First established in 2006, Certass is a Government approved Competent Person Scheme (CPS) and is now one of the largest regulatory bodies in the double glazing industry. Homeowners across the country will look to certified companies and individuals to fit high-performance double glazing products that meet unrivalled standards of efficiency and feature designs suited to any home.

Certass is an organisation licensed by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This means that all members are fully vetted and approved to ensure they are in accordance with current Building Regulations. With this in place, all Certass members have had to prove their competency when it comes to delivering the highest standards of professionalism, promptness, product handling, and complete respect for your time and for your property.

This gives homeowners complete peace of mind knowing that every Certass installer has the relevant qualifications and experience. We know that the idea of starting a new home improvement project can feel like a bit of a daunting process, which is why customers want to be looking out for signposts that they are making the right decision. Certass is one of the signs that homeowners should look out for.

If you are a homeowner looking for a double glazing quote from Certass accredited installers, you can receive your double glazing prices online. Or, if you are a Certass-registered installer or company, you can join our network to get more leads and grow your business.

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What is a Competent Person Scheme?

Competent Person Schemes were created by the Government as an alternative to submitting a building notice or contacting an approved Local Authority inspector for certain building works. They have been initiated with the homeowner in mind, allowing customers to bring the best to their home without having to worry about undertaking an elongated and stressful installation process. With this in mind, any home can be improved to modern standards sooner and easier across the board.

Certass currently oversees three separate certification schemes for installers within the building refurbishment industry which all operate under Government license or Government sub-licence. The licensing schemes cover Glazing and insulation with other trades being covered under their Green Deal and TrustMark licenses.

Certass Scheme

Members Are Checked Against The Following Criteria:

  • Trading Record and Financial Status
  • Estimates Are Provided in Plain Language
  • Contractors Abide By The ‘7 Day Cooling Off’ Legislation
  • Guarantee Wording is Fair
  • Consumers Are Offered An Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • A Complaints Handling Procedure Is In Place
  • Sample Installations Are Inspected Annually
  • All Window Installations Meet Current Thermal Rating Regulations

This is a comprehensive certification that assesses any potential candidate on their ability to meet the expected standard across a wide range of areas. If an installer has a Certass accreditation, they have been put through their paces when it comes to ensuring they offer you an outstanding level of product quality and customer service. Homeowners know there is no reason to settle for less when you don’t have to, and a Certass accreditation gives them the confidence that they are making the right investment.

Proof of Accreditation

Certass is independently checked annually by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service.) A lot of companies will claim to be Certass registered but a lot aren’t. Homeowners are advised to always ask for Certass certificate number to verify their claims or visit the Certass website to confirm any installations.

There are lots of other trade bodies available such as FENSA, the Glass and Glazing Federation, the British Plastic Association and the Ombudsman Scheme. If a double glazing company isn’t registered with Certass then they may belong to another national network which provides further potential for protection.


Benefits of Working with Certass Members

Many homeowners will look to work with installers who are accredited as part of the Competent Person Schemes, such as FENSA and Certass. That’s why many members of our installer network have obtained these certifications to be able to offer customers the products and service they are looking for.

Thermally Efficient Products

New double glazed windows and doors should bring new levels of comfort to any home. This is why it’s important that any products invested in will make a property more comfortable in the winter months and help homeowners to save money on heating costs too. This means that choosing a Certass-registered installer is the ideal way to make an investment that will save money in the long term.

Market-Leading Design

A Certass member will be able to offer new windows and doors that can stand the test of time, allowing any customer to achieve exceptional standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance, design, and aesthetics. This is yet another reason why Certass installers and their products and services make excellent investments.

Professional Installation

Alongside product quality, customers also want an installation that is going to perform precisely as it should. With this in mind, a Certass certified installer will work to ensure as little disruption to daily life as possible during the fitting. With this in mind, double glazing installations are also completed to the highest standard so homeowners won’t have to worry about it quickly degrading in quality once it has been installed.

Certass Certificate

A Certass installer will provide you with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for any work carried out.  This is a huge benefit of using a Certass accredited installer. They will register and take care of your window and door registration for you. This includes registering new double glazing installations with the relevant local authority – at no extra cost to the homeowner, saving valuable time and money. All in all, choosing a Certass accredited installer will enable anyone to enjoy a standard of service that is going to be simple, effective, professional, and a worthwhile investment across the board.

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Double Glazing on the Web has a wide network of fully accredited double glazing companies who are registered with regulatory bodies such as Certass. You can expect a quality and professional service from each one of our trusted companies.

That’s why we want you, as a Certass registered installer or company, to join our network. Homeowners across the UK trust Double Glazing on the Web to connect them with trusted installers near them. As a Certass installer, you have the skills, experience and certifications that many customers are looking for in their double glazing installation.

Benefits of Working with Double Glazing on the Web

The benefits of Certass installers working with Double Glazing on the Web are clear to see for homeowners and companies alike. Customers are looking for accredited, certified double glazing installations that use the finest products and meet the required standards for performance and thermal efficiency. We are able to help with this by connected customers to Certass installers online.

As a Certass member, you will want to join our network. We can present you with the potential to grow your business and give you more sales opportunities by putting you in touch with homeowners who are actively looking for new windows and doors from installers like you. We speak to all customers looking for a quote before we pass their details on to you, so you can be sure of high-quality leads coming to your company.

How to Join Our Network

Join our network today and grow the scope and potential of your business by getting more leads from Double Glazing on the Web. Homeowners near you are looking for trusted, reliable, reputable companies accredited under the Competent Person Scheme to carry out their home improvements at the best double glazing prices. As a Certass registered installer, you have what it takes to meet their needs. Get in touch with us today to get started.


Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Is Certass similar to FENSA?

Certass and FENSA are both self-certification bodies as part of the Competent Person Scheme. They monitor their members and Approved Installers to ensure they complete installations in line with Building Regulations and use energy efficient products. Both FENSA and Certass fitters can self-certify when the job is done and present you with a Certificate as proof.

What is a Certass Certificate?

A Certass Certificate is awarded to the homeowner when a Certass installer completes the window or door installation. It certifies that the work was carried out against set standards and in line with Building Regulations. It is important that this is evidenced and recorded. If you don’t get a Certass Certificate or similar, you will have to contact the local authorities yourself to get a similar accreditation.

What does Certass stand for?

Unlike FENSA, which stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, Certass isn’t an acronym and the name doesn’t stand for anything. What Certass represents, however, is the Competent Person Scheme and therefore its members stand for providing regulated high quality installations that they carry out, in accordance with Building Regulations and thermal efficiency guidelines.