What is The Cost of Double Glazing a 3 Bed House in 2024?

cos of double glazing a 3 bed house 2020

Are you thinking about upgrading your 3 bedroom house with double glazing in 2024? You’ve come to the proper region. Double glazing is an awesome way to make your home extra snug, energy-efficient, and stable. But how a good deal does it cost? In this guide, we will ruin it for you.

Why Should You Get Double Glazing?

First off, let’s speak about why double glazing is a smart investment:

  • Save on energy payments: Double glazing continues warmth in the course of iciness and out during summer. This means you may use less energy to stay cushty, saving you money.
  • Reduce noise: Double glazed home windows have two panes of glass with a gap in between. This allows you to block out noise from outside, making your own home quieter and more peaceful.
  • Increase safety: Double glazed home windows and doors are more difficult to break into than unmarried glazed ones. Many additionally have better locks for delivered protection.
  • Less condensation: Single glazed home windows often get condensation and moisture that could cause mould. Double glazing helps save you this.
  • Boost property cost: Upgrading to double glazing can make your property extra precious and appealing to buyers if you make a decision to sell.
What Affects the Price of Double Glazing

What Affects the Price of Double Glazing?

Now, allows take a look at the primary matters that affect cost of double glazing:

Frame Material

You can get double glazed home windows and doorways with distinctive body materials:


This plastic frame is the most low priced and easiest to maintain. Basic white is the most inexpensive, whilst fancier finishes value a bit more.


These frames are light however robust and are available in narrow designs for a modern appearance. They’re more costly than uPVC.


Timber frames look classic and high-end however need extra renovation. Softwoods like pine price less than hardwoods like oak. Wood is the priciest option.


These frames mix substances like timber and uPVC or aluminium. Their stability appears and sturdiness. Prices fall between wooden and uPVC.

Number and Size of Windows/Doors

Number and Size of Windows/Doors

The greater windows and doors you’ve got, the extra it’ll cost to double glaze them. Bigger home windows and doorways additionally value extra than smaller ones. A typical 3 bed residence would possibly have:

  • 8-10 windows
  • 1-2 external doors
Type of Glazing

Type of Glazing

There are a few varieties of double glazing to choose from:

  • Standard: Two panes of glass with air sealed within the hole. The most budget-friendly desire.
  • Acoustic: Thicker glass and/or a much wider hole for better noise reduction. Costs greater than fashionable.
  • Low-E: A unique coating at the glass enables mirror warmth for stepped forward power efficiency. Pricier than fashionable glazing.
  • Tinted/reflective: Tinted glass reduces glare and UV rays, whilst reflective coatings soar daylight away. These features add to the cost.

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Opening Style of double glazing

Opening Style

Double glazed windows can open in one-of-a-kind approaches, some greater luxurious than others:

  • Fixed: Non-establishing windows are the only and cheapest.
  • Casement: These home windows are hinged at the facet and open outward. A mid-range price.
  • Sash: Classic vertical sliding home windows with  panels that circulate up and down. More pricey than casement.
  • Tilt & turn: Can tilt inward on the pinnacle or swing open absolutely. The maximum price of the common styles.

Extras and Upgrades

There are diverse accessories and upgrades available for double glazing:

  • Decorative glazing bars
  • Built-in blinds
  • Leaded or stained glass
  • Custom hardware
  • Frosted glass for privateness

Each greater touch will bump up the total charge a bit.

Where You Live

Double glazing fees alternate based on region. This is because of variations in exertion expenses, transport expenses, and opposition inside the vicinity. In popularity, charges are steeper in London and the South East in comparison to the relaxation of the UK.

Estimated Costs for Double Glazing a 3 Bed House in 2024

Alright, so how a good deal may you anticipate to pay to double glaze a 3 bedroom residence in 2024? Here are some rough fee ranges for specific frame substances:

Frame MaterialPrice Range
uPVC£3,000 – £5,500
Aluminium£4,500 – £7,000
Wood£6,500 – £9,000
Composite£5,000 – £8,000

These tiers assume you’re getting:

  • 8-10 widespread casement windows
  • 1-2 well known uPVC external doors
  • No essential modifications or custom paintings wished
  • Basic hardware and completing

Keep in thoughts, your actual quote will depend upon the particular alternatives you pick out and your house’s unique setup. To get the most correct pricing, it is an awesome concept to get special costs from multiple certified installers near you.

