What are the most soundproof windows? In homes across the UK, there are thousands of window styles and models, spread out across years and years of design. However, when it comes to keeping your living space peaceful and quiet, do you have the right option for you?

Older windows, such as ones that use single-glazed glass and plastic frames, can be thin by today’s standards. Because of this lack of mass, the sound has an easier time passing through the materials. As a result, you could be getting distracted by noise from outside, keeping you on edge and giving you sleepless nights.

Today, though, windows have moved on to make external noise less of a distraction. Instead of putting up with a single-glazed glass window, you can invest in replacement options with double and triple glazing. Not only that, but you could choose a uPVC, aluminium or even a composite frame.

With a blend of these features, a market-leading window today can achieve a noise reduction of over 40dB! That way, you can regain control of your living space, and have the freedom to make as much noise as you want, knowing modern windows reduce sounds coming from both directions.

Also, there’s so much more you can get from new windows. If you have timber designs in your home, then they might crack and twist over time in wind and rain. New models, on the other hand, are fully weatherproof, highly durable, and come with the latest security features for your peace of mind.

Additionally, you won’t have to perform regular maintenance on uPVC and aluminium, yet these robust frames can perform at their peak for decades. As a result, you can spend less time managing, and more time enjoying, stunning new windows in your home.

noise reduction in windows

Noise Reduction in Windows

So, how does noise reduction in windows work? Noise travels in waves – sound waves. And, when any sound begins to build up, it can feel like a rising tide. When there’s more noise, the sound waves pile up on top of each other, getting more powerful and vibrating more violently.

These vibrations are what cause noticeable noise, and are the reason why single-glazed glass struggles with sound reduction. When sound hits a surface, the waves vibrate against it, weakening them. However, with only one, thin cover between external commotion and your home, the noise reduction in these windows is usually lacking.

There could be other reasons for your home struggling with sound. Noise reduction also depends on the frame around your glazing. In your current windows, you could have timber frames. Wood has a lot of mass, meaning it can offer some of the best noise reduction possible in windows.

However, over time, wood can weaken in wind and rain, leading to cracks in the design expanding through the years. Because of this, any noise has more ways to travel into your living space. The most soundproof windows are highly durable, ensuring the design doesn’t give any space to unwanted sounds.

By replacing your old windows with a modern, soundproof design, you can benefit in other ways too. Rather than get one layer of glass, you could invest in two or even three panes. With each glass panel, you get more protection from UV rays, burglars, and external noise.

Because of the durable design of double and triple glazing, and the option of slimline uPVC, aluminium and composite frames, you’ll also make your home more naturally warm. You’ll insulate your home against cold air, trap warm air in, benefit from more natural light, and save on energy bills.

What Are The Most Soundproof Windows?

If you want to get the most soundproof windows for the least amount of money, uPVC options are an excellent start. That’s because uPVC is more affordable than other frames but still comes with double and triple glazing. uPVC is a highly durable and versatile material, and it has no design flaws like timber can.

As a result, there are no gaps for sound to travel through, and the weather-resistant frame will ensure none appear for decades. That means noise can’t navigate around your windows, meaning they have to face the full force of advanced glass.

When sound waves come into contact with glass panels, the glass breaks up the waves, making them quieter. With multiple panes of glass, not only does the sound have to hit more barriers, but the waves weaken with each collision. That way, with double glazing, you can turn road traffic into a gentle hum you barely hear.

Not only that, but you could outfit your new windows with triple glazing, which gives sound waves three layers of protection to get past. Because of this, you’ll turn the gentle hum into nothing but quiet, and peace of mind.

Aluminium is a spectacular alternative to uPVC in modern windows. The frame is a precious metal, meaning it has an exceptional shine and sleek, stylish appeal. However, once you look past the slimline frame, you won’t be able to get past the superior noise reduction of these windows.

When sound waves hit an aluminium frame, the robust material knocks them for six. Aluminium is far denser than uPVC, and mass is often one of the most crucial factors in breaking up any external sound. As a result, aluminium windows can do away with sleepless nights, giving you both calmness and comfort.

A durable aluminium frame will provide superior noise reduction to uPVC windows, and for longer. The material is even more long-lasting, and you won’t have to repaint or maintain it like you would a wooden frame. As a result, you can rely on aluminium for 50 years or even more, and that’s without extensive maintenance.

All you’ll have to do is clean the windows a couple of times a year to remove any dirt and dust. Aluminium is scratch-resistant, making cracking almost impossible. That way, you’ll get robust security, as well as soundproofing.

However, if you have timber windows, you may want to preserve their traditional style. But what if there was a design that used wood, but didn’t have all the drawbacks? Composite windows are the answer, as they use an innovative blend of materials that features a solid timber core.

Instead of leaving the wood at the mercy of the elements, though, composite windows protect it with layers of uPVC and advanced GRP. Materials like this prevent wind and rain from harming the timber, meaning you’ll only get its strength and its soundproofing. Composite windows, then, are some of the most soundproof windows on the market today.

As well as noise reduction, you’ll also get the chance to design a unique composite window. The composite frame combines the classic timber appeal with customisation options to suit you. That means you can choose from a variety of bold colours, wood-style finishes with mahogany, cedar and oak variants available, and all with knowing they won’t lose their vibrancy over time.

Because of this, you won’t only invest in windows that stand out on the street, but block out the noise the road creates. That way, you’ll keep the noise in your living space under control.

most soundproof windows prices

Most Soundproof Windows Cost

You don’t have to spend too much to get the most soundproof windows in your home. For a uPVC casement window that uses double glazing, you could get one for as little as £150. For further upgrades, you can expect to pay slightly more though.

For example, an aluminium frame will cost anywhere between 15-20% more to install, while triple glazing is 30-40% more expensive as an option. Additionally, composite windows have higher prices, as their blend of materials is a premium option, but offers comparable sound reduction to aluminium windows.

Because of all this, you might feel like the cost of the most soundproof windows can climb out of control. However, with Double Glazing On The Web, you can get complete control of your new investment, and you’ll know you’re getting a deal that helps you make good on it. We can refer you to a trusted network of local suppliers and installers right across the UK.

That way, you can find a trusted company directly on your doorstep, removing the risk and hassle from your investment. Many of these providers are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, for even more peace of mind than the noise reduction these windows create.

Most Soundproof Windows Prices

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