What Are the uPVC Windows Prices in 2018?

uPVC windows prices can vary between £150 for a small, supply-only, fixed casement window to around £2,500 for a 5-panel bay window. You might be wondering why such a wide range.

uPVC windows prices depend on the style and size of the window

Here’s the thing:

uPVC windows prices are dependent on a number of factors. The first, and most important, is obviously the style of the window. A simple style like a casement window is easy to manufacture and install. On the other hand, a sliding sash window is slightly more complicated. Instead of hinges, it uses complicated pulleys and weights in its opening mechanism.

Similarly, a tilt and turn window may not be as complicated as a sliding sash window. However, it is definitely not as straightforward as a casement window.

Finally, Bay and Bow windows tend to be made of multiple panels. Thus, the individual panels may not cost as much. However, the cost of each window is a composite of its panels. Therefore, the number of panels in the windows will affect their prices.

Why Do uPVC Windows Prices Differ?

As we discussed earlier, uPVC windows prices are affected by the style of the windows. However, there are other factors that come into play as well. Some of them have a bigger influence on the prices than the others. However, the fact remains that each one has a role to play in the ultimate uPVC windows prices.

So what are these factors?

They range from the size and style of the windows to what furniture you want installed in the frames. Other factors may be the kind of functionality you want in your windows. Certain features may cost you more. The prices are also affected by where your property is located, and where the windows being installed are located. Furthermore, if you want the windows to be installed, you will pay more than supply-only windows.

Style and Size of the Windows

We have already seen the effect style has on uPVC windows prices. Simpler styles tend to cost less. How simple they are depends on both the way their opening mechanism works as well as the manufacturing process. Styles that are easier to construct obviously cost less.

However, the size of the windows also plays a huge role in its cost. Obviously, a larger window will cost more than a smaller one. For example, a 60cm x 90cm fixed sash window may cost about £500. However, a 120cm x 120cm fixed sash window will cost about £550.

This is because of the extra material that goes into making a larger size. Also, a bigger window requires larger panes of glass. Moreover, a bigger (and therefore heavier) window requires more work to install. The handling costs add to your uPVC windows prices.

Opening Sections

Another factor that affects your uPVC windows prices is whether you want fixed or opening windows. Fixed panels are generally cheaper than opening panels of the same size. A 50cm x 50cm fixed white casement window may cost between £150 to £175. However, an opening window of the same size will cost between £250-300.

The price difference is due to the manufacturing and installation process. Fixed windows can have uniform frames on each side, with no hinges or openers required. They also don’t need handles.To fit them, you simply install them and seal the edges properly.

On the other hand, opening windows need these as handles, hinges or another kind of opening mechanism. They also require a specialised installation procedure. You can’t just fit and seal them all around. They need to be opened and yet provide weatherproofing. Moreover, the opening mechanism needs to be of a high enough quality to work smoothly through multiple openings and closings.

the number of fixed and opening sashes affects uPVC windows prices

Glazing Options

The kind of glass you require for your windows can affect your uPVC windows prices. Now, you may think that glass is glass. However, there are so many kinds of glass available. You can select what you want based on the properties you need. Some will help you warm your home, while others will keep out noise.

There are safety glasses that protect you from injuries in case of breakage. However, there are even more specialised safety glasses that will resist the impact of bullets as well as explosions.

You may choose to adorn your windows with coloured, frosted, or textured glass. On the other hand, you can go with the classic clear glass. Even clear glass can be toughened. In some cases, you may be legally required to use toughened glass. In short, you can select any kind of glass, but its features will affect your uPVC windows prices.

Thermal Efficiency

If you think that light, ventilation, and views are the only function of a window, you may have to think again. One of the more important functions of a window is to keep your house warm.

Studies have shown that windows can let out up to 20% of the heat you lose from your home. Just think… 20% of your heating bills are due to windows that don’t retain heat properly. This is why heat efficient windows are important. You can choose windows with a higher Windows Energy Ratings to get better thermal performance.

However, a higher rating means higher uPVC windows prices. The construction of the frames, the seal on the double glazed unit, and the kind of glass used add up to make a higher cost.

Extra Design Features

Most people take pride in the appearance of their home. They want their fittings to reflect their personality as well as taste. This is why everyone might not want plain white windows. They may want a colour that stands out, or one that complements their décor.

However, special colours often need to be custom-ordered and add to the uPVC window’s prices. In fact, special colours can add up to 10% to the window’s cost.

Moreover, special finishes like wood-grain can also be slightly expensive. While they make the windows look like authentic wooden windows, they also add about 20% to the final uPVC windows prices.

