What are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

Since its introduction, double glazing has been lauded as the saviour for all of Britain’s thermal leaking needs. There are several reasons that double glazing has become standard across the UK:

  1. Thermal Insulation – Keeping the home warm all year round.
  2. Increased Security – Allowing you and your family to sleep soundly at night.
  3. Reducing Condensation – Saving your home from excess damage from mould.
  4. Noise reduction – Ensuring your home is the tranquil space you need.
  5. Increase in home value – Make sure your home keeps up with the market.

Home’s have been reaping the rewards of these benefits for the last 30 years or so. These two-layered glass innovations have drastically reduced energy costs across the UK, increased security, and reduced the risk of damage from condensation. Homes are noticeably quieter and more private, and those with double glazing installed find that their home’s value is often higher than they would have expected.

what are the benefits of double glazing

Thermal Insulation

The main purpose of double glazing is to improve the insulation of our homes drastically. With energy costs on a drastic rise due to recent world events, many homeowners are now much more aware and concerned about their heating usage. With double glazing, homes can rest assured that the heat that they use is of much higher value because it stays in the home for longer.

With double glazing, heat-insulating gas, usually argon, is placed between the two panes of glass to keep the warm air on the inside from coming into contact with the cool air on the outside. By having these two places completely separated, there is no risk of thermal conductivity taking place in the way that it would with a single glazed window.

Increased Security

Double glazing and the introduction of uPVC frames have also helped to ensure that families around the UK can rest easy, knowing that they’re safe from intruders. Old timber frames and single glazed windows are incredibly easy to break through or into due to their weak composition and natural degradation. Over the years, rain and wind can cause old timber frames to rot and weaken, making it easy to break through structural weak points, such as single glazed windows or single glazed doors.

The reinforced and multi-chambered frame with double glazing is exceptionally difficult to break through. The glass itself is able to withstand a lot more force because of the increased thickness that comes with having two panes. On the other hand, the frame is reinforced with multiple chambers as well as modern locking technologies and systems. With double glazing, you can be assured that you and your family will be kept safe all year round.

Reducing Condensation

Double glazing also massively reduces the risks of condensation. Condensation happens when the warm water vapour in the air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as a single glazed window. As the cool air from the outside cools the surface of the glass, the warm air from the inside will also house more moisture from our breath.

Condensation can be a real cause for concern because of the number of problems that it has the potential to cause. Things like the build-up of mould threaten the integrity of your windows and installations, but it also threatens your health. Breathing in mould can cause problems for those with asthma or lung issues and is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Double glazing massively reduces the potential for these issues to arise in the first place. The outer air doesn’t cool the inner pane of glass in the same way that a single glazed window would; therefore, condensation doesn’t appear on the surface and drip onto the frame. Furthermore, the surfaces around the house will be a lot warmer regardless because of the better thermal insulation!

Noise Reduction

Double glazing’s noise reduction properties follow the same pattern as its thermal insulation. The extra layer of glass, plus the layer of gas between the two panes, allows for the vibrations in the air to be absorbed by the density of the new installation. This helps to drastically reduce the amount of noise that comes through the window and also the amount of noise that leaves home. As a result, your home can remain the peaceful and tranquil space you need to be at all hours of the day. Your house will also benefit from being a lot more private so that you can play loud music to your heart’s content without fear of disturbing your neighbours!

how effective is double glazing

Increase in Home Value

Double glazing is the standard across many modern British homes today. Therefore, by incorporating new double glazing into your home, you’re ensuring that your house is keeping up with the market trends and staying at the highest value possible. Without double glazing, homes are dramatically lower in value than those with. Furthermore, energy efficiency continues to be a concept on everyone’s mind, and as such, homes that don’t meet modern energy efficiency standards are incredibly difficult to sell. Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in double glazing if you haven’t already, and if you have, it might be time to get a fresh update!

Double Glazing on the Web

So there you have it, all of the major benefits of double glazing in the home. If you’re interested in getting a quote from us, please use our online pricing tool! We’ll ensure that you have an expert quote quickly to get to selecting your installer and moving forward with your double glazing project!

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