How much is a pane of double glazing?

To ensure that double glazing remains in good working order for as long as possible, it is very important to keep on top of the quality of your double glazing units in your home. Without double glazing, our homes would be a lot less thermally efficient, noisier, and less secure. Suppose you spot a problem with your double glazing. In that case, it’s important to identify the problem quickly, or you could be compromising on one or more of the main benefits of double glazing installations. Especially with current energy prices soaring across the globe, we want to make sure that our homes are as thermally efficient as they can be all year round.

How much is replacement glass?

Replacing the double glazing glass alone is difficult to put a solid price on because it will depend on the size of your unit. The good news is that it is definitely possible to have the glass replaced in your unit. If you don’t think it is necessary, you can avoid the expensive process of having the entire installation replaced and just get the glass installed. You can also do this job yourself if you feel confident enough in your DIY skills. However, we would always recommend hiring a professional so that you know that it’s been done right.

There are a few key elements that will affect the price of your double glazing glass replacement. These are:

  • The size of the window.
  • How many windows you’re getting the glass replaced for.
  • Whether or not you want your glass tinted.
  • The type of window in question.

Plus, each installer/supplier will probably quote you something different for the same job, so it’s important to know which ones are going to be a good job with value for money. For that, you’ll probably need to do some shopping around. There are more than a few double glazing glass suppliers and installers out there, so get researching. You can do some of that research right here! We provide quotes from across the industry that has been compared based on their competitive level so that you can cut right to the mustard and pick the best one that works for you!

When to know your window is damaged.

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you’re double glazing glass needs replacing is going to be a fog or mist across the glass that you can’t wipe off. After that, you will see little water droplets starting to form where the mist began. This is happening on the inside of your window, so you can’t wipe it off. When the double glazing unit becomes ‘blown’, a leak has sprung somewhere around the window, causing the insulating gas to leak out and for cool air from the outside to start to leak in. The air replacing the insulated glass is full of water vapour, particularly in the UK, where it is exceptionally humid. The water vapour cools on the inside of the glass against the surface and condenses across it. The condensation can be a real problem as it leads to the build of black mould inside the window, which can cause health problems for the occupants of the home and threaten to damage the window further.

Luckily, if condensation is occurring on the inside, it is more likely that you need to replace the seal rather than the glass. The seal is generally the first part of the window because it’s just a thin piece of rubber, but it is an essential element of a double glazed window.

Physical signs

You’re more likely to need a glass replacement from physical damage to the window itself. Physical damage presents as cracks or chips in the window that can come from many things. The obvious cause is going to be something hard-hitting it equally hard. You’d be surprised how many little stones can pop up in your garden and can go flying through the lawnmower straight at your conservatory. Double glazing is pretty tough these days, and unless something hits it at especially high velocity, it’s probably going to be okay, but if you notice something flying at your glass, it is always good to check.

Thermal cracking is still an issue with some glass, although it is not as common as it once was. Thermal cracking happens when the glass suffers from two opposing temperatures that are significantly different from each other. It was quite common in single glazing. This would happen when it was exceptionally hot outside and very cool inside. The sun blasting through the window to a very cool room in the middle of summer might cause it. It happens because the window is trying to contract and expand simultaneously. Molecules get closer together when they’re cold and drift apart with heat. When something as fragile as a single pane of glass does this, it is inevitable that damage will be caused.

With double glazing, you’re a lot less likely to have this issue because of the thermally insulating gas separating the two sides of the window and keeping the temperatures clear of each other. However, if your double glazing has blown, then once the cool air comes to replace the insulating gas, you may find that thermal cracking occurs on one or the other pane of glass. Your window will have had to deteriorate significantly before this happened, and you’ll likely have had the glass replaced before this happened, but if you choose to ignore it, this could happen.

To replace or to fix?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to put a solid price on replacing the double glazing glass alone. There are a lot of factors that will come in to make up the price. However, we can say for certain that it is cheaper than having the whole unit replaced. Whether it is the best choice is another matter, though. Double glazing units are working at their best before their fault. With modern design philosophies and technologies, it is unlikely that the window, door or conservatory are faulting before their time. Once the natural lifespan of the unit has been reached, replacing the double glazing glass alone isn’t going to bring it back up to working condition as it had been previously. You are much better off having the whole unit replaced to give your home the utmost in thermal efficiency, noise reduction and security. Once one element has blown, whether it be the glass or the seal, you’re never going to get that unit back to ‘good as new’ performance levels, unfortunately.

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