Frame Furniture

gold finish on window handles adds to the uPVC windows prices

Just like you may want to customise the colour of your windows to suit your décor, you may also want fittings that match your style. In some cases, it may be that plain white works for you and your home. In that case, you’d pay a lower uPVC window price.

However, if you want special finishes like a chrome or gold finish on your window handles, you may have to pay extra. Special finishes on hinges, screws, as well as handles add to the total uPVC windows prices.


Everyone knows the secret to a business’s success. It’s Location, Location, Location. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise to find that your home’s location may also affect your uPVC windows’ prices!

It’s quite simple really. The further away you are from the suppliers, the more distance your windows will have to cover to reach you. In some cases, a remote location might be difficult to get to or not covered by usual delivery routes.

However, it’s not just the house’s location that matters. Your uPVC windows prices might be higher if you want them installed on a higher floor.

Why is that?

Since windows are installed from the outside-in, the installers need to access the aperture from the outside. On higher floors, the only way to do it is by installing a scaffolding. This is an extra step that requires manpower and material. As a consequence, it adds to costs which, in turn, affects your final uPVC windows prices.

Supply-Only or Installed

You can get your uPVC windows prices for installed windows or supply only. The latter is when you only want the physical windows from the company. This may be because you plan to install them yourself, or you have a trusted installer who will do it for you.

Naturally, in such a case, your uPVC windows prices will be lower. The supplying company will not add the installation charges to the final price. This does not mean your windows will be cheaper. You still need to pay your installer to put them in.

Even if you do it yourself, you are investing time as well as the cost of material used in installation. However, this may prove to be cheaper for you in the long run. As a result, your eventual uPVC windows prices might turn out lower if you get supply-only.

Installers’ Rates

Whether you hire your own installers or go with the supplying company or their recommended installer, you still have to pay for installation. As a result, your final uPVC windows prices will need to include the cost of installation. As we mentioned earlier, doing it yourself might be the cheapest option. However, not everyone has the time or the expertise to install double glazing efficiently.

As a result, you may have to assess the installers’ rates as well. These will vary according to the size of the installation company and their level of expertise. If you go with a nationally recognised name, you will get consistent service. However, a local installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme may give you the same quality for less. You can weigh the pros and cons of each, and go with the better value-for-money uPVC windows prices option.

How Much Will I Pay in uPVC Windows Prices for a Small Terraced House?

As a standard, you can expect a small terraced house to have about 6 windows. As we have already seen, there are multiple factors that may affect the total uPVC windows prices. However, as a rough estimate, you can expect about £2,400 for your uPVC windows prices. This is if you have all casement windows.

The uPVC windows prices will go up for other window styles. If you want sliding sash windows, your total goes up to around £4,400. Again, the uPVC windows prices will vary according to the thermal ratings you want, or the colour of the windows. However, those figures are a good baseline to work from.

number of windows and which floor they are affects the uPVC windows prices

What Are the uPVC Windows Prices for a 3-Bed Semi?

The uPVC windows prices for a 3-bed semi are based on a standard modern construction with 12 windows. An average casement window will cost about £350 to £400, if fully fitted. Using those figures, you can see that 12 windows will cost you between £4,200 and £4,800.

Since casement windows are your cheapest option, any other window style will cost you more. In fact, you can easily add up to £1,500 to those figures if you want sliding sash windows. Additionally, you will need to assume an addition of up to 10% for higher thermal efficiency.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, any special colour or finish for the frame or the fittings means higher uPVC windows prices.

Where Can I Find Affordable uPVC Window Prices?

If you’re looking for affordable uPVC windows prices, you need to shop around for quotes. A general rule is that local companies will prove to be slightly cheaper than larger ones, or further ones. However, you always need to compare quotes from at least 3 different companies before you pick one.

You can also expect better offers if you shop around during the slow month of December. This is the time when sales are low and companies will give you incentives to buy from them. However, be wary of salespeople who give you a ‘one day only’ low price offer. This is generally a tactic to get you to pay a large upfront deposit. A company that gives you time and space to make a balanced decision will prove to be more ethical.

If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable local companies for uPVC windows prices, you can contact us. We have a network of suppliers and installers all over the country. Everyone on our network is vetted and approved by FENSA or Certass. We will be happy to recommend local companies near you.

Alternatively, you can also try out our online quote generator. This tool uses the specifications you enter to generate a uPVC windows prices quote for you. Moreover, it also recommends reliable local installers to you. Both the quote and the recommendations are almost instantaneous. Simply enter your requirements and it will email you the results. Try it out now!

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Do UPVC Windows Need Trickle Vents?

