The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) is the leading UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and doors.

This industry body was set up to provide consumers with information about the energy efficiency of the windows they purchase. When considering double glazing, the BFRC Window Energy Ratings are a simple and easy method of determining various factors about the performance of replacement windows.


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The BFRC Label

BFRC rated double glazing carries a ‘rainbow’ label similar to those found on white goods such as fridges and washing machines.

All windows that have been rated by The BFRC will display this ‘traffic light’ style label showing the energy rating on a simple alphabetical scale, with A being the most energy efficient double glazing and G being the least.

Why Are Energy Ratings Important?

The energy ratings allow you to compare different window and door products so you can choose the most suitable for your home. The label displays technical information about the performance of the window which enables you to determine how effectively it conserves heat.

The energy efficiency level is calculated and verified by the BFRC which is completely independent from any manufacturing company or installer.

Save Energy & Money

Installing energy rated windows and energy efficient doors will help you save precious energy and money on your energy bills.

Reducing energy bills and carbon emissions from our homes has never been more important and with the costs of heating the home continuing to rise, energy saving windows offer a long standing solution.

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

All manufacturers of BFRC rated products, (along with BFRC Authorised Installers) are regularly audited to ensure that their energy efficient windows and doors achieve the required ratings.

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BFRC Energy Rating Certificate

All BFRC rated windows come with a unique Homeowners Certificate that states the product ordered, the energy rating, the date installed and the company who undertook the installation.

This is currently the only independently verified certificate for energy efficient windows available in England and Wales.

Recommended Installers

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