issues and another recent encounter with door warping issues. Others have reviewed Solidor composite doors are a “Terrible Product”. However, others said Solidor offer “fantastic product and industry-leading support”.

Endurance Composite Door Reviews

Although Endurance is the lesser-known brand out of the two, they have exceptionally positive feedback from their customers.

“Andy came out and surveyed, and took me through the many choices available from Endurance. I chose an Enta, which is a design similar to what I had, mainly because I loved my old failing door. I’m amazed at the difference in security and quality of my new door. It has a solid timber core and high security locking mechanism. The door is extremely sturdy. I’m thrilled with my door and the entire experience. The 10 year guarantee gives me complete peace of mind.”

Composite Door Prices

Composite door prices can vary, depending on your specific requirements. The price can also vary if you choose to add an additional accessory to your door or if you custom-make your door.

For a 2 glass panelled composite door or a 2 solid panel composite door in a standard colour, a Solidor composite door would cost between £1,500 and £1,600. Whereas, an Endurance composite door would cost between £1,300 and £1,500.

Solidor or Endurance Composite Doors?

Although Solidor has a reputation as one of the leading composite door suppliers, Endurance Doors are the most practical solution. Endurance pride themselves on the durability of their doors, hence the brand name. With the inherent thickness of their composite doors, they can offer a longer lifespan than the average composite door. Offering a wide range of designs and colours, Endurance composite doors can suit any property style.

Fully sledgehammer tested, Endurance doors have shown how difficult it is to create a hole in their composite doors. Their commitment to providing the highest level of security is made clear with their cutting-edge door design.