Solid Conservatory Roof Cost

The average price for a solid conservatory roof is often between £600-£900 per square meter:

3m x 3m (9sqm) = £7,800

4.5m x 2.5m (11sqm) = £9,000

8m x 3m (24sqm) = £19,000

So it does quite heavily depend on the size of the conservatory itself, but if this is a replacement roof then it can cost you around 60% less than rebuilding a brand new conservatory from scratch.

Getting a solid roof for your conservatory can be a great way of transforming your conservatory space into a natural continuation of your property and feeling like a more permanent fixture than a glass conservatory, which can often feel tacked onto properties as an afterthought. But with its glass walls it will still bring in lots of light into your property. It can also increase the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the living space even in colder winters.


How much does it cost to put a solid roof on a conservatory?

Are you looking to get a solid conservatory roof? A solid conservatory roof can cost you between £7000 and £20,000, depending on the size, the specifications and what installer you end up choosing.

Our free online conservatory roof quotation engine can give you a great idea of how much your own bespoke conservatory roof will cost you, as well as putting you in quick and easy contact with a number of reputable installation companies operating in your local area. Replacement conservatory roofs is big business, making the market far more competitive; this means that comparing prices can save you thousands of pounds, so you can use our quoting engine any number of times, with zero obligation, until you have found the right price with the right company.

Types of Conservatory roof Roof Material Average Price (UK)
Lean-To Conservatory 3000mm x 3500mm Tiled £19,950 – £22,050
Lean-To Conservatory 3000mm x 3500mm Glass £9,975 – £11,025
Victorian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm Tiled £30,400 – £33,600
Victorian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm Glass £18,620 – £20,580
Edwardian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm Tiled £30,400 – £33,600
Edwardian Conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm Glass £18,620 – £20,580

The average price for a solid conservatory roof

As above, the average cost is around £600 – £900 per square meter, but there are several factors you need to keep in mind when designing your conservatory roof, all of which can make a difference in how much your are going to pay. These are:

– Your conservatories size

– What materials you want

– Removal and disposal of your old conservatory roof (if it is a replacement)

– Labour costs

– Interior work (including plastering, pipe work and electrics, depending on what you want to use it for)

Ultraframe Solid Conservatory Roofs

In terms of materials, there are many different types of tiles freely available for you to choose from for your solid conservatory roof, including:

The traditional option, slate is light-weight and hard-wearing. Lasting for years at a time, this naturally occurring material is both environmentally friendly and gives your conservatory an enduring visual appeal.

Acting as a cladding, these panels are often used as a replacement for glass panels and provide outstanding thermal insulation and sound-proofing. While being a very affordable option, they are durable and require very minimal upkeep and maintenance, lasting for years on end without any attention needed.

Like composite panels, synthetic tiles are made from a combination of many different materials, including glass, limestone, polymers, fibres, cement and rubber to ensure that they will remain both visually pleasing and hard-wearing for years to come.

How much does a tiled roof cost?

A tiled roof is another great way of transforming a conservatory into a room rather than an extension, making it feel like just another area of your property without all of the extra cost or planning permission of a full-on extension. They also outperform both glass and polycarbonate roofs in thermal efficiency, insulation and weatherproofing.

A tiled roof is somewhat more affordable than a solid conservatory roof, although it again can be affected by both the size of the conservatory and if you want any skylights or roof windows you want fitted, and how many. For a tiled conservatory roof you can expect to pay between £4,000, for a small conservatory, and £6,000, for a larger one. This is more expensive than a glass roof, which can cost you around £2,610 and £3,175, but the added durability, security and thermal insulation is well worth the price and can prove to pay for itself over the years.

The prices of tiled roofs can also vary depending on what kind of conservatory it is that you have, in terms of size, load bearing, materials. For instance, a Lean-To tiled conservatory roof can cost you from £19,950, while an Edwardian tiled conservatory roof can set you back around £30,400. This again, however, also heavily depends on the size of your conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Lean To Conservatory Tiled Roof Prices

Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
2500 x 2500 Tiled £4050 – £4950
3000 x 3000 Tiled £4455 – £5445
3500 x 2500 Tiled £6058 – £7405

Victorian Conservatory Tiled Roof Prices

Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
3000 x 3000 Tiled £5832 – £7128
3500 x 3500 Tiled £7056 – £8625
4000 x 4000 Tiled £9856 – £12046

Edwardian Conservatory Tiled Roof Prices

Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
3000 x 3000 Tiled £5832 – £7128
3500 x 3500 Tiled £7056 – £8625
4000 x 4000 Tiled £9856 – £12046

Gable Fronted Conservatory Tiled Roof Prices

Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
3000 x 3000 Tiled £5832 – £7128
3500 x 3500 Tiled £7056 – £8625
4000 x 4000 Tiled £9856 – £12046

Georgian Conservatory Tiled Roof Prices

Conservatory Size (mm) Roof Material Guide Price
3000 x 3000 Tiled £5832 – £7128
3500 x 3500 Tiled £7056 – £8625
4000 x 4000 Tiled £9856 – £12046


Insulated Conservatory Roof Cost

Solid and tiled roofs are outstanding in their quality of thermal insulation, and, if you have a pre-existing conservatory that is either glass or polycarbonate that you don’t think is performing as well as it could, upgrading to a better insulated roof can be a great boon to your property.

When upgrading your conservatory roof to a solid, tiled roof there are some additional factors that you need to keep in mind that can affect the price:

– New frame, beams and lintels to support the new frame

– Deeper foundations

– New windows and doors to complement the new roof.

The good news is, is that any roof weight less than 10% heavier than your previous roof is unlikely to cause any structural issues, and as our solid roofs and tiles are light weight, this means that most of our roofing options will happily fit onto your conservatory no problem.

That being said, however, a reputable installer will always conduct a survey before any kind of installation work begins as it is important that they know exactly what kind of work needs doing and what alterations need to be made to prevent the new roof from collapsing or causing any damage to yourself, your conservatory or your property. This initial survey will also indicate whether or not your conservatory will need to have deeper foundations made or not, in order to guarantee that your conservatory will be able fully support your new roofs weight, which may affect what kind of roof you can actually have installed.

Tiled conservatory roofs

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