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What are the best tips for window buyers? If you’re looking to buy brand-new windows for your home, then finding the best deal is never easy. With so much choice, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of unique styles, materials and accessories. However, when you search for a window to buy online, knowing what to look for in the designs makes finding the best ones much easier.

For example, you should always look for thermally efficient windows. Advanced double glazing and durable uPVC or aluminium profiles should come as standard in your new design. Not only that, security hardware such as multi-point locking systems should feature. Additionally, your windows should come from a FENSA certified installer.

If you can find windows that tick all those boxes, though, buying them will be a good investment. And, from there, you can start to work out the kind of windows you’d like. You could choose from a range of styles, from standard casement windows, classic sash windows, modern tilt and turn windows, and all of them could be customisable for your home with some installers too.

Once you have your dream window in mind, though, you’ll have to find a quote that’s affordable for it. But when you search on your own, you could end up working with rogue traders or paying too much for national installers to fit the designs. Finding a trusted local installer can take days when you search by yourself.

But, with Double Glazing on the Web, your new window has never been as easy to buy. Window buyers can use our network to find trusted local installers in their area in minutes, and they can compare their products and double glazing prices too. You could save up to 40% on your next window, meaning you can buy confidently.

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Tips for Window Buyers

Window buyers can benefit from knowing a few tips when they search for their next designs. If you’re looking for a window to buy, it’s important to be confident about two things. Firstly, your new window should be a high-quality design, sourced from a leading manufacturer, with premium-grade materials and hardware. Secondly, that window should come from a leading installer.

You can tell great windows apart from the rest straight away. A high-quality design will always have durable profiles that are fully weatherproof and last for decades. Not only that, the design should have a minimum WER of A, confirming that it is thermally efficient. And, with FENSA certification, you can be sure your window will be legally compliant with all building and quality control regulations.

Finding the right installer for your window, though, is just as important for buyers. When you work with a large national brand, you might get great service, but at a high cost. Not only do these companies charge high premiums, but they also have high travel costs if they have to send an installation team out into your area. Local installers, though, usually stock the same window designs and offer them for a lower price.

Companies like these will be right on your doorstep, as well, meaning shorter wait times and much lower travel costs. With friendly, local fitters, you can also expect more personalised and responsive service. You’ll get a fully bespoke, made-to-measure fit for your new window that’s as unique as your home is.

Window Style Guide for Window Buyers

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are the ideal replacement for old timber designs. Ideal for window buyers on a budget, uPVC is an affordable material that is also highly versatile. Windows like these have great insulation and strength, even in slimline shapes. As a result, they can keep your home warm while also allowing natural light and warmth to make your living space feel even better. uPVC can perform just as well in any shape, meaning that you can fit these profiles into any window style, too. For example, you can invest in sliding sash windows with uPVC frames knowing they won’t wear down even after thousands of uses. Also, you can paint uPVC in a wide range of colours and finishes, and the weatherproof frames ensure they won’t discolour for decades.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows, on the other hand, are even stronger than uPVC. Window buyers who care about privacy and security will find designs that are almost bulletproof, meaning they can protect your home from just about anything. And, because aluminium is weather-resistant, it’ll protect the security hardware underneath. As a result, your locks won’t rust or wear down for years to come. Aluminium windows offer superb insulation, too, but not only for heat. Your profiles will also block out sound, meaning your living space will be more peaceful, and you can use it without distraction. Finally, aluminium windows have a stunning metallic sheen, giving them a modern, sleek feel. Available across all styles, aluminium windows are more than worth the higher cost compared to uPVC.

Composite Windows

Many window buyers love the look of timber windows. However, older designs are known to struggle with the weather, meaning they can break and weaken over time. But when you choose composite windows, you can get a design with the authentic look of timber – just without the drawbacks! A window like this is a brilliant buy that can benefit your home for decades to come. Unlike old wooden windows, composite designs don’t need any regular maintenance. Your frames will have a solid timber core, but layers of uPVC and lamination protect them from wind and rain. As a result, your composite windows will keep their strength and shape, ensuring security you can rely on and a lower risk of condensation. Composite windows may be costly compared to other designs but make for a great purchase.

Wooden Windows

Finally, you could still opt for timber windows. While older designs do struggle, modern timber windows are far more durable and resilient. Nowadays, most timber windows come with softwood that doesn’t struggle as much in bad weather. Because of this, your windows will last longer, perform better, and be easier to manage than old timber designs. With wooden windows, you’ll also be able to add new windows to a traditional home without losing its style. If you’re looking for a window to buy for a listed building, then wooden windows are more likely to get approval as well. You’ll even get excellent insulation from your timber windows, meaning you can make your home warmer and bring your energy costs down lower.

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Lower Prices for Window Buyers

If you find a high-quality, stylish window that you want to buy, how do you know you’re getting a good deal? With Double Glazing on the Web, you always do. With us, you can see more of the market, meaning you can find better prices for brand-new windows than you will anywhere else. Window buyers can save up to 40% when they buy a new window online through us.

All you have to do is get in touch and search through our network of trusted local suppliers. We cover the whole UK, meaning you’re bound to find a company who can help you right on your doorstep. Not only that, you can speak to several installers to compare their offers. As a result, you can negotiate to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Find out how Double Glazing on the Web can help window buyers save by getting in touch with us today! Use our online contact form to start the process, or call our friendly team on 0800 015 5679 to ask us any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping window buyers save today!


Buying new windows for your home is a giant investment, however by way of following those tips, window buyers could make assured and informed choices. Look for incredible, thermally green designs with superior safety functions from FENSA certified installers. Consider various styles like uPVC, aluminium, composite, or modern timber home windows to find the first-rate suit for your house and price range. And to ensure you get the first-class deal, use Double Glazing at the Web to hook up with trusted nearby installers, compare prices, and save as much as forty% on your new windows. With the proper understanding and assets, window shoppers can rework their homes with stunning, lengthy-lasting, and electricity-green windows.


What are the most critical elements to consider while shopping for new windows? 

When shopping for new windows, the maximum essential factors to consider are thermal performance, safety functions, durability of substances, and FENSA certification of the installer. Look for superior double glazing, multi-factor locking systems, and weatherproof profiles like uPVC or aluminium.

How can I discover the satisfactory neighbourhood installer for my new home windows? 

To find the pleasant neighbourhood installer for your new windows, use Double Glazing on the Web’s network. This platform connects you with trusted, FENSA licensed installers in your vicinity, permitting you to compare charges and save as much as forty% for your window purchase.

What are the benefits of choosing composite windows over conventional wood ones? 

Composite home windows provide the genuine look of timber without the drawbacks of conventional wooden home windows. They function as a solid wooden centre protected through uPVC and lamination layers, making them greater durable, climate-resistant, and occasional-upkeep. Composite home windows additionally offer fantastic insulation and safety.

Are aluminium home windows worth the greater fee compared to uPVC? 

Yes, aluminium home windows are well worth the more cost for shoppers who prioritise privacy, security, and modern aesthetics. Aluminium frames are surprisingly strong, climate-resistant, and offer splendid sound insulation. They also function with a graceful, metallic look that complements present day houses.

Can I purchase new home windows for an indexed building? 

Yes, you could buy new windows for an indexed construction, but it’s essential to pick a style that keeps the assets’ conventional look. Modern wooden windows made with softwood are more likely to benefit approval for indexed homes, as they provide advanced durability and performance as compared to older wooden designs even as preserving the conventional look.

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