Trickle vents are not a requirement, however they do offer additional ventilation without the need for opening your windows so can be a valued add on.

How Long Will It Take To Install My Casement Window?

Because every job is different, it is best your talk to your double glazing installer who will be able to give you an exact timescale.

Are There Other UPVC Casement Window Styles?

Other UPVC casement window styles include the French casement window which is a more traditional take on the standard casement style.

Will I Have A Choice of Casement Window Locks?

A high security lock will be fitted as standard with your new casement window but your double glazing installer will also offer a choice of security upgrades.

What Are Flush Casement Windows?

Flush casement windows are where the unit sits flush to the frame, creating a super sleek look.

Are There Different UPVC Casement Window Sizes?

UPVC casement windows come in a wide range of sizes to suit your property. You can specify your casement window size in our window cost calculator to get a unique window price!

Can I Choose My Casement Window Handles?

Your double glazing installer will offer you a choice casement window handles and casement window hardware options so you can achieve the perfect look.

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. A casement window is hinged at the side allowing them to open extremely wide. These windows can double up as emergency exits and are perfect for hard to reach places within the home, with many home owners installing these windows behind their kitchen sinks.

Where Can I Get A Tilt and Turn Windows Price?

You can get a tilt and turn windows price using our window cost calculator which will give you a free and unique quote within a matter of minutes.

How Does The Tilt and Turn Window Mechanism Work?

The tilt and turn window can be ‘tilted’ inwards due to its unique turning action which allows the window to be easily accessed from both inside and out. All it takes is a swift turn of the handle.

How Much Do French casement windows cost?

The cost of French casement windows will vary depending on installer but you can get an average casement windows cost using our free online quoting engine

How do UPVC Sash Windows Work?

UPVC vertical sliding sash windows are built to either slide vertically downwards or upwards. This opening function makes the UPVC sash window much easier to use compared to traditional wooden windows where the only choice is double hung and single hand.

Are UPVC Sash Windows Easy To Use?

UPVC sash windows are very easy to use. Their spiral balance mechanism allows for smooth operation so you can open and close your windows with ease. UPVC sash windows are also incredibly low maintenance and require very little cleaning.

Why Should I Choose a UPVC Sash Window?

UPVC sash windows are incredibly attractive and make a stunning addition to any property and are relatively low maintenance thank to their UPVC design. You can enjoy a traditional aesthetic for many years to come thanks to their long standing properties.

Replacement Sash Windows In A Conservation Area

If your home is a listed property or within a conservation area then you will need to seek planning permission.

Bay or Bow Window?

Simply put, it really depends! Bay windows offer often much welcome and useful extra storage space to the frontage of homes. On the other hand, bow windows provide a curved shape alternative in terms of look compared to bay windows. They are both beautiful options and can add much character and charm to the right property.

Can Bay Windows Look Modern?

Bay windows can easily be either modern or traditional depending on the combination of glass and / or coloured uPVC profiles now available. Subsequently, its easy for these windows to seamlessly blend in with contemporary or old properties.

Can Double Glazed Windows Reduce My Heating Bills?

When you install double glazing in your home or commercial property, it is likely that the extra heat retention will lessen the need to use central heating systems. In turn, this could mean you see a drop in heating bills. If you are concerned about your energy bills, it is easy to compare business energy or home energy online.

What Makes Flush Sash Windows Different?

Flush sash casement windows are specifically designed to imitate the appearance of traditional wooden timber windows by appearing to have the same sashes that finish 'flush' with the outside face of the window.

Should I replace my old sash windows?

Sash windows are a key feature for many traditional period buildings. Sash windows were traditionally built using timber, which is fairly high maintenance and has a tendency toward rotting and warping. Over time, these windows can become draughty and insecure. uPVC sash windows are a great way to experience the benefits of modern double glazing, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home. uPVC sash windows will not rot or warp and require little maintenance. They are also thermally efficient, which means that your home will not require as much heating.

How much does sash window restoration cost?

The cost of sash window restoration will depend on the survey result. Standard draught proofed sash windows (without sill replacement) usually starts at about £500 per window. The time taken will also depend on the survey result.

Can I install double glazing into my original sash windows?

This will depend upon what type of window you have. Replacing existing moving sashes with new, double glazed replicas might to be possible.

How much does it cost to replace a sash window?

The cost of replacing a sash window will depend on many factors including: style, size, material and glazing. A wooden sash window will cost significantly more than a uPVC sash window. A wooden sash window can cost up to £1000. Wooden windows are more expensive to manufacture so expect to pay that bit more. uPVC sash windows can be designed to mimic wood and are much cheaper in price. The starting price for a standard uPVC sash window is on average £525.

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