Extra Costs to Think About

When planning your budget, recollect these greater expenses:

Planning Permission

Most of the time, you do not want planning permission for double glazing. But you might in case you live in a listed building or conservation location.

Building Regulations

Double glazing needs to meet constructing policies. Your installer must give you a certificate to show it does.

Removing and Getting Rid of Old Windows

If you are changing antique windows, you will need to pay to cast off and get rid of them. Some installers include this in their quote, but others feel more.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Benefits of Double Glazing

Even although it charges money upfront, double glazing has many lengthy-time period advantages:

Better Energy Efficiency

Double glazing reduces warmth loss and improves electricity efficiency. This way lower energy bills and a more cushty domestic environment.

Less Noise

Double glazing can significantly reduce noise from outside, making your own home quieter and extra peaceful.

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More Security

Double glazed home windows and doors are more difficult to interrupt. This adds an additional layer of security to your house.

Higher Property Value

Adding double glazing can increase your house’s cost. It’s clever funding for the future.

Choosing a Double Glazing Installer

When choosing a double glazing installer, it is critical to:

Research and Compare Quotes

Get costs from multiple installers and examine charges and services. Don’t simply pick the cheapest one. Quality and revel in count too.

Check Accreditations and Certifications

Look for installers with accreditations from respected groups like FENSA or BFRC. This way they meet industry standards.

Read Customer Reviews

Read opinions from past clients to study the installer’s popularity and paintings best.

Paying for Double Glazing

If you can’t pay the overall price right away, there are alternatives:

Personal Savings

If you’ve got financial savings, you can use them to pay for your double glazing.

Home Improvement Loans

Many banks provide loans just for domestic improvements like double glazing.

Green Energy Grants

There may be government presents to be had to help pay for electricity-green improvements like double glazing.

Maintenance and Warranty

To keep your double glazing in super form and shield your funding:

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your double glazed windows and doors frequently to keep away from dirt and dust buildup. Oil hinges and locks so they paint easily.

Manufacturer and Installer Warranties

Check the warranties from the producer and installer. Most double glazing has a guarantee of at the least 10 years.


So, there you’ve got it! The value to double glazing a 3 bedroom residence in 2024 can range from around £three,000 to £9,000 or better. UPVC is the maximum cheap frame choice, while wood is the most expensive. The size and quantity of home windows and doors, form of glazing, establishing fashion, added features, and your place all factor into the final price too.

Double glazing is genuinely a funding, but it can pay off in power, financial savings, comfort, and home value. Plus, there are often financing alternatives to be had to make it more achievable with monthly bills.

To get the maximum bang in your buck on double glazing, examine prices from respectable nearby businesses. Look for installers certified by way of FENSA or CERTASS to ensure you’re getting first-class products and work with solid warranties.

Don’t allow old single glazing go away from your property out inside the cold. Make the switch to double glazing in 2024 for a cosier, quieter, and extra steady location to stay.


How lengthy does double glazing normally close?

Double glazing can last 20 to 35 years, relying on the high-quality of materials and set up. UPVC and aluminium frames generally tend to last longer than wood frames.

Will double glazing cut my strength bills?

Yes, double glazing can considerably lessen your energy payments. It facilitates maintaining heat inside your own home, so that you need less strength to preserve a snug temperature. This can cause savings of up to £one hundred fifty five per 12 months for your electricity bills.

Do I need unique permission to install double glazing?

In most cases, you do not want planning permission for double glazing. It’s considered an accredited improvement. However, in case you live in an indexed building, conservation vicinity, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you may need to get permission from your local council.

How frequently should I get new double glazing?

Double glazing can close 20 to 35 years. If your double glazing is drawing near this age or showing signs and symptoms of damage and tear (like condensation between the panes, drafts, or trouble opening and ultimate), it may be time to keep in mind replacing it.

What form of double glazing saves the most energy?

The maximum energy-efficient sort of double glazing is called “low-E” or “low-emissivity” glass. This has a special coating that reflects warmth returned into your house. Double glazing with a higher electricity rating (like A++ or A+) can also be extra energy-green than those with lower rankings.

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